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  1. Does anyone else miss the Windows XP boot up sound?
  2. I could have had my house destroyed on Christmas. Texas got hit pretty hard.
  3. Yeah, and apparently Android is also going to ditch the Java base programming for applications, or at least the core ones. Dunno why I pointed this out.
  4. It's simply way too easy to exploit the REQ system, in spite of its frustrating yields. Apparently this is aggressive and offends people. Oops.
  5. Countdown would really work with the Halo 5 forge aesthetic, but yeah, scaling is god awful.
  6. Apparently Android-N Series (Nutella, Nougat, whatever) is already in the works and will, allegedly, ditch Java support. Thoughts? Could Android be significantly lighter on the requirements?
  7. I really hope this supposed DECIMATOR armor coming next year (likely January or even February) actually looks like a Mark VI successor as it was inferred. "Closest to the Mark VII" It just wasn't anatomically plausible seeing the mark VI without its space diaper in Halo 4. They got it right with the Mark IV, V, and VI in Halo 5.
  8. Bronze has some decent resell value to be honest, to assume you aren't actually using the items provided. Wish I kept it simple beforehand.
  9. I had enough of Doctor Carrington being a selfish whiny asshole, so I killed him and everyone else at the HQ, then proceeded to stuff their bodies into the stone caskets.
  10. I managed to get Raijin through Bronze-Spamming. I don't even. None of the new armor and hardly any interesting bits and pieces are even in Bronze Packs aside from Visors.
  11. It's the Surface Book that has the most problems, Surface Pro is getting quicker fixes for its holiday-rush bugs, but the Book is experiencing delays. There's very little incentive to buying first gen anything in the 2010's, and the Surface Book is not a better investment than the SP4 right now. Too bad because it has a lot of promise, at least the second gen Book will have a likely better execution.
  12. The year "Nice Meme" invaded Beyond, I'm going to be lazy and pull a number out of thin air I'll be right back.
  13. Getting one of these as a writing/drawing tool. I am way too broke for a Surface right now.
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