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  1. yea they are for the free for all in west edmonton canada.
  2. can I have mine changed to 'Rogue RJL' please and thanks.
  3. Looking for some 2's practice for upcoming local 2v2 tournament. ADD/MSG RiZoGuE
  4. i would like to try out but are those practice times set in stone. i ask because i have class 6-9 mountain time tues-thursday. http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/RiZoGuE <<Stats<<
  5. GT: RiZoGuE Mountain time Canadian My stats http://halotracker.com/h5/arena/RiZoGuE Can play atleast 5 hours a day. haven't played on a competitive team since 2008 H3. anyone interested message me on xbl or twitter @robbieroblloyd
  6. EDIT: originally posted my gamertag Rizogue. But something came up and cannot play in this tourney.
  7. I personally don't know what is in store for HCS. Just hoping for the best. And a tournament in Canada.
  8. I think we got to wait for 343i to drop some news on waypoint. It has been 2 months since the announcement of HWC and yea It is intensely frustrating not knowing whats down the road for HCS atm. I like to think that when the game releases we will know more. I watched the HWC video again today and at the end it says to go to halo.gg for more info...which takes you to waypoint. 19 days
  9. i'd like to see a FFA involved with the Global Championship.
  10. i wonder when we can expect more news on the halo world championship.

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