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  1. Remember all of the people here who were adamant that the game stay as close to the casual settings as possible to draw in more viewers? Well 343 listened. Reap your reward and enjoy.
  2. When you get a kill or assist it should produce something big on the screen so that I know it happened. I throw a grenade around a corner and then I have to read tiny text to see if I killed anyone.
  3. So I've been playing Smite and for better or for worse they balance the whole game around conquest, the main mode. This means that the casual modes like arena have OP characters and aren't really balanced, but HiRez doesn't seem to care. But if 343 was running smite, the casual settings are what the game would be balanced around and the competitive settings would be unbalanced to cater to the casuals. That is the difference between mobas and Halo. Please stop comparing games that are built to be competitive from the ground up to a game that is built around casuals. After people figure out that the default settings aren't competitive, because 343 never cared about that, then we will finally be able to work on better settings. But by that time Halo 5 will have faded and we can all argue about how Halo 6 needs to use as close to the default settings as possible to get viewers for tournies.
  4. What would really help is that if we had those options for custom games so that we could tweak them ourselves and test them. But I guess adding a damage mod and RoF option for every weapon would take the UI guy like 5 extra minutes when he could be changing all of the fonts into comic sans instead, so I'm guessing it would never happen.
  5. I can't believe this is still being discussed. Team Slayer is going to be a huge mess. The HCS shouldn't even use Team Slayer if they are going to keep sprint. Honestly, any playlist that has sprint shouldn't have Team Slayer in it. On the topic of quit bans: Smite on the XBox uses a system where you literally can't quit a game. There is no quit option, only a surrender option that brings up a vote for your team to surrender. If you quit to dashboard and bring the game back up, it throws you back into the game. So what is stopping you from feeding or being a dick and just standing there? Well there is a report function and if you get reported you lose your "goodwill". Your "goodwill" is a bonus to your rewards that you get at the end of a match and they go up every game that you are not reported. I don't know if it would work for Halo, but they need some incentive to keep you from quitting if they aren't going to use join in progress.
  6. So is HCS going to have pistol + AR starts?
  7. Sweet, thanks for the explanation and the depression. I was actually getting a little excited about Halo 5 and now I'm back to not caring.
  8. Why is there all this talk about Pistol/AR starts? Is Arena going to be Pistol/AR starts?
  9. What the viewers are really going to be wondering is why they are watching a super slow TS game that goes to the time limit. Sometimes it feels like the Halo 5 beta didn't even happen, because no one seems to remember that Team Slayer was a mess and a half. I wasn't even Onyx rank and the majority of my games were TS Lockout but even worse because you could thrust + sprint to get out of trouble. What is going to be really frustrating is that everyone will know that Sprint + Thruster is a HUGE problem with the game, but it will take 12 months + the massive loss of viewers to get anyone at 343 to admit it.
  10. They are lying. I guarantee there will be no friendly fire in every playlist except for HCS. Which... I'm actually OK with. The downside is that people get careless about where they throw nades and the upside is that people can't betray over power weapons or just troll for the hell of it. As long as it is on for the competitive playlist, I don't care.
  11. The only thing I could think of is that they want to sell maps. But if map DLCs are going to be free in Halo 5, then there is no point anymore. This is forever ago, but I remember when I bought Duke Nukem 3D for the PC and it came with the same exact level editor they used to make the game, along with a huge manual that explained it all. It would be awesome if 343 did the same thing and then allowed us to upload the maps to our fileshare.
  12. Same here. H3 is much better on the MCC than it was on the 360 for me. But then some people have great connections on H2A and I don't, so I'm not really sure what is going on with this game.
  13. Except for the fact that Strongholds is an objectively worse gametype than territories. Making it so that you need to hold two areas to get points makes it so that losing team has a much harder time coming back. Almost every game of Strongholds I played was a blowout because of this. Typical 343 logic. Take a working gametype, sprinkle some 343 dust on it and it comes out much worse.
  14. If eagleburn's codes don't work, let me know and I have an extra one I can give you. Yeah I'm pretty thrilled about Dark Souls 3, the leaked screenshots look awesome. Bloodborne is worth a playthrough for sure, the main story is great. The Chalice Dungeons have the hardest content of any Souls game ever, but they are repetitive and not in a Diablo good sort of way. Oh and I won an essay contest while using the phrase "grossly incandescent" and I may have done the praise the sun gesture in real life before, but that is almost too embarrassing to admit, so I wont.
  15. Anyone here playing the Smite beta? The game has a massive skill gap, so I figured people here would like it. And it is on the XBox one, so instead of throwing it in the dumpster you can at least play Smite on it. The game has a massive shooting gap because the shots are projectiles and you have to lead AND there isn't any autoaim. Throw that on top of the fact that you have the learn all the ins and outs just like other MOBAs and it adds up into a huge skill gap.
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