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  1. Does anyone have a link to the actual details of HCS and HWC? 


    It is intensely frustrating that these are not readily available from a simple Google search. 

    I think we got to wait for 343i to drop some news on waypoint. It has been 2 months since the announcement of HWC and yea It is intensely frustrating not knowing whats down the road for HCS atm. I like to think that when the game releases we will know more. I watched the HWC video again today and at the end it says to go to halo.gg for more info...which takes you to waypoint. 19 days

  2. GT: RiZoGue

    Competed at MLG Toronto 08. I haven't played extensively since the release of MCC but am willing to put the time in to get back into the competitive spirit and learn the ropes.

    Location: Alberta Canada, Mountain time.

    Twitter: @robbiejlloyd


    Looking for commitment in a team. Also if you are a free agent send me a message via twitter or XBL and maybe we can get a partial team going.


    I Wont be able to go to any events but would love to compete online again. unless I find a team i extremely enjoy playing with i would consider an event next season.


    Anyways, Hit me up for Customs and matchmaking if anything. playing solo is Boring!


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