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  1. Looking for a scrim or in the future for hcs rules Msg SvR Sulfa
  2. I dont know if anyone has brought this up but my friends and I always have issues of joining each other after one of us lags out of the matchmaking search. We would all back out and then the join player either doesnt show up or it doesnt work. We then have to restart the halo game so we can join each other again.
  3. i have 3 people with me that we are wanting to scrim with. If anyone wants to join in and help fill up the lobby msg or add SvR Sulfa We are wanting another to4 to scrim but if you have friends that want to play inv them in.
  4. Need a scrim to4 right now add or msg SvR Sulfa. gt: SvR Sulfa Customs West Coast
  5. Hey guys just want to see if any of my old halo friends are on these forums. I use to play halo 2 competitively and my old gamertag was l Smurf l and teamed with CFx Frenzy if any of you remember me or frenzy please feel free to add me on my new gamertag SvR Sulfa. Hope to see you guys out in match made games once it works and customs!
  6. Ya my proposition for the guys here at team beyond is to have a thread where teams of 4 can find other teams of 4 to practice/scrim. I cant find any other forums with this for MCC yet.
  7. There is none in the player finder section. Anyways looking for team scrim right now for h2a MCC add or msg SvR Sulfa
  8. i have intel hd 4000 graphics. i thought that might be good enough since its an older game but still laggy when i play. Any suggestions?
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