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  1. No competition? COD4 launched 2 months later.
  2. HOPEFULLY official custom map support is coming to HCE and then the floodgates will open. I'm personally sick of playing Creek and people escaping beside the bush beside camo. We need the og maps first and foremost.
  3. I'm in the camp of "stop abusing your controllers" too. At least for stock controllers. I own four of them and they all work perfectly. Same for other consoles.
  4. I'm kinda glad about the release date tbh, Microsoft always offers game pass for three months for a dollar after Christmas. Just wait for that if you want to play the content outside of multiplayer.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn delayed to February. Good. Just more proof that Sony gives a shit about quality and first impressions instead of rushing for a holiday release. Wish Halo would take that approach...
  6. Didn't EGS have terrible security and privacy issues at one point? I remember that being a reason why I avoided it, even with the free games.
  7. As someone who has suffered through it... Sometimes it has massive issues. Like modding any game on game pass is a chore that is not worth it. Also since they lock down the folders where games are downloaded to, it's a massive PITA to manually delete shit if something goes wrong with the app. GOW5 refused to be deleted off my SSD so I basically said goodbye to 120gb of space for weeks till it magically freed up one day. A lot of the games on it are horribly buggy for some reason too. Some run flawlessly, which is a blessing when it happens.
  8. I find it amusing how people get so up in arms about the "you will own nothing and be happy" thing. It was just a prediction based on the current trend of the sharing economy. It wasn't some overlord decreeing it. Tbh if streaming games to my screen were as low lag as current native pc tech, I would probably happily use that vs owning my own high powered pc, depending on the cost. Obviously right now, shit like Stadia is a joke. But it won't always be the case.
  9. I'm talking solely from a business perspective. Their QA is much better, games release on time, feature complete and their games drive console purchases. The proof is in the console sales numbers. Charging customers for upgrades? AFAIK they only did that with The Last of Us and Uncharted and that was 7 years ago, but those remasters were so good I had no issue paying $30 compared to the shitshow ports on the Xbox side like MCC. And PS5 is totally backwards compatible. Game Pass is a loss leader right now. They have too many promos all the time and there's no way they are making money on it given all of the development cost that's gone into the games they have released on the service. It's like Netflix in the early days. Not very profitable for years, but they're hoping eventually when the library is built up that people will be lifelong subscribers and also buying MTX and DLC. I hope it pays off for them because Game Pass is a good deal for some people and also helps indie devs get their games played.
  10. Microsoft is just as at fault, I dunno who they are going to hold accountable other than themselves. They installed the leadership there. There were seemingly no consequences for MCC, probably because they were the ones who pushed 343 to release it in the state it was in. The only franchises they have that launched in a state people are happy with is Forza and Gears. And surprise surprise those are the franchises that have mostly stuck to their roots and kept it simple. Why they keep pushing risky propositions and insisting on releasing stuff in the buggiest unfinished state imaginable with their most valuable IP, I have no clue. Meanwhile Sony is running circles around Microsoft. Almost no buggy games so their QA control support on a publisher level must be outstanding (or they are just better about setting deadlines or delaying when needed), and calculated risks with narratives and gameplay. And usually free updates to their games with performance modes, photo modes, optimizations etc. They don't treat their customers like a dairy farm. Some people are making excuses for Microsoft saying this is just the way it is now. Well it's not over at Sony and that's why they sell way more consoles.
  11. @heytred if you see this, your twitter thread made sense and of course things are more complicated now, but I'm more annoyed at the fact that they have had so many years to get shit done, and also that they won't just delay the full release of the game. If they just released f2p arena multiplayer first and said the full feature set campaign is on its way, I'd be fine with that. Releasing multiplayer without forge is possibly a big mistake though. So maybe just keep calling multiplayer a beta for now... I don't know.
  12. IIRC they said way more people play campaign actually
  13. Did anyone really not see this coming? They really need to get their act together...
  14. Okay allow me to clarify. Maybe she's not generally shallow and stupid, but the statement she made is. Just as your statement cherry picking one person (who may or may not be entirely made up) as representative of the feelings of all women on a character is also shallow and stupid.
  15. So they are judging the character by her looks rather than identifying or empathizing with her personality and actions? You know, the substance of the story? Imagine if all someone said about Ripley is "She's pretty ugly". I stand by my statement. She sounds shallow and stupid. I'd like to see the clip in question though, because honestly it sounds made up.
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