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  1. Fair enough, if people are saying he didn't do the ranking for MCC, then who did? And why when they say "exact same ranking as Halo2", do they mean not at all like Halo2? I really hope you're right with saying "H5 is getting a similar version of SC2" even if the game is awful. I've only heard good things, but personally never played it. So, it's hard to have hope when I haven't played any rewarding matchmaking since 2011 possibly 2012.
  2. .. I looked at his timeline and he retweeted this https://twitter.com/mcstrongside/status/499243450559373312 ...so I kinda assumed that's what his role was...So still my question really hasn't been answered as to what he is praised for...Let's be clear, I'm not hating on this guy, I just don't get it. Which is why I'm asking you guys. (Not sure why the link to a tweet isn't posting, I'm dumb) https://twitter(.)com/mcstrongside/status/499243450559373312
  3. I guess I never understood why this guy gets so much praise...Taking a look at his accomplishments, it's mind-boggling to me. I've only heard goods things about SC2 ranking so nothing to be said regarding that. It's his work on consoles that, for me he doesn't live up to the hype. In Blops2, we had league play. However, the only reason it was really highly respected, was because it was the first in cod. It had plenty of problems teams of 4 matching singles Once you achieved a Master in any season, you essentially had to go thru your promos, regardless of your win rate and win a single game after that. Then you were back to master Endless amounts of "Sub-divisions" that seemed to have no rhyme or reason why you got placed in a certain one. ability to easily dashboard out of challenging matches with no penalty Masters could match irons, but it was not extremely frequent. Just to name a few, I could think of. The next project he worked on was Halo4 ranking system Ranks only visible on Halo Waypoint Could achieve a 50 in 10 games if you did well enough No skill restrictions whatsoever Every playlist had "ranks", so you could achieve a 50 playing guests. Could back out in lobby to avoid a challenging match see opponents before locks The next project was MCC. Still absolutely no skill restrictions Can quit games and level up the skill progression is not even close to as challenging as "Halo 2 ranking" Massive level drops or even resets Can search 4s and rank up playing solos see who you're playing before it locks I appreciate what the guys tried to do for these games, but I don't get what has he really done. I would rather have Reach Arena (Both Win/loss based and Performance based) over any of the aforementioned systems. With Arena you could Not see who you were playing until you were in voting screen, which dashboarding netted you a quit. (in Performance, an instant 8th place..in Win/loss a high potential loss) searching in 3s or 4s required you matching another team of 3 or 4. The higher rank you achieved, you actually matched those in either your division or a division above or below you. Your rank reset after every season, making it a challenge to achieve Onyx again. Each division had a percentile to determine where you stood within them, unlike LeaguePlay with arbitrary subdivisions. I don't need to explain myself with Halo 2 and 3 ranking. Those worked as they should've. TL:DR Why praise this guy? Anybody else with me on this?
  4. Team Name: 2014 Kids Winner: Severance Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2-0
  5. Team Name: 2014 Kids Winner: 2014 Kids Round Number: Round 2 Score 2-0 (best of 3 games)
  6. I like you, so no point in continuing to arguing this. I have my opinion, you have yours. I'm just happy 25,000 people are playing H3!
  7. The hype was before it was officially confirmed as a free title...it didn't officially get announced until like 2 weeks ago....
  8. Read my original post, I said Ola was the best player on all 360 HALO GAMES. And he was teaming with Ola for H3 and Reach when he started winning again. Ogre went like 11 events without winning a tournament during Halo3. You easily have a point if you are saying Ogre2 is the greatest Halo player across ALL halos. But, that is not what I was arguing against. If you truly think Ogre has been better than Ola after early 2008, then I don't know what to think.
  9. Sounds like a bunch of excuses for his sub-par placings in 09. How can you argue he was the best in 09 with those shitty placings he received? I'm sorry, but after Halo2 Ogre2 was never the best player. Sounds like you are seriously blindsided by the Nostalgia. Not to mention..you call ola a statwhore? Yet he was winning events and Ogre2 was getting top12s until he picked up Ola? K.
  10. People were hyping it up, because AGL payouts weren't being made to pros. Therefore pros started to play H3 because it was fun and they didn't have to practice H4 in the intention that they weren't going to compete in it anymore. Once players saw how many pros were getting on it just for fun, they bandwagoned. AGL took notice of this shift, and took advantage of it. Then because of the idea of "Omg H3 is back at a tournament" hype, people wanted to compete at AGL again despite bashing it for payouts.
  11. I have honestly never heard anybody say Ogre 2 was the best H3 player in mid09. In fact, he didn't do anything in 09 in terms of placings...It's not like Ola doesn't get on the best teams too.....
  12. People became blinded by the fact that AGL used H3. And because pros were still competing in Halo4 tournaments, so people still bandwagoned what they played....
  13. It could be many different things. But, one thing I believe it was, was the controversy behind AGL not paying out to pros. Pro players were skeptical about attending another tournament for a game none of them like, and not get paid for it. So, since they didn't have to practice Halo4, they started playing a good Halo again. This resulted in all the pro band wagoners to start playing it again. So it seems, what pro players do, have a larger effect on people than others might think. As seen on the forums, as more people were complaining about the payouts from AGL than the pros who were dealing with it. So anyways, this caused a large shift of players to Halo3, so in order for AGL to save face, they announced Halo3 will be played at AGL10. And since some pros decided to compete for Halo3, now other players want to compete in it, completely disregarding the fact that AGL hasn't paid out recently. In response, to the second part of your comment, I guess I don't know what your definition of "horrible" is. It also depends what you're playing. Snipers and SWAT are pretty well dead, but MLG, Slayer, LW, and doubles have always been easy to find matches 50 high.
  14. Well most competitive players play 50 high. If you have played any Halo3 over the course of Reach or H4, it's not ridiculous search times at all. The only thing H3 going free is going to do, is boost activity mainly in the social playlists and/or non-dlc lists.
  15. Waste of time to cast this event in my opinion. The whole FFA/2v2/H3 4v4/ H4 4v4 could all be played on Friday night. With like MAX 4 teams per game, this will be a killer tournament! Does Brad really have this much "starpower" to randomly spark this "halo3 is back man" mentality? The game has not been unavailable at all for 6 years, and now it is a big deal? I know, having it go Free on dashboard didn't spark this trend. And it also couldn't have been people waiting for H4GC to end, because only like 100 people total competed in it... So, is this like a forum-bandwagon thing that's occurring? #LongLiveHalo3UntilGhosts.
  16. I'm Nick and at one point I was a Beli343ber.
  17. Optic not making it to Sunday...lol what a fucking embarassment. #Gfinity2
  18. Don't worry, you guys. The pros will get paid, it's just a delay. AGL is experiencing what is known as a "shutdown."
  19. lol Halo4 is part of the "holiday bundle xbox 360" this year. Essentially, a free trash game thrown in to sell the already dead console. Hopefully 343 has the "resources", "team", and "bandwidth" to undertake the next project, rather than dumping some dogshit on our step and leaving it. Even Rockstar, has already grossed $1Billion on their game and has had like 3 patches and now issuing $500,000 in-game to all players. As an apology for player issues. Get your shit together Halo "developers."
  20. This scares me. It seems as if they realized their game is a lost cause, now they're going to destroy the last great thing Bungie produced. Knowing 343i, the ranked category will be removed, and we will have a giant list of social playlists, xp removed, and Avalanche in team doubles because it's a "Small to medium sized map." >_<
  21. damn...putting ricochet, Vertigo and Pitfall into v5? Ghost really wants this job, promoting the champions bundle like this. I have seen very few positive reactions from the pro's on twitter about his final v5 settings so I know it's not popular. And since, these pros are really the only people who are going to be playing these settings, they should get their opinions heard. Sad, Ghost is going to alienate the few players/teams who still compete to appease his royals in Seattle.....
  22. Hit Up Lord Zedd...In his toybox...that's where it is!
  23. Only problem is..the people who don't have it..and receive it once it becomes free won't have the DLC. You can only play Team Slayer and LoneWolves without any DLC. Not sure which social playlists require besides the obvious "team mythic." Anyways, it's not like you can't get games in it everyday though. I have found it was easier getting games in it than searching Throwdown the last time I played H4.
  24. Nah, I prefer a more classic style of date format...
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