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  1. Any reason why I keep getting automatically backed out after trying to search every 5 seconds?
  2. So the last couple of days have been the first time I've really played more than a couple games since about August. It seems like the H2C shot registration has gotten significantly worse...is this legit or just in my head? Or maybe I just don't remember how bad it was before lol?
  3. Yeah but I'm saying are there many H2 players who play and vote H2 or does H3 still win by majority if you don't have a team of 4 H2 kids?
  4. Is this game worth playing now since the update or is hardcore still all H3?
  5. I've stopped playing now but after they added H3 I got to play only about 4-5 good games of H2 in the playlist.
  6. I would really just like to be able to play H2C hardcore again
  7. Granted I only play H2 also so I'm really not really getting the "over 100 map" variety I still expect more options....but if middy was touch return/flag at home to score wellllll
  8. I know they say they change the weighting but it honestly does seem like the same maps/gametype variations over and over. In team doubles I would constantly get turf or a shitty midship objective game (KoTH or flag with no touch return or flag at home to score). Never have I gotten lockout BRs in 2v2.
  9. It's not just the shottys on sanc. It's the flag indicators and suicide/betrayal penalty that should be off as well.
  10. So it gets pointed out that H3 hardcore is using the wrong Construct TS variant and it is fixed in like a week..yet multiple people have been tweeting Bravo, posting on forums, etc. that the H2C hardcore gametypes are incorrect for months and nothing.
  11. H3 in hardcore has officially killed this game for me. Peace everyone and good luck with your frustrating nights on MCC goals of 2015.
  12. Can anyone explain this death to me? I know on video it may seem like just a case of major lag but I wasn't experiencing lag throughout the entire game. I thought maybe it was a grenade that damaged me through the wall, but there is no sign of an explosion, no bullets coming at me or anything I just fell over dead lmao. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/WeeWonder/video/7078028
  13. Can't even play the game/gametypes I want to anymore without a team of 4 to force the vote. Even then most the time kids who wanted H3 just back out and I don't blame them. Population is a poor excuse to force these two games together when the players of each clearly don't want to (and often are straight up unwilling to) play the other.
  14. I've noticed the one grenade killing you in h2c lately. I used to think when I heard someone say "one nade just killed me" they were just complaining lol but it has been happening to me lately. Maybe it's actually that I think my shields are full but they are slightly depleted but I dunno. And I know it's not from the objective nade glitch. I'm talking about frags too cause I know one plasma actually can kill you.
  15. I always melee after I reload incase I see someone and have to BXR really fast to start shooting again. It sometimes ends up hitting a teammate. Also I do intentionally melee a teammate if I'm trying to run away and they refuse to get out of the way lol.
  16. Anyone else's roster not been working for the last couple of days?
  17. Things still in h2c: - Melees from above still rarely connect (for me at least) - betrayals are still messed up (if a teammate takes enemy damage and you finish him with a grenade, etc. it should count as a kill for the enemy player but instead counts as a betrayal - same with suicides I'm pretty sure.) - sometimes when running the flag by dropping and picking it back up you lose your weapon and aren't able to pick the flag back up. - trading kills - hardcore gametypes (I and many others have tweeted Bravo and he told me it requires a longer timeline? I could change the settings in 10 seconds.....) - in game emblems. This one I kind of understand because many of the emblems in MCC weren't in the original H2 but seems like it shouldn't be that hard to fix. - service tags in death screen as you guys mentioned. Someone told me mcc showed gamertags up until about the 3rd update but i can't remember. Not sure why they'd change it. - sword blows -radar is broke - also does anyone know why in MM it doesn't show your connection bar beside the names when holding the back button like it does in customs?
  18. Not a preview member and I only remember playing 1-3. Idk but I'll take it haha.
  19. I didn't register for the beta but I got two messages from xbox live with codes. How did this happen?
  20. Hey guys, I've never posted in this part of the forums but I had a quick question about my connection. Playing Halo MCC I seem to get disconnected from live and lag out in the middle of games quite a bit especially in the last few days. What is weird is that after I get disconnected and go to the home screen it says "connect to xbox live" and soon after it reconnects automatically. Even when I disconnect I have no issues with the internet on my laptop. I use a wired connection for my xbox one. Any ideas on what this could be?
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