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  1. GT: Crawfa Prospers MM/Customs NA Just looking to improve with a squad and play as much as possible. Currently Diamomd trying to at least hit a high Onyx rank this season. Message me you're from Beyond so I know.
  2. Couldn't have been said any better than this tbh. Bottom line.
  3. No matter the outcome this tournament should be a great experience for all Halo fans, viewers and competitors alike.
  4. Great selection of players but... #PickUpWalshy was a failure :[
  5. Great article. I enjoy reading these detailed bios. Walshy was definitely an inspiration to me growing up watching Halo. He will always and forever will be a true Halo legend.
  6. Sounds like a decent idea. I support this. Just try your best to get it out to the right people and this can actually happen. I hope you're successful if this works out my friend.
  7. Top 6 should be paid, because AGL Top 6 is classified as Pro. So if you're pro, you should be making some sort of money and as most people said, it gives Ams more of an incentive because Top 3 is almost impossible when you have teams like Ambush, Classic, Infamous, Quo , Requiem, etc.
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