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  1. I visited Seattle a couple months back and MOD Pizza was fantastic. Great crust, great toppings. There was a breakfast place downtown too, I think it was called "Bacco Breakfast" that was pretty awesome too. I also enjoyed Top-Pot Donuts, although largely because they had an AMEX promotion for a free doughnut and coffee every day as long as you showed your card. Pretty sweet little perk.
  2. One thing I did really enjoy about Halo 3 (and its a very small thing), was the way the Spartans' you sniped would do backflips and whatnot in mid air. It was a small little addition, but it added to the theatricality of sniping. I also really liked H3s overall art direction. It was a little girtty, but full of vibrant yet not overly blown-out colors. I wish they had kept that look throughout.
  3. For me, the lasting legacy of the Halos on personal experience are as follows: CE - Fantastic Introduction to the campaign / multiplayer. H2 - LAN parties, ridiculous jackal snipers on legendary. H3 - The peak of Halo popularity, huge social interaction and a solid campaign. Reach - Terrible Pre-ZBNS, easily better than H3 and the games past it IMO once ZBNS was implemented. H4 - Horrific multiplayer experience (Easily the worst), probably the most interesting campaign as far as lore. H2A - Boring multiplayer, better than H4, but bland / tiny skill-gap. H5 - First Halo game to be better than the last multiplayer wise. Solid overall, not perfect. Terrible campaign.
  4. Thanks! Looks and sounds like a pretty decent squad. Don't know much about Neptune though. Slayer?
  5. Am I the only one that loves BR starts? I'm wrecking people like the good ol' days. Maybe I have a super stable connection?
  6. So Snip3down, Ola and Mikwen are all in play so to speak now. Could be some pretty scary teams forming, especially with TL in flux too.
  7. The ZBNS Reach final event was unbelievable. The crowd was honestly spectacular, blew away every other game in the venue. This was at a time when SC2 was all the rage, and the SC2 guys kept wondering what the heck was going on that the Halo side kept making so much racket.
  8. Is Str8 the #1 AM seed? They've placed extremely well in these Legendary Cups. If so, what does it take for them to make it back into the Pro League?
  9. That should be a good team. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they beat TL.
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