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  1. My favorite thing so far is when I win I only go up 3 but when I lose I go down by 9.
  2. Top 8 teams only have like 4 H3 pros. Top 16 has like 6 H3 pros. Wouldn't call it a retirement place for them.
  3. The most watched match was the winners bracket C9 vs eUnited. Was right at 5pm est when you could start getting the drop. Think it peaked at around 180k views on the Halo stream.
  4. https://twitter.com/Snip3down/status/1471998263549169665?s=20
  5. This is what happens when you dont fix crashes before your 1st event... Game has been out a month.
  6. Not even the first tournament yet and already the drama is flowing. Love it.
  7. Wouldn't say less competitive. Hell I like watching strongholds. Playing is different though. They need to fix spawns and it will be a better experience.
  8. Persaonlly I've been liking the game quite a bit. For sure a couple of things need to be fixed like aim assist and the god awful spawns. First time I've enjoyed halo in a decade.
  9. Oh god Riddler, i just had a heart attack while reading your post. The number one thing that needs to get fixed in MCC is spawns. Amp and Guardian spawns have never been this bad.
  10. I've seen it countless times. One of the biggest csgo tourney's, Optic won ELeague and Hecz ran on stage. Shit happens all the time.
  11. It's full now but when i tried to sign up like 50 min ago it wasn't, website just wouldn't load.
  12. Been trying to sign up a team for the past hour and i can't, feelsbadman.
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