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  1. yea they are for the free for all in west edmonton canada.
  2. can I have mine changed to 'Rogue RJL' please and thanks.
  3. Rogue RJL

    Rogue RJL

    GT: Rogue RJL
  4. Looking for some 2's practice for upcoming local 2v2 tournament. ADD/MSG RiZoGuE
  5. i would like to try out but are those practice times set in stone. i ask because i have class 6-9 mountain time tues-thursday. http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/RiZoGuE <<Stats<<
  6. GT: RiZoGuE Mountain time Canadian My stats http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/RiZoGuE Can play atleast 5 hours a day. haven't played on a competitive team since 2008 H3. anyone interested message me on xbl or twitter @robbieroblloyd
  7. Alberta Bound
  8. EDIT: originally posted my gamertag Rizogue. But something came up and cannot play in this tourney.
  9. I personally don't know what is in store for HCS. Just hoping for the best. And a tournament in Canada.
  10. I think we got to wait for 343i to drop some news on waypoint. It has been 2 months since the announcement of HWC and yea It is intensely frustrating not knowing whats down the road for HCS atm. I like to think that when the game releases we will know more. I watched the HWC video again today and at the end it says to go to halo.gg for more info...which takes you to waypoint. 19 days
  11. i wonder when we can expect more news on the halo world championship.
  12. when do you guys think we will get more info on the halo world championship.
  13. Introduction Video https://youtu.be/S7rt3VY4Ap8
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