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  1. Since I'm a H1 guy, real ranks: OG1 OG2 PATCH LEGEND HARRIS Killer N Walshy Zyos Strangepurple Gintron Honorable mention: Nistic GOATS are in caps. And I realize half of these names can't hang nowadays. Patch and Legend are 1,2 currently no doubt.
  2. Most agree H1 & H2 took the most individual skill so my ranks are weighted towards that. OG2 OG1 (goat h1 player back in the day, which most people forget) Pistola Snipedown Roy Walshy Strongside Naded T2 (longevity) Karma Roy and SD could easily be swapped.
  3. Luck is not really involved except on hang em high because it's full of random spawns. The rest of the maps have very few if any randoms. If this doesn't make sense to you, you need to study up on the spawn system
  4. Halospawns.com Learn it. And look up some vids on YouTube by missingno or search this site for teapots thread. Then they will make sense
  5. I can't even search for a game. Getting the "downloading latest matchmaking data" message all night. Tried everything I know if to get around it. Any suggestions?
  6. You playing 4s or 2s. 2s spawns are goat, but if you don't know how they work...
  7. What if you spawned with Pistol in hand instead of AR? Would this help/hurt game play?
  8. We'll have to get some games in soon. It's been a while.
  9. With the X1 controller pretty sure its possible to be pulling trigger at certain rate it almost replicates holding it down. I absolutely hate the X1 controller... would love to be able to use The Duke!!
  10. Does the plasma rifle freeze people at all right now? I was playing earlier today and it didn't seem like it.
  11. 1 day versus multiple patches over almost 7 months and it's still not right. I imagine they wouldn't even need the testers to be onsite. They could just allow a handful of players to download it and run a few series of customs and provide feedback and make adjustments. Bottom line is, what they're doing now IS NOT working. Time to change things up
  12. What's frustrating is this seems like it should be a fairly easy fix, IF 343 had any competent H1 players on staff. - adjust magnetism - test - not quite right, make minor adjustment - test - yep that feels really good - Deploy
  13. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I and many others think a lot of those shots would've been hits on OG H1.
  14. The people critisizing insidious' shots in that video can't be serious. You must not have played much OG H1 if you don't think those clips are absolutely ridiculous.
  15. I don't know man. If this shouldn't be a kill, then I don't think I want to be playing this game. http://i.imgur.com/sWpt308.gifv
  16. I still LAN OG fairly regularly and the MCC pistol from the new patch feels NOTHING like it imo. Bullets just don't seem to register in MCC... even when the target is running straight at you or standing still.
  17. The pistol is impossible for me to use. 8 shots or more to kill someone. Hope they can fix it quick. I've tweeted Bravo
  18. Why is 343 ok with letting H3 & Reach have a bunch of playlists on the 360 which "spreads the population too thin" but MCC only gets about 10 playlists to cover 5 games? Pretty sure people find games just as quickly on those games as MCC. Why don't they offer more options for MCC?
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