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  1. Props to you man for having enough resolve to grind that terrible game, with no matchmaking..good luck. I'd blow my brains out by lvl 10
  2. I feel this man. Me and my friends have had some great times passing around controllers while we down a case. Its fun to mess around sometimes, but unfortunately not everyone playing wants to fuck around on standoff so I understand both sides.
  3. Same man. The 60 fps feels silky smooth, at least me. Suppose we're the minority..............(11%) had too
  4. Hey guys. I have been feverishly lurking the forums everyday to see if we finally get our April CU. What are you guys hoping we get as far as fixes and additions? Obviously we need ranks..desperately, but like we've all said their value to the population numbers might be negligent at this point. Plus they really need to figure out H3 forge so we can finally get H3 MLG and somewhat playable H3 dubs... They didn't release it April 1st (presumably due to easter) but I hope its because its going to be a sizable and impactful update. Spoiler: Get your pitchforks out because its going to be worthless...
  5. anyone playing H3 mlg customs? add me. GT insomniaaaaaaa
  6. So wheres this April update??? Please God tell me it just wasn't adding Team Doubles....
  7. Mine for sure is. I looked into it and noticed when I snap our party a big X shows up next to his GT which signifies NAT or other network issues...Its definitely his campus internet. :cry:
  8. Alright guy, the patch has done wonders for my solo play here in the midwest, BUT its impossible for me and my best friend to get into a party together. Literally impossible. We quit the build and try over and over.. We both live in the same college town I'm off campus and he lives in the dorms. He has no problems with any other games concerning his dorm internet and he even has a wired connection. Its only halo, the game me and him have been playing together for 8 years, that doesn't fucking work. if it helps at all, as reference, we get the bug where it says we're together but we're not. It displays the options to boot him/me but were not actually there... Someone PLEASE give me some troubleshoot options for this problem. Its just terrible.
  9. Think of the button combos that could arise, plus i imagine some dirty CQC with teh snipez
  10. Can we agree H5's aiming for the most part is what we as a community want to look for. Being H3 biased due to playing it competitively the most I did think H3's LAN BR battles were super rewarding I definitely liked H3's aiming as well minus the projectile on XBL. Plus the sniper was sick to use and probably the most fun to watch.
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