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  1. Seeing how 343 copied everything from Call of Duty i think Halo 5 will have a esports component in it!
  2. Drum roll. esportr.net is a web-based esports application, which has four features, player, teams, events and posts. The idea is that users can create posts and then tag them with players, teams and events. Posts can either be a link to say a youtube video, news article or an image, but it can also be text where you can write whatever you like similar to reddit. So you can create a post about how good you thought Clayster from complexity played at Gfinity and start a conversation about his performance. Or maybe you created a video about Optic gaming and how much of a fanboy you are. Now your video will be on the team page of Optic Gaming, where you can see where they placed at recent tournaments and how much money they have earned, what players are in the team etc. The idea is to bring the discussion together with the relevant information of teams and players in a meaningful way. The posts that are tagged with a player, event or team will be shown on their respective player, team or event page. Currently supporting Black Ops 2, if you think it would be a cool idea for Halo aswell let me know. Just testing waters atm If you like the idea you can sign up here http://www.esportr.net/users/sign_up Twitter https://twitter.com/esportrnet Images of the site Home page Team page Let me know what you think!
  3. I would recommend anyone interested in this topic to watch this documentary on DMT, The Spirit Molecule. Its on Netflix too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4FaDMak-TQ
  4. What they need to do is to create a good solid game, rather than a half assed one.
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