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  1. Oh god Riddler, i just had a heart attack while reading your post. The number one thing that needs to get fixed in MCC is spawns. Amp and Guardian spawns have never been this bad.
  2. I've seen it countless times. One of the biggest csgo tourney's, Optic won ELeague and Hecz ran on stage. Shit happens all the time.
  3. It's full now but when i tried to sign up like 50 min ago it wasn't, website just wouldn't load.
  4. Been trying to sign up a team for the past hour and i can't, feelsbadman.
  5. Well, i like the art style. IDK if it's a trailer just to show off what the engine can do or is it an actual open world game.
  6. Lets be honest here, did anyone here actually buy merchandise from OpTic?
  7. Haven't played halo in over a year, haven't been on this website in forever. TheHaloForum is so dead ill post on there and no reply for a week or even a month. Haven't watched a Halo event since Halo 2 anniversary. Made this account when this website was released on June 2 2013 and i cant believe its been over 4 years. Feeling nostalgia and saw that for some reason 343 is finally fixing MCC 3 years later. Hows everyone doing?
  8. Everyone hopping on H3... Haven't posted for a year or played Halo. See a bunch of people playing H3 i haven't seen in years. I might as well hop on. Pretty sure H3 runs at 24 fps.
  9. Wow this brought back some memories. I don't know who everyone was but i remember watching Team FX, Air biscuit, Jenigma way back in the day. Crazy to think how long its been.
  10. Turn on your Xbox sign in, put in Halo 3 disc, find the gamer-tag with the file you want downloaded, Click download. Website doesn't work anymore.
  11. I know but compared to how it use to be it is dead bby far.
  12. 1. Watching the Halo montage community die off (THF) 2. Watching the Jumping community die off 3. Watching Halo die off 4. MCC 5. Gamebattles 6. Gamebattles 7. FUCK Gamebattles
  13. 1. The Pit 2. Midship 3.Narrows 4. Construct 5. Lockout 6. Beaver Creek 7. Onslaught 8. Guardian 9. Warlock 10. Sanctuary
  14. This deserves way more views so I'm just going to bump this thread. Sorry.
  15. Agreed? I can see How Hysteria and Neighbors Dultage had amazing clips but Joeys montage is just gameplay from him and Had some of the sickest gameplay i've seen. Overkil Exterm quick scope while falling off S3 one shot on Guardian, all No scope Overkill on the Pit against Arkanum, Killtrocity Exterm on Narrows. Just to name a few.
  16. Amazing montage Fatal and Joey, thanks for the shout out.
  17. Favorite Pokemon ever is Ninetails and i have a cp 476 Vulpix. I cant wait to evolve the mother fucker.
  18. If only we could rewind time... After H5 I've come to terms that Halo will never be the same.
  19. Yeah at first i was like what? Then i saw it was a no-scope and was like WHAAAATTTT?

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