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  1. Man, Infection is actually going to be so much fun with bots, because I wouldn't have to worry about being a zombie now.
  2. To be honest, at this point I'm probably only going to play the game for the bots, because I've always wanted those in Halo. Playing actual PvP off and on the last fight, it was both fun but frustrating at the same time. I don't hate strong ARs as much as others here might, but my goodness the Sidekick feels so weak to use. The meta IMO of using it is to pop off a few shots, duck into cover while reloading, then pop out to hopefully finish them before you get teamshot or cleaned up. I am so not a fan of having to reload so often MID FIGHT. Yeah sure, git gud, but realistically there are always some missed shots in a good duel, and most of Infinite's weapons don't have big enough mags to make engaging multiple targets feasible. A small mag alone wouldn't be so bad if the Sidekick at least killed faster, but nope. Too weak. Also, the Bloom. Why. It doesn't even spread out that bad technically, but once again the small mag and already long killtime makes those random misses all the more frustrating. I have a hard time understanding how they want me to use this sandbox. So many weapons are spammy and weak with small mags, yet combined with the crap aiming system it feels like I should do better if I paced my shots not even so much because of Bloom, but simply to make sure I'm on target before firing. It is all too easy to whiff the aim and spam all your shots off-target before you finally correct only to suddenly need a reload. Definitely no real rhythm to duels yet. Clamber is whatever at this point but making it so mandatory to get around the map is awful. Let me just make a normal jump with better height please. I don't think that the maps are really that bad but all the above problems certainly don't help. Behemoth is a BTB map though, change my mind. At least the outline system was IMO dramatically improved from the last flight. Clearer, and easier to tell how much shields opponents had left (with the shield also highlighting specifically where you hit them, such as the arm or leg). Then OverShield now glows a very distinct white with an extra aura around it. Much, much better. The Spartan bots also felt much better to go up against as well. Could tell a big improvement in their AI and difficulty. I could spend hours in the Training Mode (which is significantly better than Octagon ever could be IMO). Bots help prevent some aggrevation but as for actual PvP? Nah, not feeling it. And hearing that BTB doesn't start with BRs is going to make it difficult to convince friends to even play THAT...
  3. I can't really comment on this as I played the flight on Xbox which obviously means controller. But I can definitely imagine that the Sniper was balanced to try to prevent endless Mouse No-Scopes (which I could appreciate the thought). Other than that though, not sure what to say other than that the game's aiming and general wonkiness reminded me of H5, which isn't a good thing. Well that is what I am saying, though. If decent players stick to cover, doesn't that mostly balance out the Needler a bit by causing the projectiles to instead to track into the wall?
  4. The Commando really only seemed shitty and inaccurate when going full-auto, but rapidly tapping the trigger looked to nullify that. Then it overall felt pretty good, even in scope which is still a bit wonky somehow. Certainly still spammy but not braindead to use. It definitely has the same overlap issue with the Sidekick that the DMR had with the Magnum in H5. Funny how they keep doing that. At least the BR feels very different from the pistol in the way that it fires. I certainly imagine that the constant rotation of BR vs Commando spawns, along with the shotguns and snipers, has to be for testing purposes. That, or the standard experience will involve constantly switching map spawns, which IMO would be kinda crap.
  5. Eh, fair enough. It DOES allow the BR to get some crazy bodyshot headshots. Something like this probably works better in a game like Destiny where you deal headshot multipliers even on shielded players, so recoil can actually make you miss while trying to aim straight for the head. Also, since everyone is talking about the Needler: The way that I've always understood this weapon's purpose in the sandbox the past few games is that it is meant to punish those who stay out in the open long enough to get supercombined. However by staying close to cover, players can very easily cause the Needles targeting them to track into the wall they are near or go behind, pretty much rendering it useless. This also effects the Plasma Pistol Overcharge shot. In the process, you can plug away peek-shooting with the utility weapon or whatever have you. So in a sense I think that the Needler is like a kind of suppression weapon, forcing players to be near cover to counteract it and use the tracking against it. That being said, I do think that the tracking still a bit over the top. At least in 3, Reach, and 4 you had to kinda lead the projectiles to help make them track, but in 5 and now especially Infinite you don't even have to do THAT. Which is ridiculous. That and it also has a near instant reload meaning that making a Needler empty the mag has less consequence now. I wouldn't be opposed to a Needler overhaul that was a slow firing gun with delayed explosivions on each hit, much like how the Grunts use it in CE's campaign. Simply make it track good from corner ricochets and you then have a weapon to flush enemies out of, instead of into, cover. But something like this probably won't ever happen now that the Needler's existing mechanics have cemented their legacy.
  6. Brains over Brawn. Too cool to live.
  7. Hey, hey, you will have to do better than that. Iron Man is cool AF.
  8. I mean, I personally would rather have recoil but I swear people here seem to somehow hate their aim being shoved off course more than the bullets not flying straight. B-but, it would finally feel like a 'rifle'! Lol you are probably right. Make the AR like the Commando and only THEN the casuals would finally call the gun OP lol. Despite how it would be much more difficult to use than that classic AR mechanics. Man, if that is the case, can I just have my H4 Spartan back? Damn sure it will look better than all the rest of the ridiculous stuff that I am not looking forward to seeing. The launch classic look of Armor is only going to be a temporary illusion.
  9. How much is rewarding burst-fire too much? I'm... not entirely sure what you about that making it more Tactical and how exactly that would be a bad thing. Basically what I'm saying is to refine the existing AR mechanics how they aught to have been from the start, IMO. If they want a full-auto high Bloom/Spread gun, I'd the full auto inaccuracy to matter enough to make trying that unviable outside pretty short range while burst-fire actually does something without slowing down the fire-rate so much that the killtime doesn't get much improvement over full-auto spraying in the first place. I agree that tracking targets can be quite difficult, and that a perfectly accurate AR with a smaller reticle would be much harder to use. Thing is, that now kinda literally exists in Infinite as the Commando, where it can be surprisingly easy to vlow through a whole mag before finishing a kill. If it were me I'd just slap the AR skin on the Commando and I think so much of the playerbase would be happy lol. In Destiny, Auto Rifles behave similar to the Commando and are actually a hindrance to player performance most of the time despite killing faster than say, a Handcannon. The latter is more versatile and synergizes with Destiny movement mechanics and peek-shooting much more while the Autos kinda require you to be an easy near-stationery target as you attempt to ADS down your opponent if they stay out in the open long enough. But of course, that is a much different game. Wouldn't a 5sk Commando just be a DMR reskin? Anyway yeah I don't think we are getting a pistol as a utility weapon again after H5 either. Best to hope for is getting the spammy pistol to be just a bit better at what it does.
  10. In the general context of how 343I is clearly intending to handle the sandbox and split the utility weapon between close-range Sidekick and mid-long-range on-map precision rifle? Yes, I am. But the fine details of exactly how it does so, no of course not. Read below: Yes, I've been saying this since the H5 Beta, and said it earlier. The AR does not properly punish going full-auto while also rewarding burst-fire. It never has done both, simultaneously. I wholeheartedly agree that the Bloom needs to be much more aggressive and expand significantly faster. The crazy thing is that the current lower levels of bullet magnetism across the board in Infinite would and do actually cause the thing to miss quite a bit at full Bloom but like you said, takes way too long to get to that stage. At the same time though, the Bloom should reset fast enough that burst-fire is noticeably much more efficient than full auto at most ranges, to further encourage the more thoughtful and disciplined use. If the Bloom mechanics were actually set like the above for once, I don't think that it would invalidate strafing anywhere near as much either. And I like the idea someone posted some time recently of only allowing headshot multipliers by tap-firing. I'd say make it a zero-Bloom-level requirement to get a headshot bonus, and then the random lucky headshots would be all but gone entirely. After all that, THEN the lethality and versatility of it is perfectly acceptable, IMO. It seems so simple to implement but like with all things 343I, it somehow isn't. Overall, I certainly appreciate that if the devs absolutely require us to have auto/spammy pistol starts, they at the least have recognized that said loadout needs to be able to fight back against the other items on the map, unlike early incarnations. In Infinite, you don't have to worry anywhere near as much about a player getting the BR/Commando and being able to sit back and plug away while flat out uncontested. In light of that, YES I am OK with the AR's effectiveness and range, minus the fine details, once again.
  11. Curious, what is being considered medium range in this context? The reason I ask this is because everything in Infinite seems (to me, anyway) to have a significantly extended range, even the BR itself. Basically something like how maps were stretched for Sprint, but this time it is actually because of base movement speed LMAO. I'm willing to bet that the game's practical mid-range is farther out than what we consider normal for most Halo games.
  12. You don't think that the Infinite AR is weak enough to encourage focusing on pickups? In the context of the current Infinite sandbox?
  13. On another note, satire aside, would you mind elaborating on this one? (Though I imagine I may already be able to guess...).
  14. Wait, I thought that it was H5 pistol only, no melee, no grenades, in an Octagon CTF match? Man I've STILL been wrong this whole time...
  15. Haha good to know we are on the same page. I shall immediately return to regurgitating the promotion of a two-weapon 'sandbox' priority. All other things are OP if they actually harm an enemy. Am I on the right track to recovery now?
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