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  1. Hosting for me is terrible now.. Its a huge differenece for me now.
  2. If anyone wants to run some 2 vs 2 halo ce let me know I have 2 at my house now gamertag= xidreaminhdx
  3. Anyone running custom CE tonight? gamer tag = xidreaminhdx
  4. Just played a few games of CE with the latest patch and it felt really good. The hit registration feels much better and its not a give me 3 shot.
  5. Not trying to argue with you but "no because most people have employee provide healthcare" is far from true
  6. Its completely legal...that was one of the main points of the affordable care act, not rejecting because of pre exhisting conditions.
  7. If this is true he just needs to sign up for the affordable care act, I believe its still open enrollment currently.
  8. Does anyone know when the correct time is to start a timer for halo ce on mcc? This would be for match making not custom games.
  9. I launched a custom halo ce and can barely hear the hit sound with the plasma rifle, not at all for the pistol.
  10. I dont hear the hit sounds in halo ce. Are you sure the update brought them back?
  11. I played a bunch of halo ce matchmaking tonight and the pistol was almost impossible to use. It seemed like nothing registered or they would light up a bunch but take no damage. Very frustrating...
  12. I still hold hope that its going to be fixed but its going to take a while probably at least another month.
  13. Hit detection on CE feels even worse right now. And the hit sounds actually helped guide shots and now thats gone.
  14. I am not sure if this is in the original CE but on MCC when you have camo and go through a teleporter you are visible. Run split screen on dammy and watch the portal when someone with brand new camo walks through.
  15. So this weekend we lanned at my house and at one point we had 8 xbox one's ( one person per box). I wish I could say the lan went smooth but there where a lot of issues. We probably could have played double the games we did play if it where not for all the problems. After each game we basically had to recreate a custom room for one reason or another. Multiple people would get kicked after each game or we had to restart the room so it would work properly. So many times while in the custom room people could not change colors and that really sucked. Also numerous time people had a hard time getting into the custom lobby but if persistent enough we could get it to work. We had fun regardless but it was pretty tedious to get each game started.
  16. I am not trying to be negative but I agree with this 100 percent. I have some extra xbones for lans but I never thought I would have to get additional XBL accounts.
  17. I still dont think its possible to LAN without everyone having a an xbox live gold account per xbox.
  18. Anyone playing CE customs right now? gamertag xidreaminhdx
  19. It looks like you need internet to lan MCC. There is no lan or system link option!!!
  20. The xbox one has a gigabit Ethernet port. The switch you recommended is not gigabit its only 10/100. I would suggest a gigabit switch 10/100/1000
  21. Did you have any luck with it and if so how did you do it?
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