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  1. Yeah, duh. I still don’t see how or why vibration would affect the analog sticks at all. Neither while static nor while being moved with your thumb. I would think that the same mechanisms that make them 'stick' while not in use would also work to resist your thumbs and the even more miniscule force of vibration while being pushed. And again, on old controllers, increasing dead zones should negate such a minor shake to begin with, while simultaneously protecting against stick drift. So it ultimately just resigns vibration to a simple settings preference IMO, if people think it distracts them or not, which I can easily understand. We may as well be debating control schemes and aiming sensitivities lol.
  2. I'm not convinced that vibration actually literally affects your aim. Stand still, take your thumbs off the sticks, and shoot at a wall. I am fairly certain that the targeting reticule won't move at all, minus the subtle inherent recoil from some Halo weapons in the past, such as the BR. The only way that I can imagine vibration physically affecting your aim is if you have an old, worn, controller. And if that is the case, it isn't anything that increased dead zone settings shouldn't be able to fix. Especially since you would also be worrying about stick drift at that point anyway, to begin with. Now, if you are talking about vibration just being an outright distraction, I could understand that. But then that simply becomes player preference, IMO. No different than control schemes or aiming sensitivities. Personally I am with @MultiLockOn on how it can add another way to sense and feel certain things like a soft reload or such. Gears of War actually has a small rumble when you hit an Active Reload(which I agree that the bar would otherwise be better placed near the reticule instead of a corner of the screen). Is vibration necessary? Nah, not really. Even Gears has your character say something depending on wether you hit an Active or jam, on top of another base audio cue. Vibration is just another settings option that IMO doesn't hurt anything if someone so chooses to use it. IMO though, whenever I play xbox games without vibration, it is like trying to walk with a numb foot lol. It just feels completely off. I've played some PSP, PS Vita, and PC games without it though and do just fine. It just depends on what options are there and what I prefer or am used to.
  3. Alright, alright, sure. The god-strafe-on-command that can only be used once every 4 seconds against stuff over-compensated to 'balance' it. And my bad, the H5 Shotgun doesn't actually quite 1sk from across the 'small' rooms on maps stretched for Sprint.
  4. I am definitely on team #PowerWeaponsAddDynamicVariety, but there is no way that H5 has underpowered power weapons. Power weapons aren't typically balanced so much by skill as they are usually balanced with major trade-offs and weaknesses, to allow for some sort of counterplay, even despite certain checkmate scenarios. H5 goes way out of it's way to lessen or even sometimes outright remove those weaknesses with pretty much the entirety of its sandbox. The Sniper Rifle: on paper, the flat out most overpowered 1sk weapon at any range, notoriously balanced only by its relative difficulty to aim with compared to the rest of the sandbox. H5 throws this method of balancing out the window by giving the Sniper such a massive headshot hitbox that it makes hitting noscopes with the H4 Beam Rifle look difficult. The Shotgun: Theoretically, this would be one of the easiest to counter by simply staying out of range. But H5 makes this difficult by continuing the H4 trend of allowing it to 1sk from across a room without needing to barrel-stuff people with it like in the past. The Energy Sword. A tad more interesting and risky than the Shotgun since lunge makes you move to your opponent's position instead of allowing you to hang back, the counter idea is similar to above: stay out of range, with a slightly bigger chance to kill them even after they pull the trigger. However, H5 ruins this too by giving it an ADS (lol why) lunge range that makes the H2 Sword jealous, and top of that gives it a movement speed boost (which IMO wouldn't so bad by itself but that ADS lunge...). Rockets: this should be a theoretically avoidable slow moving projectile with a high suicide risk for players using it in CQC. H5's default version has a fast moving projectile against relatively slow moving opponents(when those opponents are shooting, not flying across the map with movement abilities). The blast radius is also pretty forgiving considering such, while at the same time big not enough to worry as much about suiciding. The SPNKR at least fixes the projectile velocity, but then allows it to fire both shots even faster than the default. The Plasma Pistol: an otherwise non-lethal weapon used to weaken opponents fast but only after charging up a slow moving projectile. However, in H5, the tracking has absurd lock-on range thanks to ADS discrepancies, isn't actually that slow for what it can do, and has tracking second-in-strength only to H2. The Needler: theoretically avoidable slow-moving tracking projectiles that are only lethal with a supercombine. Like the Plasma Pistol, the projectiles aren't that slow, and have absurd tracking. Technically you could duck into cover if you see either of these weapons coming, but how often is that really going to be the case? Railgun: a Sniper-Rocket-Shotgun all rolled into one, with a charge time to provide a tell for targeted players to react. Would actually maybe be fine if it required headshots and the magnetism didn't rival the H5 Sniper. Admittedly not quite as ridiculously easy to hit with as in H4, though. Although they now made it hitscan early into H5, so... yeah... Autos in general: typically either traditionally weak to counteract their forgiving ease of use, or have high spread/bloom/even recoil(H2 SMG), to provide 'speed bumbs' on their effectiveness at range. Previous games typically had a combination of both balancing factors. H5 once again says screw all of that and gives autos not only strong damage, but also high range while maintaining their extreme forgiveness. The Storm Rifle killed in just 7 shots. Let that sink in with just how fast that is in relation to the utility weapon... Precision weapons: speaking of which, while redundant, these and autos were all at least somewhat balanced to be sidegrades in previous games. In H5, they are literal straight upgrades, with more ammo, range, and all were much easier to use than the default Magnum utility. You couldn't even use rock-paper-scissors to counter them well like in H4 Turbo or other modern shooters. Because they were straight up just outright better and more forgiving. And the list continues. For quite literally every single weapon pickup in H5. Thrust also can't be used to 'prove' that these weapons are fine because Thrust is the VERY REASON everything is so astronomically OP. Not to mention ADS and every other Spartan Ability in H5, all of which have been discussed to death on this forum about how much they break Halo. And just think, Thrust has a 4 second cooldown. So if you have already used it, and you will often, 4 seconds is plenty of time to attempt to fight back against over-compensated-for-Thrust forgiving power weapons using sub-par base movement speed... and have significantly higher than previously established chances of failing. Trying to salvage classic Halo in H5 via the form of Evolved settings proved this to me more than anything. Even with higher movement speed and strafe acceleration, the complete removal of Thrust gave damn near everything in the sandbox free roam to continually hit excessively easy shots and kills. Even attempts to combat this with a stronger 4sk Magnum utility didn't really fix this, since the limited methods 343I gave us to edit the sandbox (such as reducing shields and increasing health) only caused further balance problems. Not to mention the wonky aiming system which made it yet even worse trying to counter with the utility weapon. H5's sandbox is completely un-redeemable. Less so than Reach in V7, and even to IMO a lesser extent H4's shortlived tournament settings (where sprint and flinch were hard-coded in and unable to be removed). All of this nonsense with H5's sandbox made me hate the game even more than I already had at launch.
  5. I haven't played it myself, but I believe that the SPV3 campaign mod for Halo: Custom Edition on PC actually made the Carbine battery based. Definitely looks like it makes the weapon feel just that little bit more different. As for battery mechanics, a fun twinstick shooter called Helldivers has a very interesting take on it. Energy weapons all have power cells that must be reloaded if the weapon is allowed to overheat. However, although you can only carry just a few power cells max and energy weapons can and WILL overheat pretty fast, you have infinite ammo as long as you don't overheat the power cells. While I can't say that it would be the best option for Halo energy weapons (the established mechanics are not exactly broken, to begin with), I have found the above implementation to be an interesting one in a game(Helldivers) that otherwise forces very careful ammo conservation.
  6. It probably isn't any more of a skill than say, timing map pickups, no. But I will say that I actually kinda like bloom as a balancing mechanic for autos. Allows them to potentially shred in CQC without being too overbearing at mid range, while still allowing burst fire clean ups for that little bit of extra utility so it isn't just a worse shotgun. If the Reach Magnum was compared to Destiny's Last Word Hand Cannon (Revolver) as more of a CQC precision weapon, I would say that it kinda makes sense there too. But for that I would rather have recoil IMO. Otherwise for the general utility weapon, hell no. Although I will say that I would rather be guaranteed to have perfect accuracy by pacing shots with the Reach DMR than to always have RNG spread on the H3 BR.
  7. I shared a DVR demonstration of the H4 Regen Field in my last post, in case you didn't see it, which it seems like. I'm with Hard Way on thinking that it was pretty much perfectly balanced.
  8. I'm not so sure about a heal gun that works on players, but I would love a Fusion Cutter (lol) for vehicles if they maintain the health system kept since Reach. I would rather have the H4 Regen Field back in the form of equipment for healing players though. It has a split second delay before healing so that it can't out-heal taking damage. Without removing a player's offensive capabilities like a direct heal gun might, the H4 Regen allows you to anchor a position without making players outright unkillable like it did in H3. For reference: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/smartan-427/video/30802195
  9. I would argue that having an even faster perfect minimum killtime of .6 or so like CE would allow for more practical reversals against multiple opponents. If you can outstrafe and melt them fast enough, they have less time to react and teamshot/clean you up. Also, I am pretty sure that the longer killtimes of literally every Halo after CE up to this point have been established to cause teamshot to be very clearly overpowered. Also in the context of CE, such a hyper-lethal utility weapon more than keeps power weapons in check. I don't care how OP the Shotgun and Sniper seem in relation to later incarnations, the CE Pistol can and WILL punish them hard. For reference, 5 straight bodyshots alone is enough to put down someone coming at you with a Shotgun (let alone the perfect 3sk). Compare that to even a ZB Reach DMR of similar fire rate, which would need those same 5 shots just to make it's perfect minimum killtime with a headshot and 7 if it is all bodyshots. That is a pretty stark contrast IMO.
  10. This comment after reading the whole situation just made me think of this. LMAO. It is PERFECT. Congratulations Beast Squad, you will now be known as the Spaceballs. At least to me. Lol.
  11. You know, back when I first started playing H4 back in 2012, I had initially thought that the BR was a 4sk until someone pointed it out to me that it was actually a 5sk (to my disappointmentuntil the Turbo TU). Why did I think that the H4 BR was a 4sk? Because H3's 4sk BR was so laughably inconsistent that it was at best a reliable 5sk as well, LMAO. Just goes to show just how terrible the H3 BR is.
  12. Thanks for chiming in. I think that this post covers both viewpoints fairly well without particular bias. I'll agree that utility-weapon-only matches can definitely be fun for competitive warmups or for just grinding out that more isolated skillset for improvement. The maps in the past that emphasize this kind of gameplay are famous for promoting such raw gun-skill, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As long as it is unique to those maps, utility-weapon-only matches in themselves even provide variety to the normal gameplay. However, as the only type of Halo experience, competitive or not? Nah, please no. But I can easily see how such a mode (or rather, *map*), would be a favorite for some. Which obviously varies from person to person. In regards to Evolved, I quickly lost interest in maintaining it once things kept having to be nerfed and removed, one by one, due to constant complaints from such a supposed 'preference' heavily influenced in our small group of testers(that never really grew, likely due in-part to this, as you had warned) by BEAST, Arg, and their crew. The drama of which unfortunately seemed to bleed out and show a little when 343I started looking at community gametypes for the then-upcoming classic playlist(which became H3 throwback). I'm still a bit embarrassed at how that played out. Anyway, yeah, in regards to playing with Pistols-only vs having a bunch of pickups for Evolved, I can totally vouch for becoming disinterested in continually playing with mostly only pistols in almost every session when I spent most of my free time editing maps and gametypes in Forge, therefore leaving me in a state of almost perpetual rustiness against a group of testers that otherwise regularly plays AND is already better than me. Just like what you say about 'some not being as good at the game and already knowing what the result will be', I didn't find it very engaging after a while when I knew that I would constantly get destroyed by better players with the sole weapon of the game and not be able to do anything about it via no time to practice myself nor be able to contribute via other weapons and items found on the map. I'll admit before BEAST and them quote me, that yes, I was amongst the 'team-balance complainers'. I like pickup weapons partially for this reason. I find it fun to be able to have the weapon advantage in certain situations and min-max the damage I take and receive, empowering me to take on more targets at once or back-to-back. One of my favorite things to do in any video game is trying to get into such situations and make the most of what I've got like that. I honestly personally enjoy a little rock-paper-scissors in my Halo. Especially if the game is built around a powerful jack-of-all-trades utility weapon allowing players to always be able to fight back against the surrounding sandbox that would preferably complement it. I don't enjoy fighting against things that have no counters either. In Evolved, we dropped the BR because in those settings it became a 3sk vs the Magnum's 4sk, and flat out overpowered it and the rest of the sandbox as a straight up better utility weapon. But I otherwise enjoy getting auto spraydowns in CQC knowing that the opponent just has to simply hit a perfect for a significantly faster killtime than my auto. I enjoy trying to Shotgun or Sword someone knowing that, with ideal balance, they can simply backpedal and keep their distance rendering my weapon useless. I enjoy getting a surprise Needler or Plasma Pistol noob combo knowing that if the target is aware of it coming, they have to just simply peekshoot in and out of cover, causing all tracking projectiles to curve into the wall and subsequently do absolutely nothing. I enjoy trying to get a Rocket or some other explosive kill against someone at long range or with simply the high ground, and having them be able to avoid/jump over it, or have nowhere for the blast radius to hit and connect to the player, all before the slow projectile gets there and explodes. I enjoy having a Sniper or say, a LR for long range knowing that someone simply has to get close with their faster firing and more reactive utility weapon against my long range weapons which should usually be harder to use in CQC. I mean, it is simple Art of War basics. You should generally never try to challenge strength against strength, especially knowing that you could likely lose. You instead try to pit strength against weakness, to stack the odds in your favor. This is why the teamshot numbers game is so strong and important. Having niche map pickups and power items is just another way to showcase that. And in kind of a reverse kind of sense, map pickups encourage me to practice more with my utility weapon ANYWAY so that I *can* acquire and use said pickups more often, as well as better counter them when used against me. Therefore the engagement and motive to get better just compounds itself. I think that having a good and diverse set of per-map sandbox experiences would be the best way to appeal to everyone here. Unfortunately, good forge maps (that didn't have framerate issues) were very hard to find back then. RIP. To be fair to BEAST 'n friends though, Evolved never did literally become pistols-only, even though it seemed like that was exactly what they wanted and felt like it was a fight for me to keep that from actually happening. Ugh, this damn conversation has us bringing up ALL the old crap now, lol. I'm still a bit salty about how Evolved got 'ruined' (I DID ask for feedback, and got it, lol) in my eyes, but it was honestly a good learning experience, regardless. I'm glad Evolved managed to at least get SOME attention, and am still thankful to everyone who tried to help out, or even revive it. At least 343I FINALLY put it in the featured section. With all that being said though, yeah, H5 especially, has some particularly garbage sandbox balancing. I learned that only moreso with Evolved. Half the point of the gametype (the other half-point being classic movement) was to help prove and promote the common Teambeyond consensus back then that a 4sk Magnum alone would balance the utility weapon against the rest of the sandbox, even if only at a surface level. In general, it did, IMO. But due to lack of adequate methods to fine-tune and rebalance the rest of the sandbox in-depth, that whole side of the project proved to ultimately be an exercise in futility.
  13. Yeah as much as I enjoyed the story for H4, I definitely wouldn't consider it a masterpiece. Most of the gameplay was pretty dull in comparison to previous games. HCE though, that game is my standard to compare to. A true masterpiece.
  14. You would have to ask @@S0UL FLAME and @@HeX Reapers about that one, since they were working on Evolved after I resigned from it.
  15. Yeah, I do know what you mean, and I do agree that while still cool, the after-the-fact timing is a bit upsetting. 2 years ago would have been great. I for one moved on from it a while ago.

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