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  1. I run by the name Lids, Liddy or Lidistus. Currently looking for a team to play seriously with as i hope to be able to play at the top level one day. I believe i have great potential and am willing to work as hard as i can towards becoming better. Currently ranked Gold in team arena and Platinum in FFA for this season. I want to compete and go all in. Will sit down and practice whenever possible. Am open to criticism as well. Currently located in Florida. Hope to see you all around. Gamertag: Agile Lidistus Twitter: Lidistus
  2. GT: Agile Lidistus Alias: Liddy Palm Coast, Florida
  3. Alias is Lidistus or just Liddy Im just looking to compete online (With an active team) unless the chance for a LAN arrives. My GT is Agile Lidistus and Twitter is @Lidistus. Prior to this I have no experience in competitive Halo but from the games that I have played competitivly (COD, CS:GO) I have an understanding of teamwork and how to play properly. Another thing to cover is that while my map knowledge is limited Its very easy for me to learn especially when I am working with a flexible team who is able to work with me.
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