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  1. ... Because I play the game? If I see a guy and shoot him it counts even if he goes around a wall on his screen. And I die around walls and through portals every match.
  2. Okay, but he's complaining about where he has to put the reticle. That doesn't really change no matter what projectile speed is used. You still have to lead, you can't just point and click. As I explained above, CE velocities are not much different from many other games, and the network model is also the same. He probably would bitch that he has to lead with the edge of the sniper reticle in fortnite. Smh
  3. MCC CE favours shooter. I have no idea how Halo 3 works though.
  4. Uhhh JFC... Halo 3, the most popular Halo of all time, is projectile. Apex Legends and COD MW 2019 is mostly projectile from what I've read. Battlefield series. Fortnite has projectile snipers. I think PUBG as well? Far Cry. If you want to avoid games that aren't hitscan, that's fine. I would play either, but I prefer projectile and it's definitely a thing in many popular shooters. I'm just laughing imagining a real life soldier complaining that they can't just point their gun at center mass of a moving target at long range and hit the shots. It's a ridiculous complaint to me. It's not that difficult to adjust to projectile. It's intuitive if you have any understanding of physics.
  5. There's a bullet spark behind the guy if you miss. If they're far away and moving in one direction, put the edge of the reticle on them. They will run into the bullet and magnetism will assist too. If they're closer then you can put the center of the reticle on them. Or if you're trying to predict where they're about to strafe then line up the edge of the reticle and fire. Sometimes I just put the edge on them and fire at the same spot if I expect they'll eventually strafe into that spot too. I do this a lot on hang em high during base to base fights when they're trying to go back to cover.
  6. I don't downvote you because I "disagree". There's plenty of posts here I disagree with but respect because there's thought to them. I downvote you for posting poorly conceived ideas, then wanking yourself off with pseudo-intellectual posts like this decrying our perspective on what Halo should be from a competitive standpoint.
  7. Do people like them? I certainly don't.
  8. Yes I read and understood what you said, but you give this air as if we've been talking about anything except the impact of settings to the competitive landscape of Infinite in the last 50 pages of this thread. "Elucidate" lmao gtfoutta here
  9. I'm strawmanning? You brought up radar and said well let's not just throw out the idea, and that slower gameplay can be better. You also built up a strawman that we want a game that revolves around mindless chasing of powerups. Have you actually watched high level h1 and h2 matches? There's a ton of baiting people into 2v1 situations and trying to take advantage of the spawn system. A lot of matches boil down to who can best predict spawn locations which requires team coordination, not just running around the map. And in H2 certain maps are completely dependent on team set ups with overlapping fields of fire. I'm actually not totally opposed to slow gameplay but I think it can arise naturally. The ending of many h1 and 2 matches have slowed to stalemates that have lasted for minutes, without radar enabled, with mechanics that generally encourage fast movement. This slowing happens at appropriate times at the end of really close matches where tension is high for players and viewers alike where the next set of kills will determine the outcome, so not making a mistake is paramount. What we're opposed to is players dicking around for an entire 15 minute match length when there is no tension built up yet. Also this forum is very competitive focused, I have no idea why you think it's not.
  10. Lemon already kinda stole the thunder but yeah to add to what he said... Storing power weapons for future cycles is a problem that should be addressed, but I understand why it isn't. At this point players will think it's pretty weird and unintuitive if we change how ammo works. Ideally rockets should perhaps disappear at the rate of one every 30 seconds. This incentivizes players to use them before the next cycle. Picking up and storing OS and Camo isn't "synergy" when you can just fucking walk over it and instantly activate it, and we've been doing that for 14 years up to Halo 5. How isn't that the simplest, most intuitive way to use it? This is an eSports forum for a game with a long history of how it should be played at eSports events. Coming in here and saying we should slow the game down when MLG Halo has always been about speeding up movement and 90+% of the community wants Halo to be a faster paced game that incentivizes movement is pretty ridiculous. It's also ridiculous to claim it's more cerebral to sit in a corner with an AR staring at radar waiting for the opponent to make mistakes, rather than being forced to make quick strategic decisions.
  11. How do you know this won't be the case?
  12. So then it's probably so slowly degrading that you can still abuse it for the next round of powerups... Unless the timers are really long, which is equally terrible news. Like even in CE IIRC the OS will only degrade a little over half by the next minute. So if it's degraded only by a quarter in your pocket by the next minute, then it's still too powerful imo. And if it degrades faster then it's like, why not just activate it right away then? Just seems like a needlessly complicated choice that is really pretty shallow and offers little strategically that is interesting, if it does degrade in your pocket.
  13. No one else suggested it because it's an obvious idea on the surface, but when you think about it it's actually a nonsensical idea. Why wouldn't you just activate the powerup immediately if it's going to degrade in your pocket anyway? What would be the point of being able to pocket it?
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