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  1. Great video. It's always nice to watch something from you Cursed. As a guy that loves Halo but has "moved on", I'm not sure what the point is anymore. The most tragic line of your video was the last line, "Halo never gets better, only different." You've been fighting the good fight for over a decade and I've watched and participated for a long time too. Some people in this community and 343i are just lost causes. Or maybe I'm just bitter person after the years of pointless setting discussions and getting screwed over by Bungie/343.
  2. I really love how Halo 5's forge perfectly complements the aesthetic design of Halo 1. This map looks like some scene from the original campaign.
  3. I agree. I haven't enjoyed slayer in Halo for a very long time. There are never enough incentives to move around the map. Objectives force more map movement and prevent boring stalemates.
  4. Very cool video. Cow is a RL friend of mine and he's working hard to post content for the community so let's support him.
  5. For some reason, I can't quote people, but I agree with My Namez is Beast. It astounds me members of the Halo competitive community want to an easy gun as the starting weapon. I couldn't ever bring myself to watch H2A because how boring it was and same with H4. Those games had small skill gaps in regards to shooting thanks to the BR. That was the dark age of Halo, so why are we trying to stay in that dark age? 343i gave us a skillful, rewarding utility weapon so lets work around the pistol, not the easy to use BR.
  6. Isn't it a bad sign when to implement the BR as the starting weapon, we need to increase the strafe speed to compensate for the BR's ease of use?
  7. I've been enjoying Halo 5 much more than I thought possible. The game has the most competitive viable maps for 4v4s on launch compared to any Halo game except CE. The pistol is a rewarding, skillful starting weapon (the perfect medal is sooo satisfying). The movements feel crisp and the Spartan abilities like ground pound or charge aren't OP like I worried pre-launch. Strongholds is actually a fun new gametype. Now I come back to these forums to find people wanting BR starts. What happened to the competitive Halo community? The H5 BR is way too easy to use and has a slower kill time than the pistol. If people are bothered by AR users, then advocate pistol only starts. All it takes is a few games of SWAT to figure out that the BR is too easy. Regular SWAT is a joke compared to SWATnums. Long before the BR was the standard bearer for competitive Halo 2/3, the pistol was known as the iconic starting weapon. Maybe I'm getting too old, but does no one remember Halo 1 anymore? Halo didn't start with Halo 2 or 3. We don't need BR starts for competitive Halo. I understand most people's first competitive Halo game was probably Halo 2 or 3. However, we can't allow some of our community members' nostalgic obsession with BR starts to become a detriment to Halo 5's competitive future. Halo 5 isn't the best Halo game, but it has some great ingredients, which will only improve over time (more gametypes, forge, and DLC maps). Let's not curb this game's competitive potential by forcing an easy gun as the starting weapon.
  8. By the end of the series FNC/Origen stream was getting over half a million views. I'm sure TSM vs CLG will draw just as many, if not more views. Shit is going to be crazy
  9. I don't know the technical details but I have played Halo for a long ass time. Starting with Halo 3 it became easier and easier to no scope.
  10. Hardest sniper? It's comparable to H1 in scope but H3 was super easy for no scoping.
  11. I rather have faster kill times than the slow kill speeds of the last 4 halo games. It's not Halo 1 fast but it's a start. This is a vast improvement over Halo 4 slow speeds.
  12. I'm all for AR/pistol starts if the pistol is a strong utility weapon. The rifles can be pick ups on the map. Having universal settings will be nice to bring casuals and competitive folk together.
  13. I would be fine too with pistol/AR starts if the pistol killed a bit faster either with a ROF increase or make it 4 shots to kill. Either way, the new gameplays looked promising and the maps looked interesting. I like all the vertical movement options I saw on most of the maps. Seeing powerups back made me smile.
  14. That's too bad. 5sk isn't ideal, especially if the pistol has a small clip. How did the pistol feel in the beta (didn't have the chance to play the beta)? Its interesting 343i is going with pistol/AR starts over rifles for competitive but at this point, anything goes.
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