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  1. This is really mind boggling if true It should be obvious to have everything offline, each station on its own switch. And monitors can be captured with no internet required for the streams. Logistically it might be harder and more time consuming but a professional event with professional players with tens of thousands of dollars on the line should NEVER have a worse setup than the one in my goddamn basement. I could not feel pride in inviting high calibre players to that sort of thing.
  2. I'm really confused about this whole LAN thing, did they really not disconnect the internet and did they not just have one dedicated switch for each station? This is amateur stuff if so. A switch is dirt cheap. LAN works pretty well on MCC H3 AFAIK. Halo 1 still feels off obviously.
  3. Why are people saying "LAN"? Did UGC not enable LAN mode on MCC? You're still online on your Xbox in that mode FYI
  4. No actually, what's the whole story with that?
  5. You're saying WTF about other people, right? Not me? Lol. I thought the overlay was great. Mantrain in there bitching about the "gameplay being cutoff" when it's just a smaller part of the overall screen... no gameplay is being lost at all. Looked pretty damn great on my 65 inch TV, he needs a bigger screen.
  6. Today's CE stream was literally the best stream quality we've ever had for a CE event. Props to Skillshot, @Hard Way, Walshy, Gandhi and others for the great job.
  7. CE spawns in 4s are fine if you're just pubstomping. Competitive matches aren't horrible either, just worse than h2. The right gametype and settings go a long way. Shit man these are the games that launched MLG.
  8. Because the original trilogy campaigns are excellent and the marketing behind them was huge. Without the CE campaign I wouldn't have given a shit about Halo to begin with.
  9. So have they confirmed how many people have paid for passes to the CE tournament yet? I know you can register up to the last day but still.
  10. Mister Chief was just that brilliant man
  11. Totally agree. More just responding to Boyo type morons who refuse to give an inch on their negativity of 343 and the next Halo game. But I assume he's trolling anyway.
  12. Like I said, he was responding to Favyn who worships Halo 3, tweets at 343 employees often and basically wants the next Halo to be almost exactly like Halo 3. I think it's in bad taste given how the community will view it (like you have). But it doesn't concern me personally knowing the context behind it.
  13. Nick placed 3rd at the last world's FFA I think. Right now he's grinding CE, pretty sure he'll be at UGC. Asking people to play XLAN every day in h1 hub on discord. I played with him the other night and he carried me every game basically and we won every game 50-30 offhost (although his ping was only 15). Dude can be a sarcastic asshole sometimes and I like to get into shit talking with him but there's no denying his skill. He backs it up.
  14. He was replying to @Favynwho asked to chat after Tom said his role changed. Tom said "Let me guess, remove sprint and ADS and make it exactly like halo 2/3?" which tbf Favyn basically says in his videos over and over lol (still love him for it) so it sounded tongue in cheek to me. I imagine Favyn tweets or messages at 343 employees constantly and Tom is basically saying he knows exactly what Favyn is going to ask already. He later replied and said "Agreed. There's things I dont like where we've gone. Some things are out of my house but I have influence so we will see." What I think this meant at least at the time was they were still discussing direction. Again, that's where the cautious optimism should come in. At least classic design is on the table.
  15. Yeah I think it was me, but uhhh really not enough pistol duels in CE? Lol. I argued there weren't as many as people think but there's definitely a pretty high percentage of pistol duels or at least precision vs precision (pistol and a sniper that acts more as a more skillful and powerful utility). I think high level CE has a perfect balance of the sandbox. A lot of these other weapons only work if you are making a risk/reward decision and banking on the other guy missing more often than not. I've sprayed a guy at close range with an AR many times and gotten embarrassed when they turn and 3sked me. And when it works it's not usually because the pistol is less powerful, it's because the other guy wasn't good enough with it. Keep in mind NHE makes pistol/sniper usage much harder too... if it was all onhost you'd see it work more often and thus you'd see more duels. And the AR tanks framerate which also makes pistoling harder. These two factors are definitely part of the reason why MCC is "easier" (although it's still mostly the lag compensation).

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