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  1. Nurzo, What's up bud. Pretty sure i talked to you during the beta about starting a team once H5 came out. Lets see how we play together. I will be on tonight around 8 mst to play.
  2. Whats up everyone, Thank you for all the interest. I will be adding everyone today and running games tonight around 8pm mst.
  3. Whats up everyone, Looking to join a team or build one. Very dedicated and have been playing competitive Halo since H2. Went to a couple MLG events. Send me a message on XBL or Twitter if you are interested in running games. GT: Svvick Twitter: @HypeJerseys My Company's website: www.WearHype.com I am normally on from 8 pst. to 12 pst. On friday / Saturday / Sunday that time varies. Willing to start playing in online tournaments.
  4. Gamertag: HypeClothingCo Customs/MM: Customs or MM Region: West Coast
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