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  1. Had a chance to take a look. Not terrible. Still no BG in 4v4. Still not quite sure why. Guessing either the person in charge is too young to have been around for the game or it’s some jackmo that got sick of playing it back then and now refuses to let it be in the playlist.
  2. Walshy was a “clown” until he shocked the world and won the 1v1 at that AGP by nading down the powerups on wizard for the first time. Legendary
  3. Didn’t want to respond to the Zyos being on another level post cause my memory is shit but this is more the way I remember it.
  4. first halo player to ever have ped(adderall) rumors as well
  5. Does it matter though? I hated the gametype 15 years ago. But you want to give the casual players what they want to play. It's by far the most popular game in CE history. Once(if it happens) the custom game browser goes live I wouldn't be surprised if > 35% of all games are BG CTF or some variant.
  6. I know I'm harping on this but how is it 4ish years into release and we still don't have BG CTF in a playlist?
  7. What did they do to the playlist? The release notes mentioned blood gulch and I saw the ts version last week. Now it's not listed at all.
  8. shooting felt weird when i played saturday night. couldve been connection, couldve been the amount of alcohol i had consumed. not ready to draw conclusions yet. How are people timing when the gametype is pretty much hidden until it starts? old school just by memory?
  9. It's comical at this point. Amazing these people have jobs.
  10. I hate to say it cause these are probably good people in general, but they are just doing a completely shit job. Complete incompetence. It's YEARS after release and it's still basically impossible to play BG CTF in a playlist. That's a layup for a social playlist.
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