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  1. Actually tempted to pick up an Elite controller just for halo 5. I can't play claw at all.
  2. Time will tell. Just have to see for ourselves. I will still enjoy the game regardless though if it plays like how the beta did.
  3. I mean hit scan really isn't that hard in the first place anyways. Once people get used to the game several hours after release the less aim assist thing won't be a problem to them anymore as they have adjusted. Magnetism is looking just about the same as Halo 4s which was really annoying for me at least. Just watch. If the game launches like this you will see that it will need 2 be toned down a notch. Hopefully it's just because of an early build. I just want the best for Halo.
  4. It's not just the pistol though. It's every gun. Even if you watch some game play closely you can pick up on the magnetism easily.
  5. http://fat.gfycat.com/OilyAnotherKusimanse.webm That's looking like Halo 4 Launch DMR right there. Oh boy is that going to be fun getting shot around corners with. I don't know if the less aim assist now is the reason to the absurd amount of magnetism or what? Gun battles are going to be so lame now. I hope this was just because it was a early build. EDIT: If anyone remembers from the spectator mode game play of CTF Coliseum all that magnetism we saw in the game play was not just because of spectator mode. I grabbed these two webms from a Reddit post btw. http://fat.gfycat.com/HeavenlyVainDavidstiger.webm There was another pretty noticable part of that gameplay here as well: https://youtu.be/x6NpB4glDK0?t=164
  6. I can only imagine what the other weapons bullet magnetism are now after seeing this... I really hope this isn't going to be the whole Halo 4 DMR Repeat all over again. I really hated that shit so much.
  7. FFA Tourny would be sick. Replace 1v1s for FFA. Looks like the current maps we have don't look so great for 1v1. But I could be wrong.
  8. Sorry if already said. Will the main tourny settings be altered for BR starts & etc, or pure vanilla?
  9. Looks Pretty close to Hayabusa but not pointy at the top.
  10. Gotta see the tracking on the Plasma pistol as well. If it's like H2's then it will be godly lol.
  11. Anyone know the confirmed playlists day one yet? Also I think I spotted Hayabusa if anyone gives a care about it. Or at least something similar.
  12. How heart breaking would it be if Halo 5 did not have Forge?
  13. Kind of have to side with you on this. Leveling seems wayy 2 easy I felt in the beta. Especially if you cannot be deranked once you hit semi pro or onyx right? I think it should be like league of legends where you can derank at whatever division or tier. Just like you said it will be all about grinding. Someone can be really shitty at the game but put a lot of games in, and happen to get lucky enough to win a series for promotion without penalty. I for one think that the player skill matching worked good though. I got very close games every game which was fun. Here's League Divisions to Halo 5 Divisions Btw if anyone wanted to know: LoL | Halo 5 Bronze - Iron Silver - Bronze Gold - Silver Platinum - Gold Diamond - Onyx Masters - Semi Pro Challenger - Pro
  14. I'm all for changing the names of the Semi-Pro, and Pro Division rank names. Lot of people will be running around calling themselves semi-pros, or pros. The true meaning will get lost in this mess.
  15. Gah I just hope 2v2 makes it 2 arena day one. The maps we have seen so far look pretty okay for doubles.
  16. Team doubles needs to be a MUST have on day one. The current maps we are seeing look fine for doubles. Maybe some additional forge ones as well.
  17. I was just wondering if they changed bumper jumper. I don't think they did.
  18. Any changes done to bumper jumper or they still the same? -EDIT nvm I see it in the empire video. My bad.
  19. Agreed. I'm hoping it's a placeholder. Looks like its a rip straight from h4 lmao.
  20. I think he's pretty set where he is right now lol. CLG Gaming house, and everything.
  21. Man the strafing looks pretty on point I must say.
  22. I'm a little behind with the Weapon kill times. Is the BR still 4sk? or what. Also the rate of fire looks sooooo slow.
  23. I'm all for Projectile. I'd take projectile over hitscan anyday. Probbly what made me love H3 so much. That satisfaction you get with a perfect 4-shot.
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