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  1. Highly recommend Tat’s Delicatessen in Seattle. Best sandwiches in the city IMO. Only a couple blocks away from Century Link. And you can never go wrong with Teriyaki while you’re here. Not sure many other city’s have anything like it.
  2. We also lost Round 1 to FB at Dallas 2010 National Championships. But got this sick no scope to make up for it
  3. Love driving down to Tacoma. Been out here in Seattle for a little over a year now and the view of the volcano still gets me every time!
  4. They didn't listen to me after last year's Worlds. Tisk, tisk. @@Rayne @
  5. Ive always gone with the default sticks for all of my controllers. Theyre too good
  6. I used to be all about that Elite when they first came out, but just recently switched back to a Scuf Infinity and it's way, way better. Scuf controllers will be a little bit more pricey though.
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