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  1. I wonder if the map changes with different seasons ?? Like in winter it snows.
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/forge_hub Strafe acceleration speed, grenade throwing speed, jump gravity, movement speed, etc etc There is obviously more but i can't take pics of all cuz i don't have the game. It's just from the stream.
  3. Sounds awesome. I think I'll be hitting up the premium soon
  4. Jeez not going to lie the armor sets, and helmets in this game look like utter shit. Pretty disappointed in that. Only have seen like 3 or 4 good sets.
  5. They do look sexy as fk. Diamond 6 just blows Onyx, and Champion rank out of the water.
  6. I'm sure they are aware of this, and will include Social playlists or something soon.
  7. So far they have only said this about social playlists:
  8. Actually curious about this now lol. Also I realized how the ribbon on the Champion rank is blank. Is a # going to be placed in there or text to show if you're like top 200,150,100,50,30, or #1 in champion division? Here's and example I threw together on what I'm assuming is going to happen: <- top 200 in the world <- top 15 in the world <- top 5 in the world <- #1 in the world.
  9. Any word on season rewards for ranks? Like borders, armor, emblems, or anything ?
  10. You pretty much rehashed what I said lol with p2p, and dedis. I may have worded it wrong, and u got a bit confused?
  11. I mean Azure servers are really nothing that special in the first place anyways. It has happened to League Of Legends and you would think out of all gaming companies the network security would be top notch but nah a bunch of teenage script kiddies took it down. Like I said anything is DDoSable.
  12. Yeah it's possible to DDoS the actual dedicated server that the players are playing on. Nothing is unddosable. I'm pretty sure it would only effect the match you were currently in as they are most likely using a wide ip range. But if someone were wanting to hurt the community they would need to attack every single one of em in the ip range.
  13. Most likely not because the Dedi is receiving (From Players), and sending data (To Players). Players aren't sending each other data that would be peer to peer.
  14. Literally wat? Halo 4, and MCC proved that Team Doubles had a high enough population in the playlist to make it stay. So what's the deal with this? I mean if you think about it the playlist will eventually come to be in Halo 5. But it shouldn't be put in a rotation to be considered. To be honest with the information gathered from H4, and MCC's rotations shouldn't that be enough of what the players want lol? IDK I'm not getting something here I guess.
  15. Congratulations @Unyshek! Now's the time to get it through 343s head that they need the core playlists, and gametypes in fast before the games pop dies down with the lack of content day one.
  16. Gah woke up checked Team beyond and was disappointed when I scrolled past Team Swat, and saw no Team Doubles =/. Thought everything was going well for Halo 5. I mean I'm still getting the game regardless. But man missing playlists, and game types again isn't a good sign. If anything it's giving me a bad vibe/vision. Hopefully this missing content that is needed to make a Halo game comes back fast or I can see the population falling again just like Halo 4's did.
  17. Damn the cyan actually looks pretty damn nice. I thought I liked the betas red version but man that cyan just fits the BR perfectly.
  18. Forge looks great so far. I can wait till December. Still waiting on that playlist though. I'd be pretty disappointed if no Team doubles for awhile =/
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