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  1. Hey.. the Halo Reach TU was pretty good.. but yea, all down hill after that.
  2. Where are all the playlists? I can only play Breakout, Infection, BTB and Grifball.
  3. I'd say BTB is where Reach shined, easily the best BTB experience in the series.
  4. I'm going to be honest here, I don't actually know what's going on.. Was there some contest or something?
  5. Is there a quit penalty in Warzone? I would honestly just leave the game if I was getting farmed on..
  6. I once accidentally dropped my Xbox One controller from about couch height.
  7. What I find funny is, 343 actually improved Reach. That made me really excited to see what they would do with Halo 4.. and then we got Halo 4 and it was the total opposite direction of the Reach TU. I just don't understand how they could go from making Reach so much better, to shitting all over the series 3 games in a row.
  8. Honestly, just trying to get a party going on MCC is more complicated than anything I've run into on PC, that includes building it.
  9. Nah, pretty sure they wanted it to be the hot, new, competitive gamemode, it's obvious by the advertisement of it before launch. If I've learned anything about 343 since Halo 4, it's that they seem to really want to make Halo their own thing rather than build off of what Bungie made (foolish pride, maybe?), even if that means adding things that have no business being in Halo.
  10. Does it even matter at this point? Nobody plays the game! 343 Industries blew their first impression for the third time in a row lol.
  11. I wouldn't really say he tried to claim it. Part of making dank memes is accepting that people will repost them everywhere with no credit given.
  12. Anybody that is set on abusing things like Adderall would just doctor shop until somebody gives them a valid prescription anyway.
  13. Only reason I play Xbox One now days is to play with friends that don't have PC.
  14. I'll say it was the weakest Bungie title from a competitive standpoint, but still more enjoyable than any other major game out at the time (thanks mostly to its BTB and custom games), and certainly better than anything 343 has put out. I'll agree with the PC vote.
  15. No. I hate to sound like a Bungie fanboy, but only the first four Halo games were really worth buying a console for. I very rarely play Halo 5, only to check out updates and get reminded why I don't play it much.
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