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  1. If you talk to the Melee community, maybe. But that isn't a general consensus across the entire Smash community.
  2. People did vote for Brawl. But when the charity movement and "spirit bomb" stuff happened, which rallied a lot of support for Melee, the entire community decided to vote for Melee because that had the best chance to make the line-up. Of course, a lot of ppl wanted Melee and solely Melee there, but many others, like myself, voted for Melee because Smash is Smash and it didn't matter which one was on the roster as long as it was one of them. And if you've seen the reaction to Smash 4, people have embraced a new game. But it's hard to move on from a legendary game that's back on the rise again, I'm sure a lot of ppl around here can understand that. Anyway, whether its H2A or H2C or CE or whatever, I'm excited. H2A looks awesome though, should be awesome competition.
  3. No legitimate source. Doesn't seem very informed. Not based on anything concrete. Gonna call this fake.
  4. Kinda off-topic, but will there be a Tournament Listings/Results board added to the forums when MCC comes out? It'd be cool to have a place where people can make threads for their online or offline tournaments with information and whatnot, and then a results area for post-event results, shoutouts, comments, etc. Would be cool to foster some more community feels, idk just an idea. Also, anyone playing MCC in NYC or preferably Westchester County? Looking for some players to level up with - not many Halo ppl I know of in my area. x_x
  5. Yeah one day I tweeted about some anime and an automated post from his Twitter account @'d me about being on a Crunchyroll podcast. So I guess he's got that going for him.
  6. I don't think it matters that practically the entire game is ranked. We're concerned with casuals watching, not playing. We need to create the best spectator experience possible. From there, that's how you get more people to play. Show them awesome competition which will inspire them to play themselves. People who want to play for Halo are going to play for Halo regardless of what game is supported in tournaments. My concern is that the community is going to segment itself into those who want to compete in H2C, others in H2A, still others in CE, etc., which creates problems with both growth and accessibility. But if casuals want to watch H2A and prefer that as a spectating experience, it doesn't seem logical to work against that. We should be trying to cater to casuals as much as possible, as unfortunate as a reality that is but that's the climate of eSports we find ourselves in, because that's where the true potential for longevity lies. Supporting H2C because that's solely what competitive players want is going to only benefit competitive players and that will not secure a bright future for any game.
  7. Purple Rain about to upset some people and take 3rd or something with all these predictions not at all weighed in their favor. Not to say those predictions are necessarily wrong.
  8. It's possible. I don't think it's beneficial to shut out casuals just because they may jump ship. They are casuals, that's what they do, play games casually. But casuals are also key to growth as an eSport, and it would be wise to factor them in as much as possible. If casuals enjoy watching H2A more than the rest of what MCC has to offer, that needs to be taken seriously.
  9. Skip Bayless isn't a caster, he's an analyst. We need good casters, but then we need tournament productions to cut to an analyst desk with Bayless types, pro players, and others who can be both informative but also entertaining/dramatic/controversial, etc. Bayless wouldn't be a good caster, which is why he doesn't do that.
  10. I think it will as long as everyone comes to a consensus as to what title is going to be supported. We already have ESL supporting H2A, but UGC running H2C, and i wouldn't shoot down the possibilities of CE events, either. Whatever game out of MCC it is, I hope everyone comes together and supports that one title in tournaments rather than there being a lot of instability caused by an unorganized approach to competitive MCC in terms of what games are played.
  11. I'm really hoping that we see some great tournaments with H2A and I think it's possible, so that's getting me pretty excited. EDIT: Though, in all fairness, I'm excited for any Halo tournament that comes out of MCC or Halo 5 so I can't say that's a sentiment necessarily exclusive to H2A.
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