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  1. Would this no sprint playlist still have thruster, slide, and mantle you think? Would it be a healthy addition with no sprint or nah?
  2. I just would like to see an actual Local area network implemented for these tournys, or maybe a dedicated server just for only HCS tournaments so that when XBL does go offline we have something to fall back on. I like everything else gameplay wise even if it isn't the halo we have always wanted. It's a new experience, and breath of fresh air. I myself feel that the prize pool was okay. It could be more but I'm not complaining. I'd like to see the same consistency of tournaments just how League is. I alwayyyyyyyys see a tournament, or something going on with league. I feel like that would play a big part in bringing back Halo to its golden days.
  3. The only reason I really considered it because equal sides sort of. Little reminiscent of sanctuary.
  4. Not going to lie even though this is part of the campaign. I feel like this would be a fun arena based multiplayer map. Especially for FFA.
  5. I swear that thing looks like something you would see from an Army Man game.
  6. I'm just praying for Team Doubles day one for once.
  7. I know this might have been said somewhere in this thread or another post. But could anyone tell me what monitor, and model they use currently as of right now at the HCS tournys? BenQ RL2455HM?
  8. I completely agree with you on this actually. It will put people into the correct divisions that they are supposed to be. Because lets be honest you can get really lucky with those 10 games, and after that you get placed into a really high division that doesn't even match your skill. I like your idea a lot because it reminds me of the 1-50 system more. I also enjoy the grind.
  9. I reallly enjoyed breakout. I wouldn't mind an objective based version of the game mode, but I'd also like to keep the slayer one as well. By far my most favorite playlist in the halo 5 beta. I had so much fun playing it. I also feel like it would be a pretty good team dubs gametype imo lol.
  10. I'd be fine with AR/BUFFED PISTOL starts. I'd be realllly happy with BR/AR Starts so I don't have to 'sprint' around the map trying to find a BR, or DMR.
  11. #WeMightBeBackH5? Haha just joking. I enjoyed the trailer. I'm a little skeptical about this CoD release though I'm not really for the whole wall running parkour thing after titanfall =/
  12. Gamertag: So Energized Customs/MM: Mainly looking for people to run customs with only like FFAs, 1v1s, 2v2s, 4v4s, Octagon. Region: Florida / USA
  13. Tbh I could care less about ADS, Doesn't look so bad as everyone is making it out to be. I'm more disappointed that there is Sprint, and some type of spartan ability like thrust, and etc still. Meh It was to be expected though haha. I'll be happy with MCC though
  14. I know this isn't forge related. But by any chance can you show off some of the Silenced SMG? I want to know if the gun can be zoomed in, and shot at the same time kind of like how the BR is. Thanks!
  15. Astro mixamp + optic cable to xbone, then using Skype for talking to friends I'll be running with. I don't have the adapter thing yet. Pretty expensive imo.
  16. Damn I have one still in my cart lmao. I was going to buy one yesterday but I ended up forgetting. Now they are completely sold out.. GG.
  17. Damn the latest news from Bravo disappointed me a lot :|. I haven't lost hope but I think we've been waiting long enough for a ranking system. The main selling point imo was the ranking system, and 2 be able to experience all of its glory day one. I just don't understand why things need to be overviewed and tested when the ranking system was already tested in Halo 2 (Which is the exact copy 2 MCC), and why core playlists aren't implented? They already have been played millions of times in the past games so they work. They just need to be added which isn't to hard I'm guessing. Meh I guess 343 has there reasons though afterall we are getting 4 games, h5 beta, and compet support for $60 which is better than nothing.
  18. Not sure if this is still active or not but I'm from Orlando. Add me up onto the list pls.
  19. Sorry if this has been asked before. So we know that there is a in-game ranking system, and you can see it in a service record. But does anyone know if it's viewable in the pregame lobby? For example when you're voting/vetoing for a map right beside your name would be a number from 1-50/icon. I know we are already gettnig quite a deal but It would be a bit unfortunate if the ranks cannot be seen in the pregame lobby. It's nice 2 beat someone, and see them rank down.
  20. I would love to see a Halo 3 Map pack release consisting of Guardian, heretic, the pit, narrows, construct, and so much more to return on Halo 4.
  21. I'm glad you guys like the jump, I hope that more people start to use it. It's for sure a really good advantage on this map if you know how to do it. Also, I'm sorry about the music. I Appreciate everyone's post here! @Ghost I'll check it out.
  22. Some what. Not really though. It's a start but... there is so much more that needs to be updated.
  23. A little useful Jump that I use in Team doubles every once In awhile on the Map "Rail." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r2fVWYBz6E If this Jump has helped you post back on this thread saying so Discovered by: So Energized
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