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  1. out of curiosity (since I couldn't watch live yesterday night) what were the peak and average viewer numbers? thanks in advance :ghost:
  2. beyond chat invite please for macdaddy1313 :halo:
  3. OpTic moving on thanks to a nice assist from good ole Broken MCC... oh well
  4. Noble Black was impressive, BtH definitely a little down this event though. Look out for possible eLevate upset over str8 in round 4, should be a competitive series!
  5. Yea, but how many people are gonna play BTB on h2a, when they can just play on actual halo 2 classic. I think helping their own competitive league would make more sense than giving another map to a small community of people playing BTB in h2a. That's just my opinion though.
  6. Relic is cool and all, but why not remake Ivory Tower or Beaver Creek knowing that they need more competitive maps for their own sanctioned league? I guess that would make too much sense though
  7. Soooo... EG vs CLG game 11 in our future for the title?!?!?! :halo: :goat:
  8. Ninja rushing for camo at the end cost C9, honestly shocked OG won that game 5 but that was an impressive win. Hysteria wasn't at his best last game, he went off vs. BtH though, but they needed him that last game and he got off to an awful start Also, is Aries the best player on OG? guy has been playing well, props to him.
  9. Well competition wise, can't ask for much more. The 6 best teams advance to Championship Sunday. The LBR7 matches are tough to predict: Str8 Rippin vs. OpTic could go either way, OG relies on excellent communication, Str8 will need Naded in Beast mode in order to make a run tomorrow. BtH vs. Cloud 9 should be good as well. C9 has to pick up right where they left off tonight and play really well to get by and company. In Winners Finals: we may get a thrilling 5 game series, but at the same wouldn't be surprised if EG plays out of their minds, their team potential is frightening. I dont even wanna bother predicting placings for the top 6 on the grounds that anything could happen
  10. So has there been any news about whether we will see CTF gametypes in use at IG Columbus? I hope the latest update actually fixed the flag problems because a tournament with only 3 maps can be monotonous already, never mind a tourney with 3 maps and only slayer, bomb, and hill.
  11. Denial vs BtH coming up now!!! Winner of that series has a great chance of reaching the finals seeing as there are no other top pro teams in the top half of the bracket. Bottom half is a goddam gauntlet with CLG already out and Cloud 9, OpTic, Dynasty, EG, and Str8 Rippin still all battling it out... heck even Reality Check and their quad-host is in the bottom half! Cant wait for the seedings to truly work themselves out so we can eventually see a quarterfinal with a legit top 8 teams, but regardless having these tournaments every weekend is going to be AWESOME :halo:
  12. CLG homie.. easy mistake, i know, but let's not confuse Counter Logic Gaming with some hack job gaming league the Sudds tried to create And yes I think they are going to win this preseason tourney as well.
  13. So many great team and sponsor/organization announcements in the past week or so! We got a fresh Denial squad featuring some returning familiar faces, we got 2gre's squad getting signed by CLG! We get an EG god squad!! and the anticipation for the rest of the announcements is crazy... New Str8 lineup still to come likely including Legit and Naded... BtH's replacement for formal and confirmed sponsor organization to be announced The Agency signing with another well known organization (likely Curse)... OpTic Halo's new roster... possible SQ reunion?? Loving this thread... anticipation is KILLING me tho!!!
  14. Snipedown, Ola, Lunchbox, Roy ..... Seems fair The Reign of has ended
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