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  1. This will certainly help our situation at all, really. Like ever. For real.
  2. HAHAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS APPLE? Seriously, everything about their pretentious design philosophy is discredited (again?) OFFICIALLY through this one accessory alone. But Apple's game is simplicity, clean lines, and friendly for non-techie users right? Then by Apple's standards anyone who isn't a techie is genetically impaired.
  3. It really irks me how none of the Halo 4/5 marines don't wear anything cross-compatible with Spartan IV's, or even legacy MJOLNIR... We went from this: Bits and pieces of Military Police, Recon, ODST and more... To this: Some bizarre Marvel/DC Universe getup
  4. It bugs me how the marines do not wear anything compatible with MJOLNIR GEN2. I'd be hard pressed if their helmets even were. They say ODST's have adopted the SOLDIER variant, but we never seen an example of this.
  5. I miss having destructible forge maps and being able to forge actual space ships complete with their own makeshift drop pods. That was the coolest shit ever.
  6. You should wait on rooting until the unofficial 6Penis ROM is released. /SATIRE
  7. LOCUS is far more intimidating than that dogfaced Raider garbage. In fact it would look cooler if H5's version allowed you to use a real VISR faceplate... As for Halo 5's lifespan, the next few weeks is going to be one dog hell to wait for Forge (among other content). I honestly cannot take being JIP'd into a Warzone match when its two minutes to closing. I'm sure the population is sick and damn tired of that as well.
  8. I kinda wish the Synths were better applied to the story, instead of having one or two unique Synths being "good guys" and not vicious iRobot derivatives.
  9. to be honest Viper helmet looks like a rounder, less scratchy version of Pathfinder's helmet.
  10. Flick him in the ear if you ever meet him, people hate that right?
  11. People who brag about winning (or raging from defeat) in a Warzone match... Smh... Pathetic... I mean it's like a stoner's escape, Warzone cannot and should not be taken that seriously, except for RNG, which is annoying across the board.
  12. I always thought Ground Pound's charge and aim made you a glowing/screaming target...
  13. You're going to pay my hospital bill. Yes you will no argument.
  14. I think it might have been best to reserve those pieces for remaking a whole set of REACH style Mark V armor. I also wish the interior plating was bulkier, looks like aircraft parts stuck to a bracelet.
  15. I need to stop spending all my REQ points when I reach 5k or 6k, I'll probably get that Noble set faster. I hope the Mark IV isn't restricted to Legendary status I mean come on the Noble has Prototype Mark V shoulders... And it's only "rare"...
  16. I enjoy Halo 5 in the same way someone would enjoy lightweight snacks. Eat one and you're set, eat one too many and you're sick of them. I go back and forth from Fallout 4 to Halo 5, vice-versa. I just want Forge, better (read: actual) Casual options outside of Warzone, and quality REQ's to come out before regaining any further energy for Halo 5.

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