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  1. add me GT LChrispy I'll be stoked for online and St Louis
  2. If anybody here is interested in going to Gamers for Giving, message me on xbox @ LChrispy or twitter @itzchrispy. I'm looking to put a solid team together and have a lot of fun. Thx guys
  3. Hey you all know how this goes, my name is Chris and im a college student from Michigan. Played a ton of competitive Halo since H2 but my old teammates no longer compete so i need a new team.Already extremely practiced in H2a and really excited to make some money again in halo. Msg me xbl @ LChrispy
  4. LChrispy lets run some games soon bc i wanna be ready for ig columbus
  5. chris From Michigan and 20, been playing competitive on LAN since H2. GT: LChrispy invite me to some customs and practices for ig columbus
  6. I'm not gonna be able to make this one guys sorry
  7. Team Name: Fluffy Unicorns Winner: Fluffy Unicorns Round Number: 1 Score: No Show
  8. Yo frosty I'm down to run some games and join possibly. GT LChrispy
  9. Im considering trying to get in contact with a Lan center in Grand Rapids if yall would be interested
  10. Im definitely going to be going hard and plan on going to UGC and the iron gaming tourney too so hit me up. GT LChrispy
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