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  1. The ranking system in this game is garbage. I have lost 10 games in a row tonight. Every match teammates are going 1-18 and 2-20. How the hell are they semi pro and Onyx?
  2. So, has anyone had a lot of trouble with Bumper Jumper? That's all I use on MCC, but I was sucking terribly today in the beta. Switched to default and played so much better. The scoping is much better with the left trigger in this game. Quick scoping almost sort of works with default, but it is completely different with the stick.
  3. Anybody down to team up? I had a match 2 games ago where my teammates had a total of 3 kills.
  4. I'm having difficulty finding games. The other team in the lobby starts with 4 players, drops 2, and then searches indefinitely.
  5. I've uploaded videos but they won't show up on xboxclips.com. Anybody else have this issue? Is there a setting I'm missing?
  6. Mountain, I bought an Xbone for the sole purpose of playing MCC. I'll laugh with you. Hahahahahaha.
  7. Well, it has been working pretty well for me until last night. I tried for an hour last night and couldn't get a single game. It is the same thing tonight. It has been over an hour.
  8. Those of you that are getting games regularly, can you do this with friends? Last night I was able to find games quickly searching alone, but not with friends.
  9. So frustrated, guys. I cannot get a game for the last 2 days. I back out every 5 minutes and go back in. Nothing. Nvm. Soon as I post this I get one. Lol
  10. Did that supposed server update go live at any point last night?
  11. Lou1s1ana gamertag for some Halo CE customs please? Cant find MM games.
  12. Does the chat headset that comes with the Xbone have game audio?
  13. The only thing graphically that really bothers me about H2A is the Lockout remake. Murders my eyes.
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