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  1. Hey guys, I'm helping to organize an event in Toronto on October 5th. It'll be a 24 hour overnight LAN at LAN Lords (www.lanlordsgc.com). Played on modded original Xboxes with NHE and on CRT TVs. Prize pool will be minimum $200. Stream link to be posted later. See below tweet for more details: Confirmed Attendees: @FURIEN Ozyorsk @VinnyMendoza @Silos @Hurley @stunt_man Jeffenatrix CaNi Haerga Qofthedead Chaosyn Fablae And several other locals I'm also talking with some other OGs from Michigan and Toronto to come out and will add them to the list when they confirm.
  2. It's been called a Zyos jump for decades. That's actually crazy that you arrived at the same name on your own, lol. Thanks for casting man, the tournament was great! So glad I got to compete finally. And the bracket is wrong, we actually were up 2-0 on Zyos/Proxa and they reverse swept us. They felt like an unstoppable machine in the latter part of the series, Zyos just turned it up to 11. Was surreal competing against him.
  3. Palpatine and Kenobi are still revered by fans. Also millions of people like the memes that have come out of the prequels lol.
  4. Yeah I realize that, I'm just trying to give you context. I just think it's dumb that while talking about Halo or a figure at 343 that we can't even reference a politician without people getting offended and derailing the thread or whatever. Oh well.
  5. Who is Jessica Shea and why is this funny? EDIT: I see she was a community manager, this is what I get for not caring about Reach multiplayer or Halo 4 to the point that I completely abandoned this community until MCC was announced, lol.
  6. Honestly I don't consider it all that political. Since you don't know the context: She is an admitted liar. She admitted to lying purely to deceive. Not out of ignorance or something. We have the proof. It's like saying negative opinions of Richard Nixon are "political". Both sides can see how Sarah Sanders is an idiot. It shouldn't be controversial.
  7. Having feedback specific to controller vibration is a terrible idea just for the very fact that millions of people will be playing on PC going forward with this franchise. And the vast majority of games, especially competitive games, are on PC. So developing specific game design around vibration is a completely pointless idea. And vibration is horrible even if we're assuming controllers only because it throws your aim off, and you can't guarantee that when a controller rumbles you won't be trying to aim at something in that specific moment. And it almost definitely makes a difference. I noticed an immediate jump in my aiming skill when I turned off vibration after using it for like a decade. So it's not just like I tried vibration once and hated it because I wasn't used to it. I noticed it threw my aim off slightly when I was trying to finely control a stick that was buzzing, which makes intuitive sense. I think some people might be able to control it well enough that the tradeoff is worth it for the feedback you get when being shot or whatever. But that could also be because of inadequate visual and sound feedback in a game, not that vibration has some guaranteed usefulness for certain people that visual feedback would be superior at conveying.
  8. I agree that power items just add more flavour. I'm on your side with that one. Your second paragraph didn't really convince me of anything. It was kinda like a "just because" argument. I still don't see how the weapon requiring more skill would be a bad thing. Perhaps it could still be really powerful if that's what people like about it, but require more skill in its usage. Imo it would just make it even more awesome when a pro is slaughtering people with it in a way I could never do. That's the appeal of the sniper for instance.
  9. Your point makes sense for slayer, but what Kelly usually argues is that slayer sucks and objectives solve the problem. Which I think is a fair point. I agree that there's still skill to rockets and maximizing efficiency, but the ceiling is low compared to maximizing sniper shots. And later Halo games prove the sniper is still a highly contested and valuable weapon.
  10. You can't make a game completely predictable though. There's a fine line. A perfectly predictable game would be like octagon. No one is arguing that it's not really skillful, but it's also not as replayable or interesting. Like I said I see where you're coming from and I think it comes down to preference in how much unpredictability you desire. I think a little more unpredictability that is temporary and was earned and promotes more map movement is acceptable.
  11. Perhaps just a smaller splash damage radius then. If you're almost touching the other guy yeah you should definitely still die.
  12. No one? Shit happens all the time and would happen more frequently if people actually went for it (what I imagine is people would aim for the legs, so it would still do damage if it wasn't a direct hit). And people get non lethal rocket hits in CE fairly often as well and switch even to the AR to clean up because they don't want to waste another rocket. And sure, I guess you could just swap it for a railgun. As long as aim assist is low.
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