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  1. I found a bug in the quest for Trouble Brewin' that makes it impossible to get Buddy, the modified beer-keg brewery bot from ever entering Hotel Rexford. May or may not be exclusive to the Xbox One version. Imagine a beer brewery robot not listening to your goddamn command of entering a building and providing happiness to anyone who wants to have a good time. Sucks right?
  2. I know I'm not the only one that gets a slight KOTOR-Vibe from some of the ambient soundtracks right? Fallout 4 no doubt may or may not have Skyrim or other games' music, that's not a bad thing, but it's odd that it strikes me as Star-Wars-y sometimes.
  3. I'd still take this over any Halo 5 weapon skin currently...
  4. I see it being the butt end of a joke in the future. Damn is it gawdy (weapon skin).
  5. Arrogance can take man a long way. I mean, publicly boasting about your crimes (or other bannable offenses) on Twitter? I hate people sometimes.
  7. I think that mark V helmet would do better with the NOBLE set than the rest of the mark V in Halo 5. Wow. Triply redundant statement there.
  8. The first step to recovery is always the hardest.
  9. I did it because I'm an enabler. Do not follow my example, kids.
  10. They fucked stuffed it with a bunch of fattening Hostess snacks, then gave it overkill surgery.
  11. the mark V helmet has the chin of a trollface now.
  12. And give it the subtle angles of Halo 3's Mark V visor, I thought that complimented it just right.
  13. Yeah even that one followed the OG Graphics Combat Evolved design. I can still appreciate the Halo 5 Mark V for having proper bulk and a codpiece like the Mark IV before it in this game, but the helmet is like a celebrity's mug during their ride to the bottom.
  14. What was wrong with just porting Halo 4's Mark V? They easily transitioned the fucking Scout variant from 4 into Halo 5, but now this is just overkill. I'd rather just add the Recruit helmet to that set. Or the mark IV even. I mean the forearms and shoulders are okay, it looks like they tried to force CE resolution into halo 5's graphics...
  15. I think this is worse than any plastic surgery I've seen to date.
  16. I think it would look better with a dark visor... Current one looks "washed out".
  17. And I get a REQ Pack? And I get a REQ Pack? AND I GET A REQ PACK?
  18. Is this the part where Staff and VIP butt heads with Standard and Premium members?
  19. Hint: You can blast her to gory bits after she dies. Bethesda know's whats up with her lol.
  20. Is it sad that I'm more excited over this than some of the other main additions? For real though, the weapon features in Forge are sick.
  21. I'm just glad, in that moment, I could kill the only character I can deem worst in the series. I think Bethesda put Mama Murphy in there just to test our moral compass based on sheer patience. I mean, who wants a bogarting cow junkie like Mama Murphy to drag down their cause to bring back order to a nuclear wasteland?

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