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  1. I owe you guys an apology. I have to admit that I overreacted bit to the resistance I met to my suggestions, and it was wrong of me to get heated so easily and lash out at you guys. I hope you guys see it in your hearts to not hold it against me.
  2. This community... I don't even know why I bother trying. Literally went over testing this the other night with Mystic and KillMachine and they seemed in agreement that 170 health was better. Yes, the current settings are decent, but they can be improved. Frankly, I find the AR too powerful under 70 shields and 150 health. I'm also not a fan of a difference of two bullets between Opt TTK and Body Shot TTK. A larger difference in those shots further reinforces the skill gap in the settings. Explain to me why we shouldn't embrace further improving on the settings.
  3. Made the AR weaker. If you honestly think the Pistol "wrecks" the AR when they have virtually the same TTK, you are very sadly mistaken. 170 health bumps the pistol up to a 17 bullet kill, similar to previous Halo titles, which significantly increase the difference in TTK between it and the Pistol. Another benefit of 170 health is it makes the 4sk more rewarding, as body shots to kill increases from 6 shots to 8. I highly recommend changing the settings to reflect these new findings.
  4. Played some dubs a few nights ago, didn't like how powerful the AR was relative to the Pistol. Went to play around with the settings, upping the health to 170 and melee to 110. Soooooooo much better. Y'all should give those tweaks a shot.
  5. Cool, so you only get 97% of what's transferred to you! Even less depending on the fixed dollar (usually $0.20 to $0.30) per transaction fee! Another thing to consider with Venmo is that people can (and will) cancel their transfers. Transfers are batched the next business day after the transfer is SCHEDULED, which gives the individual time to cancel it and the recipient will never get a notification of the cancellation. They're just left with their dick in their hand asking "wtf, where's my money". http://time.com/money/4036511/venmo-more-check-than-cash/
  6. What makes a successful 1 v 2 scenario is the mixture of a large disparity between Opt TTK and Avg TTK, along with the player 1a (versus 2a and 2b) having a much higher accuracy. Another factor that plays into it is having an odd number STK versus and even number, as the latter favors team shotting more. However, even in CE, players 2a and 2b have to miss an aggregate of half their total shots with player 1a hitting all of his for this to play out. In short, two players have to choke while the other goes clutch.
  7. Ah, alright, that makes things a bit better. Well, considerably actually... Still not a fan of 130 Strafe Acceleration because it makes the aiming feel more slippery, but I can live with it. I thought these were strictly Kell's Old School Settings, apologies for the confusion. Still, I'm surprised that this is a staff supported movement. I thought they hated settings that aren't vanilla and any discussion on changing the settings because it divides the community.
  8. Kell is actually a friend of mine... My beef with the settings is the slow kill times which are exacerbated by amped up strafe acceleration. I've advised Kell to drop it down to 120 Strafe Acceleration at most, but as is, with 130, it's too much.
  9. I thought Team Beyond was against edgy settings because they split the community? These aren't really "classic" settings, it's more some classic elements jumbled together with some forge kiddies idea of what makes a good gametype.
  10. Still not sure what to make of it... "It's for all Arena modes". Alright. But is it for the damned Team Arena playlist or not?! It it is, well, that's just fucking ********. Forge maps should have their own playlist, and if any of them are deemed good enough after a sufficient amount of time, then MAYBE they could be moved to Team Arena.
  11. Do you really think Quinn would let forge maps in his precious Arena playlist? Really? What else would they call the thread? "4v4 Forgetacular Playist", or something equally lame? They're asking for Arena maps, but not explicitly for the Arena playlist.
  12. Pretty sure they're calling the genre "arena", not actually putting anything in the Arena playlist. It'll probably be a temporary playlist. Let's not get our panties in a twist here sweetie.
  13. I see a lot of comments calling for the nerf of automatics. Thing is, you don't even need a sandbox update from the developer to accomplish this. We can nerf autos while maintaining the overall integrity of the sandbox by making 2 small changes: setting health to 150%, and setting melee to 140%. Try a couple games with it, you might be surprised how much enjoyable it becomes. This change does the following: AR goes from a 12/14 bullet kill to 15/18 Storm Rifle takes significantly longer to kill after dropping shields. BR goes from a 6 body shot kill to 7. DMR goes from a 6 body shot kill to 7. Yet, all your usual shot/nade/beat down combos still work the way they did before.
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