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  1. Been a long WHILE since I've posted here. Glad (?) to see that it is still the same old salty forum we all know and love (or hate). Some things never change, lol. While I can't say I'm like 'OMG super-hyped' to play Infinite like some blind impatient fanboy anymore, I gotta say from what I've seen I definitely still look forward to playing it. I've honestly never been THAT diehard for classic Halo. I certainly don't hate Sprint with the resolve many here do, and I honestly always thought that the Equipment/Armor Ability gadget gimmicks were usually cool, even if many of their implementations were flawed. I miss the days of being a casual Halo player where I looked forward to each new release with ignorantly blissful excitement. I had an absolute blast with H4 even at launch which I know is a travesty for some to hear or read. But I kinda wish I could get back to that mentality a bit. It wasn't until I started getting better at the game and looked for tips elsewhere such as here that I started to 'learn' to hate anything not classic. I feel like this constant negativity rubbed off on me and may have further influenced how I felt about H5, which I generally did not enjoy in almost any capacity. Gotta say that the competitive Halo community, although certainly intelligent and knowledgeable, has at large been a detriment to my ability to enjoy Halo in the long-term. Honestly can't say that getting involved in every game's super stripped down competitive settings has ever been that fun or worth it either, as outside of CE, competitive Halo has honestly usually just felt like a bland version of whatever game it is in, for the most part. What I've always come back to Halo for is the Sci-Fi setting where you play as supersoldier space marines (IMMERSION!!!) and blast aliens or each other. With the most important core gameplay traits being perfect hipfire accuracy all the time, and long enough killtimes (average or not) for me to react and turn on people when shot at. There really aren't many games if at all that satisfy that unique base Halo feel above IMO even if each game sequel has been drastically different than the last. So with that being said, Halo Infinite looks like H4 Legendary gametypes but with much more refined gameplay and Equipment (which I think the majority would agree that ability stuff should have at least always stayed in the map-pickup form like this instead of on spawn). I'm honestly happy to hear that this is essentially confirmed and it is a form of Halo I've wanted to see refined for some time. Wether or not it actually IS refined will remain to be seen with the developer track record. Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I am definitely hyped to finally have bots be a thing for Halo. Probably less relevant in the always-online world, but not being able to play Halo offline and without friends sucked growing up, I always wished it had bots like some other games. So this is fantastic news to me. The player customization thing looks great, the art style for it looks good, and I am totally down to finally rock my own usual Spartan colors outside of FFA for once. Yes, I care about the dress-up part of it, was another thing I hated about H5: the severely limited form of it. I have no qualms with the player highlight thing replacing the classic Red vs Blue teams. The only thing I want to know now is if Firefight will be a thing or not. Definitely curious about when Forge will be in, too. But yeah, I am with @Hard Way on this. I'll join the club that gets Infinite and probably enjoy it. This time with no shame. Screw y'all lol.
  2. No, they put the H3:ODST Automag into H5. Just about sounds like it. Now we are talking. H3 might become playable now. Too bad something like this won't last anyway.
  3. Lol maybe but not gonna lie I'm still a bit jaded from trying to do that in H5. @S0UL FLAME sure will though, lol. Anyway, on topic: I don't understand the appeal of Battle Royale modes. That is not a trend that I ever thought would be a thing. Granted I've not played any of them, but from what I understand it is basically Big Team FFA with 1 life on huge maps. Never been a fan of 1-life game modes in almost any game (save Destiny Trials). And after playing some stupid-ass Hunger Games minigames while in a clan back during my H4 days, never again. Even as an unwitting casual I despised the mode. But perhaps I am missing something. I think not, though. Don't really care.
  4. I'll never understand why H3 players call the H3 BR's mechanics 'lead'. Like, lead, as in the heavy metal that was commonly used in paint before being banned in 1978 because it was discovered to be poisonous? Lead, as in what is commonly associated to be what bullets were made of? OOHHHH.... you mean TO lead as in what what you DO(verb) with your PROJECTILE bullets. So that is what they mean... alright. I think that I am starting to understand now. So the better and more clear way to describe H3's mechanics is that it has projectile bullets (not lead WTF lol). And that how you get your projectile shots to hit against moving targets is to then lead* your shots ahead of where the target is moving. (* proper word application here as a verb). It all makes sense now. LMAO I have always thought the H3 term was funny.
  5. Agreed. I thought that I was going to enjoy H5 when it first came out. I'm thinking the same for Infinite. Hopefully, unlike 5, I can actually have some fun this time around.
  6. I'm pretty hyped for ODST Firefight on updated hardware and with extra custom options. Still should have been in MCC when the campaign was first added but oh well.
  7. All this talk about just trying to enjoy the new game if possible, and not waste energy hating on it all the time? Well, I can say this. Halo 4 was my first big online Halo experience (had been a fan since 05 but never had XBL or a 360 until 2012). I gotta say, the ignorant bliss of being an unwitting casual back then was awesome. Don't know if I have ever had THAT much fun since. It absolutely SUCKED when I started to git gud, tried to get better at the game, only to look it up and find out that the (especially competitive) community frickin HATED the game and just absolutely detested everything about it. Not going to lie, I sometimes wonder if my H5 experience and on was possibly poisoned by that. Never again will I care as much what the competitive community collectively thinks. It can't even decide on anything barring 'REMOVE IT' anyway. So I am a bit cautiously optimistic for Infinite. It looks like it will play similar to H4's Legendary BRs gametype, with added equipment pickups. And I could honestly be pretty cool with that.
  8. I could never claw. Too uncomfortable. Xbox Accessories is great for when I need it. Also, if we are talking about controls, screw the keyboard in its entirety when trying to play anything on PC. Never learned to type, and the mouse has it's merits, but I feel like I am getting carpal tunnel by the minute anytime I attempt to try out a keyboard. As for the map discussion? I think that H4's version of The Pit (Pitfall) plays way better than in H3. Kinda funny, it is the one remake that doesn't get stretched by sprint since the hallways are already long. Also, helps having a utility weapon that can actually reach out and touch the sniper a bit. I will say that I think some maps that may be traditionally less popular are way more enjoyable in FFA. H4 Adrift for instance. The map is segmented enough to allow for more isolated 1v1 fights without as much cleanups. I also like Desolation in H2C FFA for a similar reason. Warlock and it's various iterations are awesome, but WAY too small for 8-player FFA regarding spawns, the teleporters aren't necessary IMO, and such a 4-way map should have had the walls completely painted the appropriate colors exactly like Elongation is, just so that callouts are easier in team games. But, not going to lie, bad maps or not, it is actually pretty damn cool to finally get to play on previously called DLC maps that I never got to otherwise.
  9. 90% of H3's sandbox is so weak that the best way to get kills with them is finish your opponent with a melee instead of the actual weapon. Which unfortunately a lot of casuals would call 'strategic' instead of 'Cross-Mapping with the OP BR/Pistol'. Speaking of cross-mapping with the BR, I am sure that many higher level players LOVE H3's sandbox because of how uselessly weak it is. Because then they can just continue to use only the utility weapon without any second thoughts as to how they engage even the 'power' weapons. Such single-minded, one-dimensional gameplay of BR teamshot and that is it. It is a big reason why I stopped taking competitive Halo seriously a long time ago. I'm down for being able to avoid rockets, but not if the long spawn timer and location is made to pretend like it has any real influence.
  10. IMO even the Sniper feels clunky and unfun to use, itself. So 'hard' to use against a utility weapon than can neither reach out and touch it nor kill fast enough to put proper pressure on it.
  11. Not going to lie I really like the Mantis, specifically. I'm biased a bit because mechs are cool. And I find it fun to walk around in a giant version of a Spartan. IMO it is/was one of the less easy vehicles to get kills with, due to the short range it has/had and the fact that it can't really chase much. Much better balanced IMO than getting blasted by the large AoE on a Scorpion and Wraith, sniped by the damn Gauss Hog (H2A's charge-up version sounded better balanced for the Gauss), or chased down by the Ghost or Banshee. The Mantis relies on the rest of the team for support more than other vehicles, IMO. Unlike many others where they wreak havoc by themselves. Hard to kill, sure, but I don't think it is that bad. Just like 8 DMR shots and the shield is gone, then it doesn't have much more health than a Warthog. Easily dies to the Splaser just like anything else otherwise. And Warthogs themselves can easily outrange it on fairly open ground. This is all mostly speaking from the H4 version. Where you had to charge up the rockets to unleash multiple at once. And they didn't track anything either. In MP at least. Requiring the operator to lead the rockets at range. IMO wouldn't need shields on things if vehicles weren't squishy paper mache deathtraps since Reach. IMO they aren't worth it a lot of the time. If I do get one, I pretty much anticipate a guaranteed respawn. Been playing a bit more MCC BTB with a friend lately so all this stuff has been more apparent to me.
  12. Great rant vid. I think that I can agree with just about all the points. The reticule change seems like a really roundabout way to address an issue that PREVENTS the legacy feel of gameplay in the first place. IMO I like center reticule aiming in itself. But I think that I have started to notice your precise issue myself. Trying to hit moving targets that are actively strafing back and forth has been particularly difficult coming back to it. And while I may just be bad or rusty, I haven't much noticed my skill improving that inconsistency, like a warm up normally seems like it would. So yeah, I can see how the adjusted magnetism means that you can't quite force the shots to stick to where you want them, and then the fact that the shots don't shoot straight means that you can't even just try to consistently lead shots. Having to pace shots in CE while other people get the lucky faster hits is aggrevating for sure. The whole thing about 'preserving the legacy feel' is such a crap excuse from them, and even the community at times. The premise of it even hinders actual improvements. Things like Bumper Jumper and Elite controllers for smoother input methods now exist for the first two games, making some people more agile and reactive just from that. FoV sliders in the future would change the gameplay for games too, when suddenly people are able to be a LOT more naturally aware than before, making some methods of juking possibly less effective. Removing spread to improve online shot consistency in a game where in OG, spread was previously never anywhere as big of a factor should just come automatically fixed. And they shouldn't be scared of 'bringing hardcore stuff to social'. They already added the clock to the screen, and removed radar completely from CE in all formats but FFA, as far as I can tell. It is ALREADY 'hardcore' in a sense because of all that. Removing spread entirely from the Pistol should be a no-brainer. It is amazing how this kind of legacy-only mentality just removes all semblance of possible QoL improvements to the games. From (especially Forge) map and gametype selections, in-game-UI options, and what should be reasonable online consistency improvements, all the games could be SO much better and more fun to enjoy without really changing the unique core experience of each game. It just makes me wonder how much more things would be 'allowed' to be fixed if these old games were instead brand new 2020 releases still getting gameplay-affecting changes and support.
  13. Yeah see I personally play for the fun factor of the actual gameplay itself, not the chase for loot. That is a driving factor in my heavy criticism of the game right now. The thing that sucks is that Destiny IMO actually has a pretty fun gameplay loop in PvE of slaughtering huge armies of squishy adds, followed by melting a boss as fast as you can. Often best exemplified in Escalation Protocol, Menagerie type activities, and Altars of Sorrow. Forges and Reckoning are fun as well. With a little bit of extra mechanics here and there to keep it interesting. A lot of the Dungeons are great fun as well. Is traditional MMO gameplay and content (not the gear grind), actually that much better? A lot of my time in Destiny has often been experimenting, learning, and optimizing different builds and styles, having a ton of fun and replayability in the process. I can't do that when the grind is so agonizing and the RNG so stingy that I have to keep using the best tried and true farming loadouts just stay at a relevant power level, and can't get the interesting perk combos to drop so that I can finally try new things that sound good and cool. Of course, THEN that gets stale during the grinding process, as I'm burnt out by the time I finally get what I want. Because it takes so long to get to the point of messing around. As far as the mentioned weapons still being in the top handful of weapons used, I am generally kinda glad it is like that. Because then it means that even after getting nerfed, they are still relevant. Instead of fading into obscurity after being nerfed into the ground like other things. It always sounds like people simply see the same name after a while and then just want it nerfed so bad that nobody cares anymore, just so they can never see it again. I absolutely detest that. And all sunsetting will do is occasionally change the names. The gear being used will often essentially be the same in the end. Also, another reason pinnacles are used so much? Because after doing something, however difficult that something is, they are a still good, consistent roll that is 100% guaranteed to drop once you complete that something. As opposed to the RNG that mercilessly leaves you hanging more often than not. I agree on how fairly good the sandbox balance otherwise currently is. Never in D1 were so many things viable at once, until everything eventually became 'equally' garbage after all the nerfs. To the point that the meme guns became meta. With the awesome pace of Destiny's PvP killtimes and gameplay, I do have a fun time playing that part still whenever I jump on. IMO I could maybe be on board with sunsetting if infusing stuff just started to get more and more expensive as time went on. Have it cost Ascendant Shards after a while or something. I would already have to use something different in the meantime maybe, as long as I can have solace knowing that if I don't like anything, I can go back to my favorites in the end. Hell, make me infuse the new version of the thing into the well-rolled old one. Just as long as I don't have to find a new favorite and grind for it, AGAIN. I'm all down for potentially finding new favorites along the the way. But taking away the reliable options indefinitely, only to resell them back to me later AND have the audacity to make me grind for the specific roll or whatever again, just feels extremely off-putting and completely disregards all time previously spent. And I don't usually have as much time these days. I want to at least be able to enjoy what I have. And for the content vaulting, for me it really is a matter of not even having the option to fall back on old content if I'm not up for the new. For better or worse. Getting Forsaken a season late but still being able to catch up on Vanilla D2, Curse of Osiris, Warmind, THEN Forsaken was exhausting, but I could then still talk to my friends about it and feel caught up. It wasn't anywhere near as grindy then. Now even the content will be/is FOMO. Impossible to take a break now. Anyway, thanks for continuing to read and respond even if from a different perspective. It has made all this venting easier. I apologize for the text walls lol.
  14. LMAO that is EXACTLY what I think too when I hear the same thing lol.
  15. Now if people can just mod out the spread and increase the velocity so that we can lead shots with accuracy and peace.
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