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  1. Which just so happens to be in the same franchise... Anyway, here's hoping we get anything to begin with.
  2. Fullscreen. I think cyrix made a widescreen mod too though? Or is working on it?
  3. Other MS games are on steam like Ori. I wouldn't rule it out.
  4. I'm hoping it'll be bigger than custom browser release date if they're teasing it this early. Like Chief said that was kind of already announced.
  5. Yeah I fucking hate halo 3 FOV. I can't believe people actually prefer lower FOV. In CE we've hacked the game so we can play online in a higher FOV on single screen. It's a significant advantage imo.
  6. You guys see 343 is announcing something big in March about MCC?
  7. Most people here complain about hit reg period... not hit reg offhost. The fact that you play across the world on a subpar connection is why it isn't as bad for you. If you have a good connection, clients from Europe will shit on you. As for OG system link, I mean just hook up your OG Xbox man. Sure I'd love a modern option but most everyone in the CE community has an OG Xbox. And we'd keep playing on OG Xbox actually because vanilla Halo 1 with spawn sounds and spread is worse than having a high resolution, although a better framerate would debatably be more preferable... Anyway, hopefully www.xqemu.com takes care of this problem soon, they've made tremendous progress on Xbox emulation and we can run NHE on it.
  8. I'm not saying you're bad. It was a tongue in cheek comment because you're saying it's inconsistent guesswork but Clay is saying it's really easy. Doesn't really jive to me. When I say it's calculable, I'm addressing you saying it's inconsistent. I'm not saying players are literally robots calculating it to an exact lead in real time. It's just a skill that you can mentally develop to approximate lead. And how is hitscan not "just aiming"? I thought that's what your entire argument was, that hitscan is black and white with no other factors.
  9. Both are almost equally bad but I guess I'd lean for A.
  10. 44 FOV in h2? Only on widescreen. Fullscreen FOV is higher in split than in single. Widescreen single screen FOV is higher but were we using widescreen back then in competitive? As for sound can't you plug the headset into your controller, at least nowadays? I agree low FOV can be easier to aim but generally most people agree a 90-110 FOV is optimal for any competitive shooter. Anyway, so if input lag were reduced, FOV was high, and you could hear your own sounds via headset through controller, split screen would be preferable again?
  11. Raw aiming the sniper in CE is harder than other Halo games, period. Every other Halo besides 3 has higher bullet magnetism, and they all have weaker utilities, and they're hitscan. You're right that every Halo you can rush with the utility and get kills but it's nowhere near the level of CE where you don't even have to rush actually. Compare the H3 tournament footage to CE footage, where H3 players would just prey on BR users who could do almost nothing even at fairly close ranges. The same phenomenon happens just to a lesser extent in other Halos. Compared to CE where the utility can take down a sniper from any range in 0.6 seconds. You can't peak out over and over knowing one shot from the utility does hardly any damage so you're basically safe. I bring up your lack of practice with leading on LAN because you continue to insist that leading is more guesswork and not a skill that can be trained through thousands of hours of practice and experience. Leading is not "inconsistent", not sure why you're claiming that. The lead is calculable. Judging that lead in an instant is absolutely a skill that doesn't really have a soft ceiling of diminishing returns as you suggest. Not to mention hitscan only has one component to its skill, just aiming. Leading requires aiming skill and predictive and distance judgment skill. That's why it's more skillful. I agree that strafing skill is overrated, that's exactly why I said most top players can generally still lead a strafe and shoot accurately through muscle memory because it's not as wildly unpredictable as you claim. It just takes thousands of hours of practice.
  12. Unless I'm mistaken you've never played on LAN in CE against a top player who can really shoot the pistol. The challenge in CE sniping comes more from the punishment from the opponent than the raw aiming (which is still hard imo, certainly harder than any other Halo with the possible exception of 3). And leading a strafe with projectile is not inconsistent. You think it is because you haven't put in the practice. When you play against and watch how a top player physically aims and paces their shots to match a strafe, it's apparent that most people have tendencies with their strafes that top players have learned to predict with muscle memory. I do agree with you about hitmarkers. Given how random the H3 BR is especially it'd be nice to know how many shots are actually hitting.
  13. In Halo: CE especially in 2v2, it's considered unacceptable to play without splitscreen. Always has been. Even if the FOV wasn't superior, seeing action on your teammate's screen is seen as a crucial component to the game, and some top players live off of this skill. They can literally respond to something happening on their teammate's screen while in the middle of a firefight. What changed with Halo 2 and beyond? Why did everyone switch to their own monitor? I can understand maybe with 4v4 there's just too many screens to look at so it might be better to go off of communication rather than looking. But what about 2v2 in later Halo? I did notice in the Halo 3 2v2, Roy and Flamesword were looking at each other's screens and inched them closer together and the commentators even noted it multiple times as an old school tactic. Why didn't they just do splitscreen?

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