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  1. Meh. Haven is the only map I enjoy playing Halo 4 on. Though Isolation can kick rocks but I like it lmfao. I really still cannot understand how 343 did not have the foresight to remake more competitively viable maps.
  2. Salot should be using his time and effort to make a scaled down version of Haven, the only good map from Halo 4.
  3. But that's not what you said. You said "MLG revolutionized" it. You didn't say "the West contributed to eSports." There's a massive difference. EDIT: Anyway, H3 is def awesome. Halo 3 was the game I put the most time into in the series since it came out when I was in high school. Pretty much the sole reason I got an Xbox 360. Still one of the best purchases I've ever made (or, rather, my mom made lol). I didn't realize the difference between H2 and H3 really in terms of hit registration and stuff like that, and I'm glad looking back on it that it didn't negatively affect my experience with the game.
  4. Catering to casuals never works because casuals are casuals. So when they continue to cater to casuals and games continue to fail, I hope they understand why. You shouldn't direct a game towards a fleeting demographic defined by its fleetingness.
  5. At least we can expect patch notes. Smash just got updated to 1.0.4 and Nintendo can't bother with an official list of balance changes.
  6. Halo 5: Combat Evolved Would rustle so many jimmies
  7. Haven't found a match in MM since last Wednesday. Oh well...
  8. Yeah kinda bothers me that 343 didn't have the foresight to remake more competitively viable maps, nor did they have the foresight to give us more/better/not borked Forge options that would allow for better maps or at least ones that all don't look the same.
  9. It definitely works against it, which makes me wonder how they didn't see this coming. If 343 indeed planned the HCS like they are claiming, they must have realized that only 3-4 competitive maps will get super old super quick. Now, Forge is a handy solution, but players shouldn't have to rely on community map creators to buff up the map pool. Games like Starcraft utilize people like this to keep the map rotation fresh, but that's not only because SC has a great map editor, but also its alongside Blizzard who continues to make maps themselves.
  10. I wouldn't say H2A has no competitive future or that Classic is the guaranteed way to go, but the community seriously needs to sustain itself outside of major organizations and circuit. Halo needs to foster a grassroots community, and by doing so, that'll allow Halo 2 Classic to be played competitively at large and small events. I wouldn't be surprised if non-HCS events run Classic (even if they also run H2A) and I don't think it's out of the ballpark to say that some HCS events may run both H2A and H2C, even if only one of them actually counts toward HCS. We need more people stepping up as event organizers. If you want to see Halo 2 Classic, work towards running a tournament. Get a group together locally with friends/other players to help start running local events for Classic if you like it that much better. No game will inherently live longer or shorter by its own accord. It's up the community to decide how they want a particular game to be treated. Do you want to see a large H2C scene? Run grassroots events. That's the solution. It's as simple as that. H2C and H2A can easily thrive, hell I could see competitive CE, H2A, H2C, and H3 scenes all thriving simultaneously without issue. Grassroots events are the solution.
  11. They aren't going to remove sprint. They won't want to change the size and scale of maps for a game that doesn't have sprint after spending time and resources making maps and creating gameplay that take sprint into account.
  12. This 1000x. I would really like to see original Forge maps. I think a Midship remake then like 2-3 new maps would be great to add to the lineup.
  13. Yep, since the supposed update, the game has gotten worse for me. I have found less games today than I found yesterday and I still can't join custom games. Accepting invites does nothing and manually joining someone's game locks everything up, forcing me to hard reset. Haven't had any issues with campaign and forge yet, though.
  14. In previous Halo games, when you are scoped in (with a BR or sniper or whatever else has scope) and someone shoots you, it forces you out of scope. This is called descope. When the game doesn't have descope, you can continue to stay in scope even if someone is hitting you with bullets.
  15. I've only been able to get games on the Halo 2 Classic playlist. Everything else wasn't finding me players for the longest time. Then I got two matches in Team H2A, and now I can't find any games nor is my Team H2A playlist rank showing up. Oh well. Got to put in some time in H2 campaign, though, and what I have played was pretty fun. Hopped in Forge mode, too. Kinda disappointed that you can't build on the asteroid ring in Nebula. Would've been so sick.
  16. If I wanted to play not Halo, wouldn't I just play not Halo? 343 is so determined to make not-Halo. Game looks like Call of Duty in space with Spartan armor. Is it so hard to ask for an arena console FPS from the Halo franchise? Actually sad that MCC may be my last Halo purchase in a long while. Halo 5 doesn't look fun at all.
  17. Yeah I gotta go through the map selection and find my favorites. Just thinking about these maps takes me back. Gonna have to find my copy of Hunters to truly get these maps right!
  18. Can't wait for H2A Forge! One thing I've wanted to do since H3 Forge but never got around to doing so was recreating maps from Metroid Prime Hunters, which has some pretty cool maps. With a little tweaking to fit competitive Halo, maps like Harvester should be really cool to try out.
  19. PC port would be so great. I kinda hope MCC doesn't move Xbones.
  20. I think people need to take into account that this was a launch invitational event in a small eSports studio, so suggestions like "Bigger venue" and "more teams" are moot points. That being said, I think the event ran very well after the minimal, initial hiccups at the beginning of Day 1. I kinda figured that we wouldn't see every match streamed considering it was 8-team double-elim and it started in the afternoon on both days, so I don't see that as a negative either. Just some suggestions for the future, though: -More map overviews before games, so newer players can understand spawns and call-outs better. Being able to show the viewers where each specific call-out on the map is really helps, especially with listen-ins. -Player cams are obviously a must. -Screen overlays were kinda iffy. The top graphic showing set score and team abbreviations was fine, but the bottom graphic kinda takes up way too much space. Maybe taking up less space by having the player cam on the left and then the player name printed reasonably right above the player cam so less real estate is taken away from the center area of the screen. Also, it's kinda off that the graphic shows the imagery for both H:CE Anniversary Chief and H2A Chief when it's only a H2A tournament. -Would love way more stats and player history/bios inbetween sets. As much as Bravo and Goldenboy are beautiful men, I'd be nice to not look at a static shot. Would also help with downtime, too. -For larger events, I'd like to see more casters - either a table of three or a rotation of three. A supplementary analyst desk, if possible, would be great, too. -TS Lockdown needs to go. Lockdown Hill would be nice, instead. -Zenith needs to make an appearance. Zenith Hill would be great. -Would like to see tweaks to the gametypes that others have suggested. -Best of 5 > Best of 3. -Oddball needs to make an appearance. Territories could be an option, too, but I'd rather see Bomb tweaked more first. -Warlord was super hype but spawns needs tweaking. Also that pistol at the bottom of one of lifts (iirc) needs to go. -Also please get rid of Warlord's Sentinel Beam for something not the sentinel beam. -Having a professional bracket graphic is great, but having an online bracket on Challonge that is easily accessible by viewers would really help. Kinda sucked to have to wait until the stream showed the bracket to know where we were at at a given time, esp for ppl that weren't tuned in the entire time. -I think Clutch's suit jacket was too long and should've not worn jeans. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Awesome weekend regardless, can't wait to see more from ESL!
  21. Halo 3 is a great looking game and definitely a very clear and legible one, but I still gotta gibe H2A the obvious upper-hand here.
  22. Lmfao Heinz gets the sword kill then looks around only to realize that he's falling off the map
  23. Not everybody can make it out to an offline event. Plus, if someone competes in an offline event and does well, they may go to an offline event because they have some points. As long as offline events offer more points, which they will, it should be fine.
  24. Yes it is me lol. +1. Great post. Just started recently xD
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