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  1. Hahaha I wasn't aware the words 'graphic detail' meant me using literally the same words you typed before that badly used phrase in the context of a tongue in cheek, dumb joke aimed at the people behind the MCC being terrible, you genius, but gg trying to make it sound like I wrote out some disturbing erotica on the MCC discussion thread for no reason though. That's really quite devastating. I'll leave you to your crazy hyperbole, and dwindling site traffic.
  2. Anyone post this yet? Refreshing to see a decently heard of gaming blog actually call out 343... http://www.vg247.com/2015/01/26/halo-the-master-chief-disaster/
  3. It was posted here, but almost impossible to find unless your scroll button works.
  4. Damn @@Humpflung how can those of us who don't have pictures of us skating prove we aren't virgins?
  5. You're assuming a lot about an intended PC release. Firstly, games that are designed for console and then ported over often run poorly. Games like Halo are often designed with high fidelity graphical components and then tuned down to run on the already outdated console. My main point is that the PC community is often more competitive, and as such, I can't ever imagine Halo 5 doing well as a PC title. I doubt it will do well as a console title to begin with.
  6. One reason that comes to mind is that Halo is unlike games like CS and would definitely take a lot of computing power to run... I feel like people that have fancy gaming PCs are the opposite of the current Halo 5 target audience.
  7. Shout out to @@CyReN for closing that Ninja H5 thread. There was so much Halo testosterone charging around in the last few pages I think I need a shower from reading it all. Pretty sure a few people in there finally hit puberty after all that unleashed angst. This community gets shittier and shittier by the day. It's almost definitely 343's fault, but fuck me guys, perhaps bear in mind that, considering the current state of Halo, dividing ourselves between H1/2/3 kids is the most pointless and stupid thing to do as a community with a common goal: get Halo back to standards that at least match any of the games from the original trilogy. It's like the clans in Scotland fighting amongst themselves over who has the sexiest sheep while England advances over the hill with a huge army. The worst part is, most people here, especially those who label themselves as 'H1/H2' kids, are grown fucking men. Grown adults who are seemingly incapable of not getting into forum flame wars over whose video game is da biggest and bestest to the detriment of the whole community, and human decency itself. None of this shit matters the least on the scale of things mattering. Of course, everything 'matters' to some extent to the individual, but if you're going to take video games so deathly seriously, why not use that angst for good? This forum will literally die in flames unless something drastic happens to the Halo franchise, and all you fools want to do is squabble and add fuel to that fire. I really wonder if people like Cursed Lemon will reflect back on their death bed and take solace in all those hours, even days they spent arguing endlessly over the internet about a game they used to play decades ago. I seriously doubt it. I can say for sure that if Halo is still just as shit in 5 years, or probably even less, I will have let it go, and moved on with my adult life. You guys will never get a chance to direct your angst at those who earned it. You will never get to sit down 343, or Bungie, and explain to them exactly how mean they are for taking your hobby away. Maybe if you recognised that, you could finally let it go, rather than starting fights over the internet, like the kid in you wants to.
  8. I don't think it would at that distance, even in H3.
  9. Not this time. Things are different this time. It used to be just the hardcore Halo fans stressing that the new Halo game might blow, but now the rumble of discontent is evident everywhere in the community. That being said, can we agree on which hashtag to use when it comes to Halo 5? I like how succint #DontbuyH5 is, but IMO #BoycottHalo5 is WAY better. The word 'boycott' sends a much stronger message. As in, 'this is something we would normally throw money at you for, but not this time. You need to do better, to actually give us what we want.' They need to learn that. #BoycottHalo5
  10. They do work differently, because I'm sure most of the CE and H2 kids here can agree that the later games (up to 3) at least had the essence of Halo in them. The holy trinity of grenades, melee and guns. As a H3 kid, I can go back and play H2 and CE in the MCC and have just as much fun on those as on the game that introduced me to the series. I can also appreciate why they are even more skillful in certain ways, but either way, the core gameplay has the same concept behind it and keeps me hooked in a competitive sense for as long as I play. Halo Reach and 4 kids are the ones bitching that the old games are out of touch, because their Halo is completely different, and they will never appreciate the style of gameplay that makes the original trilogy so good. So while I don't hate them as people or look down on them, all they really are is some weird new breed of Halo fans, ones that actually go for the bland and uninspired Halo-everyothershooter hybrids that 343 are pumping out.
  11. lol further fuel to the fire of me not getting Halo 5. And I thought Halo 4 montages were excruciatingly dull...
  12. I've gone back to 360 multi team, because that is actually fun, for now. The frame rate is weird to adjust to, but apart from that it's just a much better Halo experience. Population is still better than it used to be a year ago thanks to Halo 3 being free for a time. Around 2k+ on weekdays and 4k+ on weekends.
  13. H4 Spartan Ops was the ripest piece of shit. Go over here, kill enemies, click button, oh look enemies spawned inside your colon, kill enemies, go back to start. Thank goodness the bad guys had the 'henchmen frequency' knob turned to very low so you could successfully pull off that most arbitrary 'point A to B then right back again!'
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