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  1. Savage m8 (all participants). I'll be more serious in the future I swear. Really guys.
  2. Sorry guys she got too high.
  3. H2 ODST's had the perfect helmet IMO, and H2A exemplifies this.
  4. Argonaut Idmon is the only legendary thing I have. Good thing it has the coolest name ever. It just looks like someone tried too hard to mix EVA, Vanguard, and ODST... But resulted in a OK-Looking armor.
  5. I really wish at least one armor piece (and only one) was mandatory with gold packs. Back in Reach you could get quite a few pieces at a very low rank without even trying. Yes this could reduce incentive to play for REQ unlocks, but then again 343i really set up Warzone to need fresh content every other month or three.
  6. Right now I feel like Sergeant Doakes' whenever Dexter Morgan tries to be clever/edgy... :UncleDrew:
  7. Do these professional controllers have oil resistant parts (or I should ask, how long do they last under continuous moisture), "3M" (Antibacterial) to keep them from getting nasty on "sick days"?
  8. I think I'm going to reserve my REQ grinding until Mark IV is out, and then it's going to get fucking real up in here. Crunch time. Honestly the Orbital helmet looks ripped straight out of the Mark IV-Era of MJOLNIR armor, whereas everything else seems like a retro-future apocalypse of pieces that do not necessarily fit well (speaking strictly Orbital's body set below the helmet).
  9. Reading the Shadow of Intent's plot synopsis, wow ten times more interesting than Halo 5's baseline plot. EDIT: Yes, I realize it isn't after, but from what I can tell, really not a bad story.
  10. Is this the part where the thread derails for a good ten pages?
  11. I finally got my hands on the full set of this armor. IT'S LIT. And yes, I would fuck this armor if I could
  12. You can get DIY hardware kits with OLED panels, right? (not just the thumbnail sized panels) Haven't been looking into them for a while, so sorry if this is a stupid question.
  13. I can tell you this, the creative drought in the Phones industry is going to subside next year, the rumors accumulated over the past two to three months have had some interesting details.
  14. Finished the survey. Didn't fluff anything (am I allowed to even say that?).
  15. Due to the sheer number of players in Warzone, and the amount of douchebags who steal kills mid-Assassination I just toggled settings... So I guess I'll never get to using the animations.
  16. Most of their current designs past the Powerbook era reeks of pretentiousness. I rolled my eyes hard when they announced the first generation Macbook Air, it was just an oversized Netbook trying to reinvent an otherwise stagnant niche of miniature laptops (some were plain crap-tops). It was overpriced and still is considering how much time you have to spend just to get a decent setup going (want more than one USB accessory? Too fucking bad, pleb.). Worse, current iterations might not even be compatible with LAST YEAR's overpriced dongles. What was that about user friendliness? I can read between the lines, Tim Cook... As far as the next-gen iPhone rumors, Apple was spun out to be releasing a handset without a 3.55''mm Headphone Jack. Sad thing is I'd expect such a dickheaded move, excuse my crudeness. I also don't think the late Jobs or Tim Cook ever had a proper handling of user feedback, despite every flagship having a unique defect every once in a year or two.
  17. I didn't care if there were only three red lights, they made me cry, had a system brick during a perfectly good Slayer match...
  18. Honestly the only really down to earth Skins in the entire game. Not a fan of anything other than the HCS skins and Green Machine at the moment.
  19. How come that promo doesn't say anything about how hard (or easy) it is to obtain the Mark IV? Also, lol Pendragon visor.
  20. There should be a montage of Warzone cheaters getting busted.
  21. I think Reach varied them the best however, there were your light armored NPC's, mechanics, and the vacuum suited units. You also had recognizable armor pieces actually usable (like GUNGNIR and Base Security, Military Police, etc.). Halo 4's looked straight out of Star Wars.

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