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  1. I agree that power items just add more flavour. I'm on your side with that one. Your second paragraph didn't really convince me of anything. It was kinda like a "just because" argument. I still don't see how the weapon requiring more skill would be a bad thing. Perhaps it could still be really powerful if that's what people like about it, but require more skill in its usage. Imo it would just make it even more awesome when a pro is slaughtering people with it in a way I could never do. That's the appeal of the sniper for instance.
  2. Your point makes sense for slayer, but what Kelly usually argues is that slayer sucks and objectives solve the problem. Which I think is a fair point. I agree that there's still skill to rockets and maximizing efficiency, but the ceiling is low compared to maximizing sniper shots. And later Halo games prove the sniper is still a highly contested and valuable weapon.
  3. You can't make a game completely predictable though. There's a fine line. A perfectly predictable game would be like octagon. No one is arguing that it's not really skillful, but it's also not as replayable or interesting. Like I said I see where you're coming from and I think it comes down to preference in how much unpredictability you desire. I think a little more unpredictability that is temporary and was earned and promotes more map movement is acceptable.
  4. Perhaps just a smaller splash damage radius then. If you're almost touching the other guy yeah you should definitely still die.
  5. No one? Shit happens all the time and would happen more frequently if people actually went for it (what I imagine is people would aim for the legs, so it would still do damage if it wasn't a direct hit). And people get non lethal rocket hits in CE fairly often as well and switch even to the AR to clean up because they don't want to waste another rocket. And sure, I guess you could just swap it for a railgun. As long as aim assist is low.
  6. You can play different angles or play more aggressively or defensively if you have certain power items. That's the differences in gameplay I mean. For example I can take way different flanking routes when I have camo even if someone is looking at that sightline. The opposing team temporarily has to account for way more possibilities which leads to less predictable outcomes and more exciting opportunities to break up the usual gameplay. And it is still skillful because people know where and when this item is coming up and have to contest it unlike random items in Smash bros.
  7. This is flawed reasoning imo. Because for example, you could argue the sniper in Halo 2 takes skill and thus adds to the skill ceiling of that game, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who says making it an even more skillful weapon ala Halo 1 or 3 is a bad idea. And saying it's too hard to break setups without rockets in Damnation is not a condemnation of my idea, but of Damnation as a map. Again you would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't think Damnation could be better designed to be less stalematey and weighted towards green room. Besides this, you're just flat out wrong imo. The best players can break green setups without the rockets. They can use grenades as artillery for example or bait camo and snipe people going for it. A weaker rocket would still be viable as well.
  8. Sorry for the mobile triple post but goddamn I had to respond to this ignorance. Google "CRT vs LCD display lag" before talking out of your ass.
  9. Why would we remove spread if it weren't true? Try to crossmap a guy in hang em repeatedly. There's significant spread at long range. Larry is right that pacing the shot doesn't do anything though. So it's not the same bloom as Reach.
  10. Halo without meaningful power items is just fucking boring to me. It adds flavour to a game that would play similarly 99% of the time. It's like getting a power play in hockey. You'll see the game change up with resulting shifts in momentum. I get why people would prefer pistols only Halo, it's arguably more "skillful" but to me it's just boring. Ideally the power items would have an element of skill to using them. Camo is interesting because you can utilize it in so many ways and you need to have patience and discipline. Overshield is just a one free death powerup basically. There's not much to it. I do agree the rockets in CE are OP. I think a sniper is a better power weapon because it requires skill. It's not just a couple free kills. You can kill the rocket guy if you're quick but let's be honest they usually have to mess up. This potential to mess up or get outplayed while using rockets does add to the momentum shifts I talked about above but it just seems a little too easy. Perhaps a faster, wider rocket projectile with less splash damage (so an emphasis on body shots, and requiring two rockets to kill via splash damage) would be more interesting.
  11. CE has bloom even tapping the trigger... That's what he's talking about (I think). NHE removed it last year. @S0UL FLAME I see your point but most CE players voted to remove spread in NHE. They recognized it was broken and changed it.
  12. People complained about region lock and this is the result. We just have to complain even more loudly in favour of it.
  13. Are you able to lock and unlock threads? Probably the best idea would have been to lock the whole thread for a couple days to cool everyone off. No bias in that decision.

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