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  1. Matt, the "AmeriCanadianGamer" on youtube made a rant video on Balance in Modern First Person Shooters PvP. I don't post on these forums often, but I do read them and balance is something that comes up a lot. Too much, even. However I feel this particular rant video is interesting because it comes from the perspective of a casual gamer, not the perspective of someone who got his 50 in Halo 3 MLG 3 times over and watches tournament streams and such. That said, my posting this is still beating a dead, decomposed buried horse, BUT I am at least beating it from a different angle. Here's the video:
  2. Any LAN's in the metro detroit area?
  3. Sup! I'm here because I love the competitive halo community even though I'm not particularly skilled at halo. Just here to talk about all things Halo!
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