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  1. Incredibly sad to hear about. Also, when I first started with UMG they were planning on running Halo tourneys as well. Oh what could have been
  2. Exactly, I've been watching a lot of FGC events lately and even when I don't know the games they are entertaining. That's how it should be. Even casual viewers should want to stay and listen to the commentators.
  3. Some thoughts from this event: Positive: -Production was slick, I saw no hiccups or late starts or miscues -The gameplay was really great, I haven't watched much league matches recently but the bar for gameplay continues to go up which speaks well for Halo 5 -Analyst desk was a nice thing to have minus a couple things I'll note below -T2 was a good addition, very knowledgable on Halo 5 strats Critical: -Obviously missing round 1 of relegation was unfortunate -I was very disappointed to find there was no stream for the FFA. This would have been very entertaining, especially if a big deal was made out of the finals. Even a video recap would have been better than absolutely nothing. -Casters. To be blunt, they are boring. Their knowledge and skill at commentating is good but they really lack personalities beyond what we already know of them. This is where we are really missing the Ghandi/Maven combo. We need some humor/roasting/excitement mixed in with the quality strategic breakdowns. I was really noticing this event that it really resembled golf commentators and analysts. Maybe I'm out in left field but even the analyst desk should be entertaining. I think this group of casters are all capable of this but they just need to loosen up and not be afraid to get funny. -Severe lack of info for these events ahead of time is really hurting anyone's chance to attend them and also for companies to hire freelancers to provide more coverage for them. -Open events, open events, open events, open events. These events are great to see our favorite pros go at it but ultimately are a bit stale in comparison to large-scale open events which I think Halo is capable of now. -Format - It's just too much. Best of 5, double-elim is what it should be. Having Bo7 and double elim just drags on. I appreciate that it's not single elim but IMO I'd like to see an on-fire team be able to 3-0 a team that may have a better seed. Currently it feels like each individual game does not matter much.
  4. Bummer about Walshy not being there. FYI I tweeted Puckett and he's only staying til that Tuesday so he wouldn't be able to cast the tournaments. IMO if that $1.5-2k includes flight+hotel+meals+fee it really isn't that much. Flight alone from Cali to Tampa is probably around $700-$800. Food for thought
  5. I'm pumped to be there as the photographer/videographer thanks to @! I'll be the dude with the camera but I'd jump in some games here and there if I have time.
  6. I'll make an assumption that Challenger events are the Open events (run by any TO's that want to) that grew the scene in the first place and will allow pro teams as well as am teams If that is the case, this is an incredible landscape for competitive Halo, well done to all that were involved
  7. Contra dropped the most shocking intel on stream just now he's voting for Trump
  8. Ok, the ban hammer is much too sensitive in this game. Let me dog out for five minutes, kicked for inactivity. Leave 1 more game to join a friend, banned for 2 hours. Granted, this isn't my first ban, all from having to let my dog outside, but this is a bit ridiculous and I was playing a social playlist that has join in progress. Anyone else have this experience?
  9. Contra is nasty and looks like he taught him well. The whole Denial squad is really good. I was watching whatever streams they had going before this weekend and they all have that raw skill and proved this weekend that they can pull together on the teamwork as well. Looking forward to watching them at Worlds
  10. Check the dates my friends! Been saying it since day 1 of Huke's transition Also, this right before the tourney What an awesome tourney!
  11. I'm gonna throw a semi-wild prediction out there that Denial will advance with EG out of their pool. Seems like the young, raw talent has been meshing well recently.
  12. Some people are assuming there's a cap built in. Hope that's not the case.
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