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  1. I think Raijin looks absolutely fantastic, really makes these other Ancient/Feudal-Japan suits seem pointless, except for maybe Teishin's helmet. DECIMATOR, or the Mark VII should be out soon though. Can't wait.
  2. Sold a bunch of crap (Requisitions) like a meth head desperate to pay his bills, managed to get one of the latest uncommon armor sets (Raijin) in a Common pack...?
  3. I'm so glad you can't go negative in Warzone anymore. Not, like I really put much weight on that...
  4. I wasn't able to find any social playlist matches without a 5-8 minute wait gap... Really sucks because I want to try and play Overgrowth. Which I have not yet.
  5. 3 Sensititivity 3 Acceleration 0% All Deadzones There, much better.
  6. Alright I think I'm gonna be going back to searching for every marked location in the commonwealth since The Molecular Level is proving to be the most broken quest and pretty much at the worst time possible.
  7. Locke's helmet (Hunter) has an awkward-moment expression on its face, and Reaper's helmet looks like an uncomfortable/annoyed face. Either way nice combo.
  8. So I cannot even find a match in the social playlists. Great.
  9. If it feels good to you, it feels good. That's all that matters. I'm really sorry about this. I'm just waiting for this damn update to install, and I'm getting bored.
  10. Confession time: I was unfortunate enough to end up on the benchwarmers team on Array, my entire team got goosed somewhere around 1:53, core was out in mere seconds. I can't promise that being the exact time, but it was scary over for me quick to assume that's close. I fucking resent that moment, still. This is the part where everyone makes fun of me.
  11. Why does it have to be host-based to choose a character...? EDIT: Okay I can't read while sick/tired. That much is established...
  12. So that whole thing with the ten dollar Android: Could this be a test market item to sell a brand new handset with no tax past the ten dollar price? I admit it wasn't the full picture when I said a ten dollar smartphone brand-new wasn't a new thing at all, but Mozilla had their vision of a ten dollar handset but proceeded to burn (no pun intended) everyone in the end and not continue working on FireFox OS at all. That tangent excluded, where to in our quest for a ten dollar Android handset? Sub-ten dollar non-camera feature phones are still released, these appeal to private work places and private life styles. Will we see a surge in non-camera internet enabled devices being sold for even less than eight USD minus tax? Of course these would be Android handsets with specs that barely scrape the barrel, considering the LG L15G Sunrise has nothing other than an HVGA panel (recessed, not surface-sealed) and a fixed focus 3 Megapixel camera, no 4G in sight. We may go lower and have no camera, and USB-Only designs as a direct alternative to "burn phones" with the same configuration. We could even have eight-dollar WiFi-Only handsets without camera or headphone jack. Similar to Nokia's released exclusively in India.
  13. Your signature makes me laugh for some reason.
  14. Does anyone know where all the Legendary variants of any hostiles/friendlies can be listed? I need a red marker and a sheet to write all of the LEGENDARY variants on.
  15. Sony can build a wall Konami can't climb over. I have faith this will turn out for the best.
  16. This implies other things which may get us annoyed to irate, but... I shouldn't assume such changes.
  17. Barring the HCS Pools I still don't understand why anyone would spend real money on the armor, guns, and vehicles. Even with RNG, in-game currency should be enough. It's hard to justify the grind, however. I understand why that isn't fun for some.
  18. I think I need to make a new base conversation in this very thread: Network Coverage What are your GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) Bars Like? >AT&T had gone a bit downhill in my area, but T-Mobile's 3G is better than ever What are your CDMA (Verizon, Sprint) Bars Like? >As expected Verizon's coverage is respectable, but I've heard dreadful things about Sprint (not like that's surprising or anything)
  19. As of late I've had worse problems getting post-game data to even appear. It's put me off the game as a whole for a bit.

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