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  1. I'm somewhat baffled regarding the Grady Memorial Hospital escape scene. Ok so Beth and Noah make it out of the hospital lol but then he just bolts it out of the fence and leaves Beth while she just stands there shooting all the walkers. idk if I missed something but I thought she was trying to escape the hospital as well. It seemed like she was trying to cover him because he hurt his leg going down the elevator but damn he made it out safe and there she still shooting all the walkers. Maybe she wasn't expecting the officers to make it down to snag her back to the hospital so she was taking her time wasting all her ammo on some walkers she probably could have just ran around. I was starting to like Noah as a character but then he just escapes without her and no more Noah. lol a little anti-climatic but I suppose that will keep me coming back to see next week's episode.
  2. XBL: HANS Psyche I live five minutes north of downtown Atlanta, have my own car, an Xbox One with an extra controller, 19 inch Insignia HDTV, and Astro A40s. Might be able to get one of my casual gamer friends to join but he doesn't own an Xbox One yet. I could head to a LAN on a set day where others are planning on showing up as well even if it's a one day event. I can also bring a 20 pack of redbull and chip in for food. Feel free to send me a PM on here and/or follow me on twitter @HisManifest
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