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  1. RIP GOAT. Been a pleasure watching you DOMINATE for a decade. A true legend.
  2. Ofically hyped boyyss. Goat and Co. Don't seem to have a good chance so I'm pulling for Naded. GL to everyone, should be a great tourney.
  3. Yeah for sure... SQ had Side and Ace when it first formed? Or was it just SS?
  4. Sorry to derail the dank train buuut... So can't believe it's been 10 years... but this Bubu Dubu and Huke combo can't help but remind me of Naded and Legit on Storm Ventures. Naded and Legit, probably the age of bubu and huke at the time.. Two young guns just lit out of their minds back in the day. Who ended up becoming a staple in the competitive Halo scene from there on out. If I'm not mistaken they even came out the gates swinging like bubu/huke and made it to the finals in early 06. Where FB naturally took care of them <3. Its great to have hot fresh meat right now. Looking forward to the young guns and how they preform at World's. And then themselves, becoming a staple in the scene moving forward.
  5. I wish I had more neg rep to give out to people still talking about 20k. Now I've resorted to it... Can I neg myself? I'll do it. - CLG looks waay heavily favored to win Worlds.I feel all 4 of those guys are top 8 players. But we got some time. - After this weekend.. Royal2 is the best in the game no?
  6. Timeout. Ive never seen Twitch on Roku... am I just stupid? Its a roku2 btw
  7. Killa you're the dankest of them all. Thank you for the lols
  8. I'd probably buy all of them... and I play once a week at best. This LCQ is hype as shit boys! Every team gunning for only one spot. The one spot left for the biggest Halo tournament of all time. Shits nuts. Good luck to everyone playing. I feel I need to pull for Optic for the same reasons anyone else would. LETS GO
  9. Watching some winter sport X games right now on Espn. They just showed Bravo's Halo recap. Dem feels
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