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  1. anyone got some good HCS wallpapers for mobile? Preferably for the iPhone 7 Plus
  2. Sooo, what does everyone think about the new settings that came yesterday? Good/bad? I for one enjoyed it quite a bit, I started using sprint a lot less and played it more like the older games. A goos start on the improvements that was really needed. Edit: just realized I might have posted this on the wrong place, if that's the case, forgive me.
  3. Yesterday's Championship Sunday was amazing. Grand finals was one of the most lit series I've seen in a while.
  4. Anyone got some tasty high quality HCS wallpapers I can use on my pc?
  5. Holy CLG, on that Fathom CTF, I looked at the score, 0 - 0, looked away for like a second, 2 - 0 to CLG
  6. I want Ogre 2 to become a caster and just call it Goatcast. I can't be the only one, right?
  7. Goldenboy's stream if you want to hear commentary from him, Walshy and sometimes Ogre 2. Otherwise try to find the players playing if they stream
  8. Naded leaving midstream few days ago, some possible hints in OpTics vlogs about stuff, and now they forfeit this tournament?
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