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  1. Thanks for chiming in. I think that this post covers both viewpoints fairly well without particular bias. I'll agree that utility-weapon-only matches can definitely be fun for competitive warmups or for just grinding out that more isolated skillset for improvement. The maps in the past that emphasize this kind of gameplay are famous for promoting such raw gun-skill, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As long as it is unique to those maps, utility-weapon-only matches in themselves even provide variety to the normal gameplay. However, as the only type of Halo experience, competitive or not? Nah, please no. But I can easily see how such a mode (or rather, *map*), would be a favorite for some. Which obviously varies from person to person. In regards to Evolved, I quickly lost interest in maintaining it once things kept having to be nerfed and removed, one by one, due to constant complaints from such a supposed 'preference' heavily influenced in our small group of testers(that never really grew, likely due in-part to this, as you had warned) by BEAST, Arg, and their crew. The drama of which unfortunately seemed to bleed out and show a little when 343I started looking at community gametypes for the then-upcoming classic playlist(which became H3 throwback). I'm still a bit embarrassed at how that played out. Anyway, yeah, in regards to playing with Pistols-only vs having a bunch of pickups for Evolved, I can totally vouch for becoming disinterested in continually playing with mostly only pistols in almost every session when I spent most of my free time editing maps and gametypes in Forge, therefore leaving me in a state of almost perpetual rustiness against a group of testers that otherwise regularly plays AND is already better than me. Just like what you say about 'some not being as good at the game and already knowing what the result will be', I didn't find it very engaging after a while when I knew that I would constantly get destroyed by better players with the sole weapon of the game and not be able to do anything about it via no time to practice myself nor be able to contribute via other weapons and items found on the map. I'll admit before BEAST and them quote me, that yes, I was amongst the 'team-balance complainers'. I like pickup weapons partially for this reason. I find it fun to be able to have the weapon advantage in certain situations and min-max the damage I take and receive, empowering me to take on more targets at once or back-to-back. One of my favorite things to do in any video game is trying to get into such situations and make the most of what I've got like that. I honestly personally enjoy a little rock-paper-scissors in my Halo. Especially if the game is built around a powerful jack-of-all-trades utility weapon allowing players to always be able to fight back against the surrounding sandbox that would preferably complement it. I don't enjoy fighting against things that have no counters either. In Evolved, we dropped the BR because in those settings it became a 3sk vs the Magnum's 4sk, and flat out overpowered it and the rest of the sandbox as a straight up better utility weapon. But I otherwise enjoy getting auto spraydowns in CQC knowing that the opponent just has to simply hit a perfect for a significantly faster killtime than my auto. I enjoy trying to Shotgun or Sword someone knowing that, with ideal balance, they can simply backpedal and keep their distance rendering my weapon useless. I enjoy getting a surprise Needler or Plasma Pistol noob combo knowing that if the target is aware of it coming, they have to just simply peekshoot in and out of cover, causing all tracking projectiles to curve into the wall and subsequently do absolutely nothing. I enjoy trying to get a Rocket or some other explosive kill against someone at long range or with simply the high ground, and having them be able to avoid/jump over it, or have nowhere for the blast radius to hit and connect to the player, all before the slow projectile gets there and explodes. I enjoy having a Sniper or say, a LR for long range knowing that someone simply has to get close with their faster firing and more reactive utility weapon against my long range weapons which should usually be harder to use in CQC. I mean, it is simple Art of War basics. You should generally never try to challenge strength against strength, especially knowing that you could likely lose. You instead try to pit strength against weakness, to stack the odds in your favor. This is why the teamshot numbers game is so strong and important. Having niche map pickups and power items is just another way to showcase that. And in kind of a reverse kind of sense, map pickups encourage me to practice more with my utility weapon ANYWAY so that I *can* acquire and use said pickups more often, as well as better counter them when used against me. Therefore the engagement and motive to get better just compounds itself. I think that having a good and diverse set of per-map sandbox experiences would be the best way to appeal to everyone here. Unfortunately, good forge maps (that didn't have framerate issues) were very hard to find back then. RIP. To be fair to BEAST 'n friends though, Evolved never did literally become pistols-only, even though it seemed like that was exactly what they wanted and felt like it was a fight for me to keep that from actually happening. Ugh, this damn conversation has us bringing up ALL the old crap now, lol. I'm still a bit salty about how Evolved got 'ruined' (I DID ask for feedback, and got it, lol) in my eyes, but it was honestly a good learning experience, regardless. I'm glad Evolved managed to at least get SOME attention, and am still thankful to everyone who tried to help out, or even revive it. At least 343I FINALLY put it in the featured section. With all that being said though, yeah, H5 especially, has some particularly garbage sandbox balancing. I learned that only moreso with Evolved. Half the point of the gametype (the other half-point being classic movement) was to help prove and promote the common Teambeyond consensus back then that a 4sk Magnum alone would balance the utility weapon against the rest of the sandbox, even if only at a surface level. In general, it did, IMO. But due to lack of adequate methods to fine-tune and rebalance the rest of the sandbox in-depth, that whole side of the project proved to ultimately be an exercise in futility.
  2. Yeah as much as I enjoyed the story for H4, I definitely wouldn't consider it a masterpiece. Most of the gameplay was pretty dull in comparison to previous games. HCE though, that game is my standard to compare to. A true masterpiece.
  3. You would have to ask @@S0UL FLAME and @@HeX Reapers about that one, since they were working on Evolved after I resigned from it.
  4. Yeah, I do know what you mean, and I do agree that while still cool, the after-the-fact timing is a bit upsetting. 2 years ago would have been great. I for one moved on from it a while ago.
  5. So, a couple hours ago I got an XBL message from some guy called Whos Blaze saying that some of my Halo 5 content had been added to '343featured' section of the in-game file browser: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/smartan-427/screenshot/10835906 Over 2 years too late and thousands of dollars short, but it is still cool to have some recognition nonetheless. Some of the gametype settings are now a bit old and 'outdated', but the most important core philosophy is still there: Smooth, Classic movement with a 4-shot-kill Magnum.
  6. Nope, it was not. The radar in H4 was 40M, allowing you to see anyone pushing mid on Haven. Coming from one of the few people on this forum that actually no-lifed the damn game.
  7. See, I like how you actually explain your preference. Frankly though, I've been recently thinking that optimal player count is very map dependent(technically should be obvious, I know). I can't imagine really enjoying more than 4 on Wizard/Warlock. 8 is probably fine on larger maps. Anyway, I always felt that in order to succeed in H4 8-FFA, you would have to not move from spawn (like the ramps on Haven). Otherwise, the very next player to die would likely spawn behind you in the same place as soon as you push halfway across the bridge. Which always feels garbage, IMO. I don't understand how anyone can enjoy that kind of nonsense. Granted, instant respawn probably made that worse than it seemed. I'll agree from previous chats that Rumble Pro with 5 sec respawn and no loadouts was at least playable in that scenario. However, I wasn't crazy about similar situations in 8-FFA on Midship in H2 when I got to try it in MCC after missing out from the online experience. So IDK. I'll admit that somehow managing to survive 8-FFA can be satisfying but damn. No time to think. Just pure reflexes (which I can imagine some would argue is the point).
  8. Nah, sounds and plays like Octagon, which isn't fit for matchmaking either. FFA isn't just a place to warm-up your shots for team games. When there are almost never any 1v1 utility duels and an over-emphasis on cleaning up 1-shot players after luckily spawning behind them fighting, it feels like the ability to win is dependent purely on RNG (even if it technically isn't). RNG isn't fun in Halo, I thought that we established this.
  9. @@Fixtheaiming343 I think you need to fix the quote a bit, lol. Anyway, I am not arguing against the utility weapon as the predominant core gameplay focus. I just do like autos having a bit more bite to them. Yeah, H4 Turbo AR FTW.
  10. You know the worst part about auto-only-start supporters? They literally think that the autos take more skill only because of the fact that it is 'harder'(only because of being weak and inaccurate AF to 'balance' high aim assist) to kill someone who has the precision weapon and good aim. It is like, they are actually right, in a sense, but the conclusion that they derive from that is so wrong and misguided. It does make me question the established method of balancing autos. Competitive or not. Don't get me wrong, I take guilty pleasure in loving the occasional CQC spraydown from time to time myself, but damn. I always accepted that precision weapons were the way to go, even as a noob, and I still think that autos should always be in the back pocket on spawn, regardless of Halo. Thanks for sharing the cringe.
  11. Hmmm... well I do remember seeing a magazine article for H4 way back when pre-launch that talked about 'Team BR's' in a way that seemed classic or at least have that available. Other than that, I myself have pretty much nothing on this.
  12. Or, imagine if H4 was actually classic like it was originally going to be, which is quite literally what H2A is, H4 with classic settings? Edit: Although, not going to lie, really loving CE the more it gets supported. Getting to my own favorite thing about MCC.
  13. Bolded. I couldn't agree with this particular quote more. I fully support this. FFA, especially ranked, is only good at 6 players, always has and always will be. 8 players is equivalent to Octagon warmup nonsense IMO and therefore will always be trash. My mind will never be changed on that. I'm still waiting to enjoy Halo FFA in matchmaking again after the amazing 6-player Regicide playlist in H4 got canned in favor of the terrible 8-player Rumble Pit. MCC's 10 player FFA was obnoxiously awful, plus it still hasn't ever had all of the games in FFA yet. At least Destiny's 6-player FFA tides me over. Too bad D2 isn't cheap enough yet for me to actually purchase it, even after Bungie actually (gasp) buffed the killtimes and lethality of individual players.
  14. Looks like you already have your Halloween costume ready, then. Heal up, man.
  15. Hang 'em High CTF might have just become playable, now.

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