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  1. I'm getting this UI bug in H2 now where the radar is broken, shield doesn't show up, score and timer in the lower right doesn't show up, grenade counts are missing, and when you hold back the scoreboard doesn't show up. I even deleted and reinstalled MCC but it didn't fix the bug. Really cool stuff, A+ job by 343. This is on Xbox
  2. Don't know if it's just me but man is H2 awful right now. Hit detection is horrendous, much worse than before the patch.
  3. Maybe it's strongly dependent on your proximity to the server because H2's hit detection is so bad that it's borderline unplayable for me right now. Switching back to retail MCC is a gigantic improvement.
  4. What makes it less fun to you than default settings on H2/H3/Reach/H4?
  5. Yeah, no playlist had BR starts at launch. IIRC, before release, Bungie even made a few statements saying that we would never see BR starts in matchmaking, but they gave in pretty quickly. That was one of many, many pieces of evidence that Bungie didn't even really understand how to properly balance their own game.
  6. Damn, you really got him by pointing to 3 out of 60 maps. You apparently missed the point completely; the first 3 Halo games had their share of crappy maps, we know that. They also had their share of maps that were good to great, something Halo 5 lacks.
  7. Every Halo game other than H4 was 4.0 seconds for multikills.
  8. Is it just me or is Matchmaking broken right now? Can't find a single game.
  9. This is what happens when you play a game over a network. Unless you are host, there is always going to be a small delay, even on LAN. Every other Halo game worked like this, too.
  10. MCC Halo 2's netcode is just different than it was on the original game, because it's based on the Vista version. Long range BRing is undoubtedly better on MCC than it was on the OG version, but close to midrange BRing is worse, and hit registration with the snipe is much worse. But if you paid 60 dollars for a broken product that never came close to delivering on its promises, even nearly a year after launch, you'd justifiably be quite upset.
  11. Yeah, it's ridiculously terrible. Takes a lot to be worse than it was on the OG Xbox. It's basically impossible to snipe at long range now: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/4d2ab754-f5c6-4096-a18e-5a5af4ccff49?gamerTag=Sneeaky%20Beav3r&scid=03a80100-9ff3-46ea-be76-e00e7fe465df Just ONE of the 7 snipes I hit in that 20 second clip actually registered.
  12. It's not at all the same, it feels like Halo 2 Vista hit detection. I've been playing H2 on XBC frequently right up until the day MCC was released, so there's no rose colored glasses here: the hit detection is totally fucked in MCC compared to the real H2. And because it's an H2 Vista port, the BR and Carbine also shoot faster than they did on the OG Xbox version by a significant amount (the Carbine being more broken than the BR), among other problems. Yep. It's bad enough that I don't even want to play it. I know CE has gotten much more attention as far as being a bad port, but H2 in this game is just as bad. I don't get why they couldn't have just ported the Xbox versions of CE and H2, instead of the garbage PC ports. I'd prefer straight 30 FPS, 480p ports of the Xbox versions over the crap we have right now by a mile. Same here. It's utterly impossible to snipe from top red on Beaver Creek now even on extremely good connections, the game absolutely refuses to have your shots register if you're shooting anybody at blue.
  13. It's a lot more difficult now - you have to press RR a lot faster than you did on the Xbox version, but not too fast or it won't work. I haven't managed to pull it off a single time in an actual game scenario so far.
  14. As others have said: It's not, you, the netcode is just fucked. I can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong, but it just feels wildly inconsistent. Halo 2's netcode isn't very good, either - the hit detection just works completely differently than it did on the OG Xbox, it seems to be pretty much exactly like H2 Vista. There are times where BR bursts just won't register at relatively close range (I'm talking like top red or blue to top mid on Midship) in situations where it almost always would have on the OG Xbox. I've been playing Halo 2 on XBC several times a week for the last year, so this isn't me misremembering anything; it's obvious that the netcode is different. I'm worried that these problems will never be looked at though, because the game has so many other, more significant problems that need to be addressed first. I wish 343 had just delayed the game, because it's obvious it wasn't ready.
  15. Looks like the second mainline Halo game in a row that I'm not buying. I'll play some of the Beta, but boy, it looks awful.
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