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  1. Yeah I tried this but there is no option to let me put it into my public/shared fileshare. I can invite you to my game and u can save the map, and settings at end?
  2. Not sure how to put it into my shared fileshare but I have octagon MLG instant respawn settings, and no bloom with map. Looking for people to play it anytime or just want to download hit me up. GT: So Energized Steam: SoEnergized
  3. You good lol? That don't sound normal. Feeling as if you're melting into the ground..
  4. I have Octagon, and I'm hosting or you guys can add me to download. Hit me up via PM or something
  5. Haha if I could I'd throw you one. Thanks for your time filling it out.
  6. Much appreciated for you taking your time to fill it out boss~~ :sunglasses:
  7. Would appreciate it if you guys could spend like 1-2 minutes of your time to fill out a quick survey of mine. I'm just grabbing some quick intel on video games, and gamers. http://goo.gl/forms/djFC3PCHI9
  8. This is giving me the Halo 4 Deja vu hahaha. I haven't touched the game since the the start of November? Something like that. I actually ended up refunding the game. What really urked me enough to refund the game was people fucking sprinting, or thrustering constantly from battles they lose. The maps also suck cock. Map flow is a coin toss I felt. The forge breakout maps play better than the real maps. Bullet magnetism is a REAL problem. Everyone is snipedown with the sniper, and getting shot around corners once again just like the H4 DMR Days but with EVERY weapon. I still feel BR starts makes 100% more sense with a fast paced game such as this. Enough of my rant~ Great video upload by the way man. Good video, and sound quality! Keep it up. Touched up on a lot of things I disliked about this game.
  9. It's been awhile since I've posted. Is halo 5 dead yet, or anyone else come to the conclusion that they made a mistake purchasing?
  10. It's most likely both to be honest. Don't know if I'm going to have the patience for this Halo game this time around boys~!
  11. Ight I'm about done with the Sprint, and Thruster pack. Trying my best to adapt to change. Too many escapes.... is getting pretty fking annoying to be completely honest..
  12. Probably has to be Truth, all of the breakout maps, and Colosseum. All of the other maps are cancer. All regret is control Fuel rod to dominate the enemy team, and rotating spawns. REALLLLLLLLLLLLL fun.
  13. Just thought I'd share this with the community. I was playing a 1v1 custom for fun. I set instant respawn because I wanted constant BR battles to warm up. I killed my friend bottom car1, and I lift up to car2 and he spawns/runs (He has full shields cuz I just killed him) to the streets and I either 2 shot or 3 shot him with the BR. Idk if it's a glitch or what happen. https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/5a598c6d-b123-4ada-8500-eb8ea135d06a?gamerTag=So%20Energized&scid=03a80100-9ff3-46ea-be76-e00e7fe465df I was hosting the match so I didn't change any damage multipliers or anything. Just a little lost here...? Idk if when I thrusted to the left, and shot through the wall it made my shot stronger or what?
  14. I like the gameplay. But I'm not entirely sure If I can play it as much as I did Halo 3, and Reach. I really don't want to wait till like December for forge, and whenever the new playlists come out, and game types. In til the rest of the content comes out I won't be able to make my final decision on if I like the game or not.
  15. Just played the map Regret 5 times in a row in Slayer?.... Where is the other maps that were included with the game...? Might as well call the playlist Team Slayer Regret.
  16. Okay so for the people who attended IG Daytona this weekend. Can you now agree that BR starts for FFA makes sense ? I mean I talked with the people there and they agree with me it feels better, and Hoaxer tweeted out: Leave Pistol starts in Team Arena, and whatever, but BR starts in FFA.
  17. It's not whats more skillful. It's what makes more sense. Pistol doesn't need a buff anyways. Play FFA customs with BR starts, and then Pistol starts. You tell me what plays better.
  18. Still waiting on BR starts for FFA. Pistol starts for FFA is cancer. I don't care how good the pistol is. It just makes perfect sense for BR starts. Cross mapping with a pistol is god awful. Especially with how fast paced FFA is, and the movement mechanics pistol play for FFA is dumb.
  19. I think it all depends on Kills + Assists + Top 3 to determine ranking in FFA. Not sure though. I also got placed in Onyx. Here was something I was talking about in the Halo 5 discussion thread I think should be known:
  20. You have no idea how much I agree with you!!!!! I was just talking about that earlier last night...
  21. Alright Pistol starts on the FFA playlist is literally the most stupidest thing ever. It just makes more sense in my head 2 have BR starts for FFA at least. Cross mapping with a pistol trying to be a janitor is horrid. Most maps I've seen so far only have like 2-3 BRs. Like it's the BIGGEST power weapon to have on FFA when you can dominate anyone cross map, and steal kills 2 further your lead greatly. I know it wasn't like this in past halos with BR starts every match but you have to remember Thrust, and Sprint is a major part of this game.
  22. I would throw FFA in as well but It may be a lot 2 keep up with. Also does anyone know if you have 2 place 1st in order for a FFA win to count? or is it like top 3-4 are consider a win or a draw? and :goat: Tree Of Savior :goat:
  23. I remember refusing to play on a 27" HD Monitor back when Halo 3 was popular. I was still enjoyin dat CRT.
  24. Not to be a dick but it's not 2001 anymore. It's 14 going on 15 years later. The odds of having a classic Halo again are slim to nothing. These newer games have to appeal to the casuals, and future generation audience. Don't get me wrong but I love classic halo but I want something new. I don't want a rehash of something over, and over. It seems No one wants to adjust to a 'new' game, and learn it. They just go in with a shitty mindset thinking it's classic Halo when it isn't. Halo has to expand, and bring in more of an audience to be successful. It hurts to think of it that way but that's the difficult part of change. Go in with a clear mindset, and Adapt.
  25. The theme Plaza has is cool but damn the design looks completely random? Is it just me or what? I feel like it is all over the place. I don't know what's going on half the time it seems. I wouldn't count it being a 'competitive' map... but I could be wrong.
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