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  1. Just wow, @Basu. Halo Reach has Evolved already. That GoldPro mod looks absolutely amazing. I'm a bit jealous of all the modding options lol. I guess I'll have to start using my PC again.
  2. I know that everyone is thinking of the H3 Regen when it is brought up, but I still think that the H4 Regen was perfect (armor ability aside). You could use it to anchor a position (specifically behind cover) by allowing players to near-instantly kickstart shield regeneration. However, it had a split second delay to do so after being shot, which meant that it didn't out-heal damage and therefore you could directly challenge players using it normally. This version would have absolutely nothing wrong with it as a single use pickup, IMO. And yes, a Fusion Cutter for vehicles please if they just have to have this crappy Reach health system. Side note: H3 activating equipment before the animation was even finished was stupid. The Bubble Shield was only a panic button partially because it instantly started blocking damage before it was actually deployed. THAT is most certainly dumb, making it similar to Armor Lock in that sense.
  3. Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it? I'm glad you appreciated that initial support back then. I remember those gameplay reviews you did for me fondly. It has been great playing games with you since, and after hearing back then that you were from the same state, it was awesome to finally meet you in person too, man. The LAN certainly helped cement in my mind all of the previously mentioned flaws with MCC CE. I'm still speechless at just how effective the stun is on the Plasma Rifle. That was a whole new experience lol. I was wondering the same thing until we switched up the teams so that I could fight at least one person who actually strafed. Lucky moments can still be memorable highlights. And... IMO it is a lot easier to be better at a game that I fundamentally enjoy vs one that I don't.
  4. Fixed it for you. This man speaks the truth. The original cartoons bridge episode 2 and 3 way better IMO, but dude... they were worth it for the clone trooper fight scenes alone. More credible in my eyes IMO. The movie isn't without it's flaws, but I love this one for some reason.
  5. Here we have an official screenshot of the in-game coding for the H5 Magnum. Well of course, this is a given. Just letting him know too lol. As well as why I think the launch H5 SMG had issues.
  6. I never got to play the beta, but I have always wished that they had kept proper, controllable, perfectly vertical recoil instead of bloom. Would have been much better received IMO. And as long as the DMR and Magnum continued to both be 5sk instead of them nerfing the rapid-fire version of the latter in later incarnations, I think that it would have been a great contrast between the two in the sandbox. In Destiny, 150 RPM Scout Rifles(DMRs) and the Last Word 225 RPM Handcannon are both 3sk in that game and are a great visual representation of how it could have worked in Reach, IMO. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/smartan-427/video/73891410
  7. Binkymagnum for real lol. Perfect name for it haha. Anyway I could get behind the H5 SMG in CE. It is pretty much already there in the form of the AR anyway. Both have 60 round mags, fire 15 rounds a second, and kill in that same number of bullets and time, and have similar reload speeds. The big reason the SMG was so OP in H5 at launch was because not only did it kill pretty fast against a weak-ass Magnum, but also it didn't have anywhere near enough bloom to keep it in check. You could just full auto spray it almost all the way up to mid range because it was just accurate enough to not need to burst-fire it. The H5 Launch SMG/CE AR would be perfect as long as they bloom fast like the CE AR but the bloom also resets fast with perfect tap-fire accuracy to let it reach out and touch things without being too overbearing at mid range. Trust me, I would absolutely love a good auto secondary for Halo, but it needs to be done right, IMO.
  8. Aside from the CE SMG, H4 Turbo AR FTW. Love that 13sk in CQC.
  9. That basically sounds like BR vs AR starts. Please no. Say what you will about wether universal settings should be a thing or not, but all base gametypes should have a strong but difficult utility weapon. Maybe a weaker or short range auto secondary for at least social but that is it for differences if there are any to the spawning loadout. If the utility weapon is difficult enough even niche pickups could 'seem' like upgrades for low-skill players, anyway, IMO.
  10. This is a somewhat of a good point, although Halo has had plenty of weak-non-power weapons diluting the sandbox in the past, so it wouldn't be anything new. Especially from Bungie. Unless you compare to H4 or 5, of course.
  11. I had to go back and check to see for myself, and I am astonished to find out that this was actually a thing in that game. Another ding against Reach. On the other hand, did you know that H4 actually does have Descope? Just only on well, weapons without any scopes on them...
  12. You make a damn good point about PC. And I am willing to believe that it can mess up some people's aim if it can be accepted that others can outright benefit from the gimmick without being negatively affected by it. My big question is, how can you tell if it actually messes with aiming? As far as improving by removing it, I've always been fairly confident with my aim and honestly it isn't even something that I think I even need to really focus on. Instead mostly more like stuff such as positioning, decision making, and team communication. I think that it goes without saying that visual/audio feedback should be the priority though. I can live without vibration if necessary, but don't mind it while its there.
  13. I'll admit that I did exaggerate a tad. And I can see how that post may have come off as somewhat ignorant. But I wouldn't consider myself so, because I can kinda see where you guys are coming from. I just believe that the actual effects are negligible. However, thanks for going into detail about the specific details of how you aim and how that would be more likely to affect you. This helps add a lot of context to make it much more believable and even got me thinking a bit more about how I myself aim, as well. I generally don't abruptly flick the sticks, as I am definitely just not a twitch-aiming player. I do like some deadzones, but not too much. Just enough to keep the thumbstick from being excessively sensitive, but I play with max aim acceleration on a fairly low sensitivity (4-5) to compensate just fine. I can only describe how I aim as being slow, steady, and methodical. I typically aim best by 'pacing' my shots to make sure that I am on target before I fire, instead of just trying to shoot as fast as possible and make aim adjustments from there. Kinda like rowing a boat or painting with a brush. And then yeah, I often help line it up with the left stick movement. I wonder how much someone's aim control settings might have to do with it. As for a sturdy grip? IDK, I don't think that I do, lol. The rumbling just seems to affect my fingers most and apparently dissipates by the time the kinetic energy travels down from my fingers to my palm and then around to my thumb. So I don't have it really shake the whole hand, haha. And the analog sticks don't seem to otherwise budge in the process. Not with modern controllers, anyway. I know it probably sounds stupid but that is what makes sense to me lol.
  14. Eh, ish? I mean sound investment is a bigger advantage for those that can afford better stuff, which isn't exactly wrong with how loud most devs make sounds, and especially footsteps, these days. I could see how one could argue that the above definitely matters more for game performance than of vibration. Of which I agree that the(if any) advantage it holds can't necessarily be measured. Part of why I believe that it is a non-issue, at worst.
  15. So that is why so many people decline to use it... It all makes sense now because I wouldn't blame them, lol. Jeez, that is what I meant, lol.
  16. Uh, my second paragraph was actually a joke response to Boyo's cringy wording on his last sentence, not to his original point lol.
  17. Your first paragraph actually makes a decent point. But then, uh, you could have a better choice of words for that last bit. So that is why so many people decline to use it... It all makes sense now because I wouldn't blame them, lol.
  18. I think that you make some good arguments in this post and I use the vibration for similar reasons, but I wanted to comment on this specific quote. I remember back in the day being able to hear an OG Xbox controller vibrate violently from across the room lol. Nowadays I have to stop and take a moment to do so up close with one of the Xbox One controllers. I would think that they have definitely refined the engineering IMO.
  19. ‘Potential’. Ok, so it isn't that vibration mechanically affects the analog sticks directly, then. More that it instead somehow overtakes the natural hand tremors and causes you to move your thumbs against your will. Right. I guess if I squint my eyes and look at it in an abstract way that I can kinda sorta imagine how this would happen. If only the actual likelihood of it happening didn't seem essentially nill. But ok, whatever you say lol. Unless you have a nervous shaky hand condition (which I could understand), vibration literally physically throwing off your aim just seems like a myth to me, assuming you have fresh equipment and can stay calm. I can totally understand vibration just being outright obnoxiously distracting though, or even startling people and causing them to jump/flinch from it. But then that is a personal preference that extends to a lot of things. Is it necessary? No, of course not, lol. A gimmick? Yeah, sure. Does it hurt anything, aside from battery life? I still find no reason to believe so. But it can still add something for some people, and is easily disabled by people who dislike it, which is fine. For menu nonsense, pretty simple: On>Off>Custom (only setting to custom would open up the advanced options menu, similar to other settings such as in H5 aiming). Also, more, even if redundant, options are always a good thing. Which although they don't have vibration (and probably shouldn't) on KBM, the PC crowd you mention is always about options. I've done just fine without it on other platforms, like I've said before. BTW, just to be clear, I'm not trying to convince you to use the setting, just that it is a non-issue, IMO. I'll otherwise agree to disagree, here. Also, @MY NAMEZ BEAST, what you say about how vibration shouldn't provide an advantage over people that don't use it is a valid concern. I would agree that there should definitely be visual cues for everything that may have a tiny vibration tied to it. And not necessarily vice-versa. And IMO long-established ‘exploits’ aught be taught to players by now in the franchise.
  20. Yeah, duh. I still don’t see how or why vibration would affect the analog sticks at all. Neither while static nor while being moved with your thumb. I would think that the same mechanisms that make them 'stick' while not in use would also work to resist your thumbs and the even more miniscule force of vibration while being pushed. And again, on old controllers, increasing dead zones should negate such a minor shake to begin with, while simultaneously protecting against stick drift. So it ultimately just resigns vibration to a simple settings preference IMO, if people think it distracts them or not, which I can easily understand. We may as well be debating control schemes and aiming sensitivities lol.
  21. I'm not convinced that vibration actually literally affects your aim. Stand still, take your thumbs off the sticks, and shoot at a wall. I am fairly certain that the targeting reticule won't move at all, minus the subtle inherent recoil from some Halo weapons in the past, such as the BR. The only way that I can imagine vibration physically affecting your aim is if you have an old, worn, controller. And if that is the case, it isn't anything that increased dead zone settings shouldn't be able to fix. Especially since you would also be worrying about stick drift at that point anyway, to begin with. Now, if you are talking about vibration just being an outright distraction, I could understand that. But then that simply becomes player preference, IMO. No different than control schemes or aiming sensitivities. Personally I am with @MultiLockOn on how it can add another way to sense and feel certain things like a soft reload or such. Gears of War actually has a small rumble when you hit an Active Reload(which I agree that the bar would otherwise be better placed near the reticule instead of a corner of the screen). Is vibration necessary? Nah, not really. Even Gears has your character say something depending on wether you hit an Active or jam, on top of another base audio cue. Vibration is just another settings option that IMO doesn't hurt anything if someone so chooses to use it. IMO though, whenever I play xbox games without vibration, it is like trying to walk with a numb foot lol. It just feels completely off. I've played some PSP, PS Vita, and PC games without it though and do just fine. It just depends on what options are there and what I prefer or am used to.
  22. Alright, alright, sure. The god-strafe-on-command that can only be used once every 4 seconds against stuff over-compensated to 'balance' it. And my bad, the H5 Shotgun doesn't actually quite 1sk from across the 'small' rooms on maps stretched for Sprint.

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