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  1. Are you guys ready for the year of the Linux desktop?


    Yeah, and apparently Android is also going to ditch the Java base programming for applications, or at least the core ones. Dunno why I pointed this out.

  2. Apparently Android-N Series (Nutella, Nougat, whatever) is already in the works and will, allegedly, ditch Java support.


    Thoughts? Could Android be significantly lighter on the requirements?

  3. I really hope this supposed DECIMATOR armor coming next year (likely January or even February) actually looks like a Mark VI successor as it was inferred.


    "Closest to the Mark VII"


    It just wasn't anatomically plausible seeing the mark VI without its space diaper in Halo 4. They got it right with the Mark IV, V, and VI in Halo 5.

  4. Been having a lot of customers come into to Best Buy complaining about the surface they bought; don't know if it's user error or the machine actually sucks, but I thought I'd relay the message.


    It's the Surface Book that has the most problems, Surface Pro is getting quicker fixes for its holiday-rush bugs, but the Book is experiencing delays.


    There's very little incentive to buying first gen anything in the 2010's, and the Surface Book is not a better investment than the SP4 right now.


    Too bad because it has a lot of promise, at least the second gen Book will have a likely better execution.

  5. I managed to build a few shack structures. Two of them being freebase, and one made with prefab sectioning. I am keeping the single story shelter for me, Preston, and other important Minutemen. I built a two story shack for everyone else, possibly making the upstairs into an infirmary of sorts if that's possible. I built one lowly turret and installed a defense post right next to it. The prefab building will be a store at some point.


    All in all I think crafting shelters and setting up defenses are quite fun. There needs to be a few improvements, like removing misc. vegetation and loose stone. If Bethesda are generous enough to fix/add anything like that it'll be very much appreciated.

  6. So I beat Fallout 4 and...





    Honestly there'd been worse endings in a AAA game (not that I have to list examples from this year *cough cough*), but I've figured out that the Railroad are the buggiest faction in this game yet, as far as the console versions are concerned. At one moment I was close to siding with the institute and primed to take on the Brotherhood of Steel, who I find to be quite the pompous douchebags. What stopped from happening was I couldn't exit the Institute after siding with Father, not doing things in order can glitch quests badly. As for the 'ending', I am absolutely certain this isn't the true ending at all.




  7. If you mean for emblems, I totally get that. I mean, I "sorta" get what 343i went for with emblem customization this time as a sort of "new twist" but it was unneeded. Towards purple; don't. Don't "buff" purple. Give us ACTUAL purple. What we have now, isn't purple. 


    I really wish Red (team color) was darker in this game.

  8. Yeah I think Indie developers need an independent platform after the OUYA project lead scammed everyone.


    I don't get why all the better Gaming Kickstarters go to the dogs. I was looking forward to the Arduboy, but of course the project head doesn't understand that you need to set up shipping and handling before even releasing a product, or delays bottleneck the whole manufacturing process.




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