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  1. That's essentially what he's saying. Taking out 4 players with 3 perfect shots each.
  2. As you said....343 sucks lol. No one should get their hopes up for this honestly. We all know how it's going to turn out.
  3. There should always be a starting utility weapon in halo that offers the possibility of downing 4 opponents without having to reload. Is the probability of pulling off 12 clean headshots for 4 kills low? Certainly, but it's been proven to be a formula that just works. 343 doesn't understand weapon balance. They never have. You start off with that weapon and you build around it. Ideally you only need the following: the weapon above sniper shotgun AR rocket a weapon that freezes you in place like the PR. That's a balanced sand box. You build the maps to work around the weapons, not the other way around. Hit scan is trash. Projectile is where it's at. What happens more often than not is unnecessary additions being thrown into games over time to dumb them down, resulting in an inferior product. And all to try and appease a user base than never asked for it. A flame thrower and fuel rod cannon? Literally no one asked for those. lol... sprint, clamber, and jet packs? And now a grappling hook? lol.... The idea for the community making maps in forge is a must. Let's not forget, Hardy Lebel made some of the halo maps in only one day and some of them are better than any map we have seen yet. The only explanation I've seen on how Hardy was able to pull this off and why the maps in question are so much better was: "well Hardy had 20 year old technology to work with and he was the only one working on those maps... and when you only have a day to create a map, it's going to be good because the pressure is on". lmfao....
  4. So how bad is this game now that some have played the demo? Is it grappling hook level bad?
  5. If 343 were to launch halo infinite with perfect ports of the original halo CE and halo 2 included in the game it would make up for the laughing stock that MCC is. Facts
  6. Wait.... is 343 making halo infinite? lol they couldn't lead a horse to water Game has no chance in hell at being good. At least not the multiplayer aspect of it. Does Microsoft actually think this game will cause people to want to buy an xbox series X? Lol...... 343.... lol..... h3 reskinned? lol h3 is trash. It's for people that get discouraged at constantly losing in h1 because the h1 skill curve is too much for them. But I won't get into it on here again... last time some kid almost started crying over halo 3 having such an inferior skill curve. I guess reality hit too hard. It will hit even harder when infinite flops. The only way this halo franchise can be saved is if they scrape the leadership team and hire in real consultants like Hardy Lebel and Alex Seropian and a real management team. You hire them and you pay them whatever you have to if you want a snowball's chance in hell at saving this franchise.
  7. Halo 3 is trash Halo 4 is trash Halo 5 is trash Halo Reach isn't as bad as the trash above Halo CE is the best Halo CE on MMC is trash Halo CE on LAN is the GOAT Halo 2 is the 2nd best halo Halo Infinite will be trash /thread
  8. The priz vid of being stuck in the wall and the warp to the top of blue base in BC are older clips. The game is so broke that you just half to laugh at all the nonsense that happens.
  9. Well boys, I was bored yesterday so I played some MCC last night and clipped anything that was interesting. I decided to make a quick tutorial for some of the new players over on halowaypoint. These are of no value to the veterans on this board, but I'm sure you will all agree that these are very valuable tips that will help a new player advance! Tip #1 Stop relying on a freshly charged OS thinking that you will be invincible. In fact, don’t even try to pick up an OS if you see someone near you. It’s just not worth picking up and here’s why: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SnivelingFineIndianpalmsquirrel-mobile.mp4 Tip #2 Stop wasting time walking out of blue base in battle creek when all you need to do is casually brush shoulders with a teammate walking by and instantly warp on top of the base. What a time saver! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SoreYellowBlobfish-mobile.mp4 Tip #3 Stop refusing to use the pistol simply because it takes a full clip to kill someone instead of 3 head shots like it should! Stop refusing to use the plasma rifle simply because it doesn’t hold you in place like it should. Instead, just spam both weapons while throwing nades! Problem solved! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DifferentShinyLeafhopper-mobile.mp4 Tip #4 Stop trying to shoot rockets from in the pit in dammy. You know they aren’t going to come out of the rocket launcher, so stop trying to shoot something that isn’t going to come out! Duh! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ThickBronzeAllosaurus-mobile.mp4 Tip #5 You have an AR correct? You like getting stuck inside walls randomly, right? Well put 2 and 2 together and spam your AR while you are stuck in the wall BIG SAUCE style! Don’t pack pack reload. Keep it fair! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/GrizzledHopefulAsianlion-mobile.mp4 Tip #6 So you start off the game in red on HH. Time to nade some power weapons to you right? Sounds like a good idea, huh? Well don’t nade the weapons to the same exact spot! That’s just asking for failure! If you are going for more than one weapon, you have to nade the 2nd weapon to a different spot. Why? Because if you don’t, this will happen: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/RingedTerribleHydatidtapeworm-mobile.mp4 Tip #7 When you have camo, don’t be afraid to warp to shotty room in chillout when they are camping with rockets. Pick up a sniper, and go to work. It’s simple and easy. Here’s how to get back rockets with a sniper very easily: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DeterminedBackBedlingtonterrier-mobile.mp4 Tip #8 You hear chaos all around you and you know RL is about to spawn. One of your teammates thinks he’s just going to go into the camo room from pink hall and contest camo against a double team. The rest of your team is out of position during power up respawn. You know your teammate isn’t going to contest camo effectively, and you have only seconds to save his life. What do you do? Do this: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DentalBigCollie-mobile.mp4 Tip #9 You’re on full tilt because you accidentally tapped your snipe twice and wasted a shot. You throw a sticky nade on the corpse to lure one of his teammates to the body, and then gear up for the kill but the jump snipe doesn’t connect! You switch to pistol, and finally the shots land. That’s only 2 down, and there’s still 2 alive! Stop relying on your teammates to help! This is all YOU! Your 2nd sticky nade is a miss! On even more tilt, you finish that 3rd guy off with your pistol but there’s still a problem....their last teammate is only seconds away from getting red snipe and you need to prevent that. Not your teammates, you. When all else fails, LET THAT STICKY FLY even if you’ve missed the sticky before that. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ThoughtfulPiercingDormouse-mobile.mp4 Tip #10 Your teammate is headed to pick up OS and you decided to take the long way into shotty. PROTECT YOUR TEAMMATE EVEN IF YOU KNOW HE WILL GET OS (which as pointed out in tip 1, won't do anything for him anyway!) Your skill with the sniper means everything, a charging OS means nothing. Take out the enemy and protect your teammate! Also NEVER, EVER waste a rocket shooting into main room from camo room when all you need is a single snipe shot to remove the threat: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/CarefreeYearlyGalapagossealion-mobile.mp4 Tip #11 You’re only up 49-18 in HH and the enemy is about to launch a massive comeback. You spot the enemy on back wall in HH which is a very strategic position and you decide that you need to ensure victory. Problem is, you are all the way at blue shotgun area! Not a problem. Simply blow a rocket to yourself and just shoot it across the map. You’ll connect every time and win the game! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/SkinnyAcidicDoe-mobile.mp4 Tip #12 And now for the final tip. Use your thumbs and fingers to keep making the game say the following words: “double kill, triple kill, killtacular, running riot" This is what you hear. These are all good things. Spam the buttons like I do and you’ll start racking in those multiple kills like it’s nothing. Who cares if some snipe and pistol shots don’t register as they should. You have nades don't you? You have more than one bullet don't you? Well there you go! Just keep spamming buttons! Here are some killtaculars just from mashing buttons and throwing nades while powerups magically land in my hands. Here’s how to do it:
  10. I'll make my own version of a h2 lunge melee work for me in CE. It's not a problem. Not even a charging OS will protect you from my h2 lunge melee skills. Ask anyone. My charging melee > than your charging OS all day every day.
  11. As the video above demonstrates, H2 is much more noob friendly than H1. Why? Because easy games sell more. Bungie knew that if they put the same level of skill in H2 that they did in H1, kids would get discouraged and stop playing. The game was so poorly received by many good H1 players that an actual website called halo2sucks.com was designed in response to how bad it was compared to H1. Yes, you heard that correctly... a website was made for the sole purpose of talking about how bad a game was. Can't say I've ever seen that before. Strangepurple and many others shitting on halo 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20080501102918/http://halo2sucks.com/mission.htm Kids literally winning halo 2 tournaments and selling their xbox afterwards because they were so disgusted by how inferior the game was lol... https://web.archive.org/web/20050526015713/http://halo2sucks.com/ https://web.archive.org/web/20080719163429/http://www.halo2sucks.com/ In H1, having a system that catered to noobs it wasn't as big of an issue because the game was not playable on xbox live. So with regards to liking or disliking a lunge melee it doesn't matter to me because I would obviously never put myself in a position to play such a dumbed down, inferior version of halo in the first place. I played maybe 10 games of that pos back when it came out and never picked it up again. FPS console gaming through the internet in terms of high skill curve peaked with Halo CE on Xbox Connect. For the most part, everything since then has just be a watered down version of halo CE designed to sell as many copies as possible by dumbing down the skill curve.
  12. Good effort, but no cigar. This is the message I get when trying to look up stats on that mccstats site. "Sorry for the inconvenience, please keep refreshing this page to fix the issue! Thank you!"
  13. lol maybe in 5 years the game will be just as fixed as halo MCC on xbox. In other words... still broke.
  14. I'd rather watch halo CE lan videos that playing that broken ass sorry excuse for halo CE on MCC. Has there ever been a company that refuses to let it's employees do what is right and fix a broken game that's been broke for years lol....
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