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  1. Given this was pre-patch, idk if it counts... but this guy is literally eating the rocket http://gameclipscontent-d3004.xboxlive.com/asset-70dfc057-f867-4867-97d8-32df741842c9/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2012-02-12&st=2014-11-21T14%3A22%3A51Z&se=2014-11-21T15%3A27%3A51Z&sr=c&sp=r&sig=oXGZ1sobtQq4mXI11vKZLCE%2BIHw35RbBDRRbMBlfMhI%3D&__gda__=1416583671_61c8ec8f607d95e3af9e10391734cebe
  2. GT: The Dangled h1 customs, lookin for peeps in the midwest if possible
  3. Is there a way to make in game voice chat output through the stereo speakers? I have some HD555's from about 10 years ago I wanna use, but every time I use my default xbox mic it automatically diverts the voice chat output through that headset rather than through the speaker output. I tried to find a setting similar to the 360's where you could toggle this, but didn't have any luck. Is there an option for this with the xbone?
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