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  1. This is news to me. I was told Lebel had a hand in all the maps. Bottom line is that lebel and the other designer have more talent on their worst day than all of 343 combined on their best day. Dammy 4v4 TS is fine. You just have the noob stand on the random in shit spawn lol.....
  2. Not in halo CE. In the other halos yes. CE was designed for 2v2, the others were designed for 4v4 even if the creators didn't intend on this.
  3. Dammy Chillout Priz HH These are the 4 best maps. They are creations from Hardy Lebel that the current staff at 343 wish they had the skills to develop, even if the balance wasn't intentional when Hardy designed them. That man had more creativity than the current staff at 343 and Bungie combined. It's too bad we can't enjoy them properly since 343 doesn't know their asshole from a hole in the ground and refuses to fix the game making it on the xbox engine and not PC. The other problem is that you have to play 10 games of garbage by dumping on bad players before you get a decent game in 4v4. 2v2 is the obvious better game type but, it takes forever to find a game. Just make 4v4 CE a ranked playlist already.
  4. McDick laying down the facts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nLoTN1Qo5g
  5. Works? If by works you mean EUR, MEX, and COL bad kids getting a latency tolerance boost on US East or US West server requiring 8-10 head shots to kill them while they can 3 you easily across the map, then I guess it's fixed. Why should a game take me 10 minutes to finish and be unrealistic when it should be over in 5 min like it does against 4 players in the US? People can actually land their shots when all players on a given server are near it. This foreigner shot registry handicap I've been hearing so much about needs to go. Most have stopped playing CE for this reason. I hardly play anymore.
  6. Imagine a party of 4 from the US on a US server trying to hit a party 4 for from REU and them warping all over the place since MCC likes to punish those who actually live close to the server for some reason. Sounds like fun!
  7. Hitscan = registered shot as soon as you pull the trigger. Would rather have projectile as it takes more skill. No need for thrusters, sprint, ground pound, dash, jetpacks etc for people that want cod in their halo. Start with good physics and projectile weapons, and you have the start of a good FPS.
  8. I guess my line of thinking is that I’d rather spend my time getting good at something like chess instead of checkers. Newer games feel like checkers while older games like halo, quake, and counter strike feel like chess.
  9. Problem with that logic is that you’d have to many arguing that halo CE didn’t suck if that website were made. That wasn’t the case of halo2suck.com.... even pros were on there saying that it sucked but they had to play it because casuals get it stuck in their mind that newer is better. I enjoy playing SF2 and MK3 more than any of the newer shit for example, and i’ve played all of the remakes.
  10. Didn’t 343 state that the reason why they won’t make a console port of the 18 year old halo CE using the console version and not the PC version is because if they were to make it play just like halo NHE or close to LAN, that hardly anyone would play any of the other halos or future releases from them as classic CE would be their goto halo? When MCC first launched, I saw tags from people that I hadn’t seen play in over 15 years. The amount online playing CE was insane. Then after a few days of realizing it was shit compared to console 85% of those players sold the shit. From a business standpoint, 343 would lose money on future releases if they made the game correctly on MCC.
  11. I was told that Postums wasn't relaying the information to the right people, and sometimes, not even relaying what was discussed on waypoint or in the discord. I was told that that's all been resolved. I didn't mean to imply that Hard Way is the sole reason for the changes, as I understand it there's a group that have signed an NDA that know what changes need to be made and now this information is getting to the right people, however there's only so much a guy who's competent enough to make the changes can do when the management is dictating priorities.
  12. Just agree to disagree guys, this conversation is starting to get near h5 level fuckery.
  13. Imagine if that shit ever gets figured out (4v4 force spawns and randoms along with the game being fixed) You’d have coordinated nades blowing shit to or near your teammates that are coming back on respawn. The team cordination would be insane.
  14. Start spawns can definitely use a rework in 4s.
  15. Yes, until the game is fixed we can’t even begin to enjoy 4v4 competitively. Hardway has the ears of someone at 343 that can fix it, but it’s very political.
  16. But does it really need spawn reworks if a team can develop enough good communication to do coordinated randoms? Why should a team be rewarded with spawning a guy behind another team if the team getting spawn fucked didn’t earn their way out of a spawn fuck by putting in the effort to stand on the right damn spot?
  17. Yes, but that’s only because we didn’t know back then what we know now. We don’t know how 4v4 CE would really play out competitively on LAN because for the most part it’s been broken MCC fuckery that we are basing our opinions on. Problem is that at a LAN, we been playing 2s for so damn long that it’s hard for anyone to want to play 4s to even test Hardway’s theory.
  18. Dylantrey is trying to say that CE 4v4 plays bad compared to CE 2v2 and he is correct. Cursed Lemon is trying to say that relative to the other halos, what does it matter how CE 4v4 plays relative to CE 2v2 when it still shits on any and all competitive game types in the other halos. Both are correct.
  19. ^ This guy gets it. Now if only people posting in this topic who were 7 years old when halo CE game out understood such a simple concept.
  20. No one said they are better than anyone else. What was said is that halo CE has the highest skill curve of all halos and the h5 kiddies got all bent out of shape over it. Then Arftacular asked me to post my gamer tag to check my stats which I found comical that he's that concerned about the stats of someone in a game that is broken to begin with. Then the h5 detectives posted some usernames that weren't mine and commented on those stats. Stats mean so little to me that I didn't even know you could look them up on waypoint, so I posted a screen shot of my stats from the career screen within the game itself so that the lil fella would finally stop posting. I'm sure this conversation will go full circle with h5 kids complaining about how camo looks in halo CE.
  21. I’m asking if you are calling me a liar. Man up and say you believe me or not.
  22. So the stats I posted are made up? Is that story you are running with?
  23. I’m upset because they made me check the stats on one of my recent tags and it has 13 losses on it. Now I have to live knowing that I let my team down 13 times. Can you help me cope?
  24. With all that shit you are talking I’d hope so Mr < 2.0 K/D. I gotta remember my old accounts that have 50’s on them. Wasn’t there a rank reset after one of the updates? Wonder if they will still show 50. To be fair, those accounts would have been pre 4v4 social so the quality of players in the 2v2 list wasn’t as good as it is now.
  25. The one he showed isn’t one of my accounts. I already posted the stats of one of my random accounts. Ya it’s a newer account but I let my team down 13 times. That’s horrible....

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